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The Dark Side of Fantasy...


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SebÉaŋa is the name of an ancient incarnation of the Earth that had become overrun by plagues of vampires following which, the surviving mortal populations determined to destroy their world rather than allowing the plague to spread to the universe beyond. This was a world whose populations were always thirsty for knowledge from which they attained a great level of scientific and technological advancement leading them to the brink of their own destruction on several occasions. The Mother Goddess; Maut preserved this world and helped it to recover from these periods of chaos until bringing about an era of peace where they would forget much from their ancient past.

Yet, their thirst for knowledge remained leading to an age of discovery where the fields of archaeology became a passion for its populations. Learning of their worlds past history, they rejected much that they found because theirs was a past filled with extreme violence they no longer wished to be a part of. They would, nonetheless, record this history and the ruins of their world's past including knowledge of a being who survived only in their nightmares. When the source of their fears was rediscovered, they would ignore all the warnings left by their ancestors and break through all the barriers created to keep them from unleashing his evil upon their world.


They called this entity Xul, a God of Evil and of Blood which their ancestors also knew as Éshr̥ Déiwo. He was seen as the primary adversary and antagonist of the gods their ancestors had worshiped and known as the Seb'neteru after which they had named their world. Seb was born a soulless child to the goddess Tefnut who became possessed by Maut and reshaped bringing forth all that lived upon it. A manifestation of Xul called Apep would emerge as the Avatar of Evil seducing its populations into seeking power and the pleasures of the flesh they had thought themselves immune to. This seduction would bring forth the first vampires this world had known in ages and a period of darkness bringing about the destruction of their world.

Knowledge their ancestors had learned allowing them to visit other worlds had almost destroyed all life across SebÉaŋa and the vampires of their world now sought to reclaim these technologies making them a threat to other worlds. With their world now lost to them as the plague of vampirism overwhelmed SebÉaŋa, those remaining mortals took it upon themselves to protect these other worlds by using forbidden weapons known to their ancestors to bring about the destruction of their own. SebÉaŋa would be reborn within the Worlds of Shadow as the world of Sakkara where its existence would be recorded in the Books of Blood which became known as the Vampiric Verses to the Priesthood of Ápophis.

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