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The Great Beast of Sakkara

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The Impaled God

Long before the universe we know existed, there was another universe where life was reincarnate and there was no such thing as "true" death. Instead, the effects of entropy would slowly exhaust their life energies until only trace amounts remained and became cast off into the void... or survived by feeding off the life energies stolen from younger beings. Into this universe would be born such a creature, a warlord called Xul who had exhausted his own life energies and took the life energies of countless others to extend his own existence. Xul became a god-like entity called the "Ravager of Worlds" feasting on lesser beings whose survivors became like a plague devouring the life energies of living worlds.

Then came a war where thousands of worlds united against him that left Xul impaled upon an enormous golden stalagmite engraved with magical runes. The world Devus-12 became quarantined and protected by impenetrable defenses that those who had defeated him hoped would hold him forever. The planet would become reborn over time and its defenses antiquated until they ceased to function with none suspecting the evil that lay hidden within it. It had become a paradise attracting countless refugees from the universe around it hoping that the insatiable forces they knew only as "The Hunger" would not claim them.


Champions from across the universe would then arrive to make their final stand and, in a sense, Xul might have appreciated the irony of what was happening as The Hunger was similar to the Thirst for life that consumed him. Devus-12 would survive the destruction of pre-existence surviving within an ocean of Primordial Chaos within which the dimension of Hell was taking form and a new universe was soon to be born. Serpentine gods would be the first life within this new universe following the Big Bang during the Q-universe who would one day be known by names like Atum and Apep. As our universe evolved from this early beginning, the world in which Xul lay imprisoned became reborn as a massive planet whose peoples called it N'vana.

The first of all the vampires would unleash his curse upon this world when the first Éshr̥Pétr̥ (Bloodwing) drank from the Impaled Gods veins and became transformed. Xul would remain imprisoned upon the rune-covered stalagmite which pierced his chest because the magicks which fashioned it became replenished during this early time in the new universe's existence. The age of serpentine gods was also coming to an end as they devoured one another for survival becoming gigantic in size and power as they did so. Apep would be on the losing end of one of these encounters and escaped to find sanctuary on N'vana where he found his way to where Xul lay imprisoned absorbing into it the energies it needed to heal.

Éshr̥ Déiwo

Apep would form a symbiotic relationship with Xul where one fed upon the other and, as they did so, drops of blood occasionally trickled from their union. One of these took on a life of its own becoming a third entity calling itself Éshr̥ Déiwo (Blood God). Like the Bloodwings before it, Éshr̥ Déiwo escaped into the world beyond as a living manifestation of the Blood God most vampires worship in one form or another. It would consume some of the most ancient of vampires to make them part of itself claiming their power and claim to their accomplishments. It again became the Ravager of Worlds whose curse had afflicted the gods, demons and even the Angelic Host.

Éshr̥ Déiwo was a shapeshifter whose form was created from blood but which could be shaped however it desired including creating bone and shaping it into weapons. It could not only create vampires from the living, but it could also recreate them from ash and create Nesuferitu by restoring life to corpses using the Anti-Life,inherent within dark-blood. Unlike other vampires, Éshr̥ Déiwo exists primarily in the Spirit World and manifests in the physical worlds only with great effort to summon it. Those who attempt to summon him will become transformed into members of a race of vampires known as the Blutengels (Blood Angels) of which Erzengel Seraphine is the most powerful.


The Anti-Life is a form of Darkness which possesses living creatures with the desire to kill for the sake of killing. It is a force that most living beings can resist but which dark-blooded creatures find more difficult because they are a different form of life often considered a mockery of living beings or as "undead". Éshr̥ Déiwo would delve into the depths of the Netherworld where other forms of vampirism originated and would even bring about the rebirth of Apep from the umbilical cord of the god Ra to seek vengeance upon Ra's father Atum. Apep would father the god Apophis, during this time, by the goddess Neith through an unnatural act where she "spat" him from her mouth.

This incarnation of Apep would become a god of the Underworld until a final battle with Amun and the Neteru lead to his annihilation when he was flayed alive, beheaded and then fed to Ammit so that nothing of him survived. But something would survive of Apep within the Impaled God which resurrected itself coiled around Xul with its fangs sunk deep within Xul's throat. Éshr̥ Déiwo would later exact revenge upon the gods for this act by giving rise to a race of Blood Gods exacting a much heavier toll upon them by striking from within where Apep struck from beyond. Where the gods had thought themselves done with Apep, they would find themselves haunted by his presence unable to be shed of him.


A cycle of destruction and rebirth had begun with N'vana where the core of that world, that which had been Devus-12, would itself be reincarnated as first one world and then another. One of these worlds would be called SebÉaŋa, a world of great scientific advancement that could not prevent every aspect of their world from being permeated by vampirism. Its populations would destroy themselves rather than allowing the plague of vampirism to expand into the universe beyond not understanding that it already had and that their world was the epicenter for this infection from a time before they knew it had even existed.

What had been SebÉaŋa would find itself reborn within the Worlds of Shadow as a world struggling in its agonies as if it were a living thing with the Impaled God serving as the heart of a dying beast. Then the Dark One arrived seeking to end its suffering only to find this world under the control of a Great Beast unlike any he had yet encountered. For all his power, he could only change half of this world before Apep arose against him seeking to undo what he had done and to destroy him. While Apep would be defeated and forced back to the safety Xul provided to him, Apep had become so powerful that he had nearly accomplished destroying the Dark One and forcing him to abandon this world to another where he could heal himself.


Apep had been so weakened by this battle that he found himself now imprisoned by the Dark Ones final actions upon this world. The very skies above now protected half of this world from vampirism and from Apep should he be released as the greater the infection may be, the more damage the sun does to them. But, the Dark One had failed to achieve this for the remaining half of this world so that vampires ruled over it and a balance became established where this became the natural order that cannot be undone. Originally known as Geb, this world would eventually become renamed after the god Sokar, a Blood God to whom much of this world offers worship.

The populations of Sakkara would come to know Xul and Apep as symbiotic to one another, the Impaled God encircled by the serpent coiling around it. They would come to understand Éshr̥ Déiwo more as an avatar of the Great Beast who had, by this time, merged with Apophis and absorbed both everything that he was and his identity. This new version of Apophis was recognized as one of the man Blood Gods and as a god of the Underworld where he continued to play his role as a God of the Dead. Unlike the Great Beast itself, Apophis would be free to move about and would often retreat back into the Spirit World where it felt more comfortable ruling over the Blutengels where it was beholden to others outside of this dimension.


Needing a more devoted avatar, the Impaled God ordered Apophis to sire a child that would be left in the care of the Priesthood of Apophis that served him on Sakkara. Leaving the child in the care of its mother, the High Priestess Saraza, Apophis departed thinking little more of it having left his curse to carry on for him. Naming the child Apepi, she would so frequently refer to him as a curse that he took the name Kurse as in his understanding that he was to continue on behalf of his father and served as a channel for the power of the Great Beast. He would become trained in the arts of war beginning a reign of conquest that eventually led him to the walls of the Imperial House where he became Lord Magistrate.

Unlike those before him, Kurse saw himself as a ruler and viewed affairs from the eyes of a mortal rather than as a god. He sought material gains and understood that true power came from control with the most powerful tool for achieving this being economic wealth. Kurse was a Blutengel meaning he was something related to, but not quite, a vampire. His mother would be likewise transformed by Kurse to reward her for her unquestioned loyalty and later become known as the Queen of Blood. His strength came from the blood legacy within his veins including that of gods, angels, demons, vampires and even the Great Beast itself granting Kurse a measure of power unequaled by any on Sakkara at this time.


As Sakkara's new Lord Magistrate, Kurse was to be foiled at his efforts to take all of Sakkara within his grip by his vulnerabilities to the Sun and enemies with the power to defend the Northlands against him. Kurse would prove powerful and his reign would be a long one as where he had his limitations, he also possessed strengths which his enemies failed to overcome. One of these enemies was called Mother Darque, a powerful force that Kurse made an enemy of by spurning her desires to rule at his side upon his becoming Lord Magistrate. She would be further insulted when Kurse made of her a vassel, a thrall to serve his commands rather than an equal to be consulted.

But, Mother Darque had ancient plans of her own in motion that weren't bearing fruit in the World of Men. There, she had been cultivating a bloodline of warriors for thousands of years even before there was only one species of humans to choose from. These ancestors of the Thraikes would be brought into the Worlds of Shadow a few at a time as Mother Darque possessed a bloom from which she cultivated purple roses to help those she favored to cross into Sakkara. So too would she travel to Arwenn where she recruited vampire-like elves and fae giving rise to the Súmaire, a race of vampire more powerful than most other vampiric races.


Vlad Drăcula had been a ruthless tyrant having killed more of his own people to unify them under his rule than he killed of his enemies. These were feudal times in European history and a series of wars between Christian Crusaders and Ottoman Turks dominated the battlefield... this was no place for vampires and the House of Drăculești was caught in the middle. When all would be finally lost to him, Drăcula (Son of the Dragon) embraced his dark heritage intending to unleash a vampire apocalypse upon the World of Men when a final betrayal befell him. Although he lost his head as a prize to his enemies, his body yet remained and his soul lay entrapped within it refusing to accept his fate.

Mother Darque dispatched a weakling prince to recover Drăcula's remains only to have the vampire lord strip him of his body and merge it with his own. With the purple rose in hand, Drăcula opened the doorway between worlds and found himself in the presence of Mother Darque beholden to her and eager to satisfy his thirst for power. Taking the name of his father Drăcul (The Dragon), he first recreated the House of Drăculești and began establishing a harem of women to aid him which became known as his Brides referencing them not just as wives but as partners. Drăcul had given himself the title Lord of Vampires in his final days on the World of Men and on this world of vampires, he envisioned himself becoming a God!


Drăcul saw his path to power as going through the Great Beast where Kurse chose to serve and protect his master... but with clear ulterior motives. Kurse had learned that the reason for Xul's long survival was that he bore the curse of the Unholy, to exist eternally because death had no hold upon him. His new enemy Drăcul was such a being but only through Xul could Kurse hope to gain this for himself because he himself was a part of Xul. So it was that a deal was made during the wars between Kurse and Drăcul, a pact where each would gain what they truly wanted. Kurse next appeared before the Impaled God himself only to shed his disguise revealing Drăcul standing above him holding a glowing sphere.

Ripping open Xuls chest, Drăcul held aloft his arm clutching a glowing sphere in his hand which he then plunged into the enormous heart of the Great Beast. Drawing into himself as much of Xuls power as he could before removing his arm, minus the glowing sphere, Drăcul fled the Great Beasts wrath before it could recover. Drăcul now claimed the Imperial House of Reigning Blood for his own and the title of Lord Magistrate over Sakkara. But what had become of Kurse? This would soon be revealed as the glowing sphere left within Xuls heart held all that had been Kurse, his soul and his power which would consume both Xul and Apep from within leaving Kurse as the Great Beast of Sakkara.

The Great Beast

Kurse was born from Éshr̥ Déiwo, the God of Blood, and it was created from the purest evil from within Xul and Apep. This evil had long existed within the Impaled God since before the universe itself came to be and was drawn to Kurse because of his thirst for power, something Xul and Apep no longer seemed to possess. However, Kurse would continue referring to himself as a plurality saying "we are" Kurse rather than "I am" and Xul's body looks almost the same as before. When Kurse manifests, it is either in the altered form of the parasitic serpent encircling Xul or from its mouth allowing him to take on a humanoid form wearing full armor. This form of Kurse is a physical illusion, a manifestation of his life energies formed from a single cell of blood.

His true soul now lay entrapped within Xul, the price Kurse paid to gain the immortality that merging with an Unholy being had to offer. But, as time would pass, it would become unclear who exactly consumed who as Kurse might have been a final evolution by Xul and Apep into a single being with Kurse becoming its new identity. Each member of the Unholy possesses, within their souls, a shard of an object called the Eye of God which possessed unlimited power. It had been used in an attempt to prevent the destruction of pre-existence and shattered preserving only the one world and saturating Devus-12 with its energies. It is this power which made Sakkara an extension of Xul in the beginning and which had been broken by the Dark One.


Xul had maintained influence to the furthest South and it is here that the faithful came when Kurse became the Great Beast. Having achieved what he desired, Kurse was still a ruler who desired to be surrounded by those he ruled and to experience pleasures of the flesh. While he would never rule over an Imperial House ever again, he would provide gifts of power to those willing to do his bidding... this would include the Lord Magistrate as Drăcul had not given aid to Kurse without his own self-serving reasons. Where Xul and Apep had become weak, Kurse remained strong and embraced this fate hoping to bear witness to the end of everything when this universe too meets with destruction... but he would not meet his until this final day arrives!

Kurse now possessed the memories of Xul and Apep so that he possessed a greater knowledge of the gods and existence itself. The Great Beast had become an even greater threat than it had ever been because now it possessed a renewed focus and desire which it had lost previously. It now possessed a strategic mind with a willingness to develop ideas over a longer timeframe with more than mere elemental powers to exert upon the world surrounding it. Kurse is an expert with "Blood Magicks" allowing him to create sorcery and enchanted objects to be used as weapons. But possibly the greatest danger Kurse represents comes from the fact he proved capable of moving Xuls body upon the golden rune-covered stalagmite that has held him firmly for billions of years.

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