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Vampiric Breed - Vrykolakas

Started by Armorbeast, April 04, 2020, 07:52:17 pm

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The Vrykolakas is a hybrid creature born from the rare mating of a vampire with a werewolf. This rarity is because vampires have fertility problems and most are only able to reproduce within days of their transformations. Werewolves, however, can be extremely potent procreators and both possess a common human form which is where such mating occurs. There were two possible outcomes from such mating as their offspring would either be born a Vǎrkolak or Vorvolakas, the former being the child of a male werewolf and a female vampire appearing more werewolf than a vampire; the latter being the child of a female werewolf and a male vampire appearing more vampire than a werewolf.

Drawn together as outcasts and freaks among the two rival species, the children of these creatures would be a further hybridization more similar than dissimilar called a Wurdulac. The surviving victims of attacks by these three offshoot sub-species would be the first true Vrykolakas being that their bloodline would be purer as the first of their kind. What made them different is that their transformations were not complete and they could cure themselves through the simple act of daily sunbathing to burn away the infection. It would be a painful process where those too weak-willed to endure will fail. Concealment from the sun allows the infection to spread and become permanent allowing them to grow stronger and more powerful.


A final transformation would occur through incestuous relations where they grew a thick second skin externalizing their changeling abilities and leaving only the vampire beneath it with what other abilities they might possess. This second skin serves as a bio-weapon as well as being an extension of themselves taking most of the damage their vampiric bodies otherwise could not endure. Others of their kind lacking this ability would learn that they could flay this second skin away from those that could and wear it as their own becoming transformed in the process until they all possessed this ability. Surviving members of the "progenitors" of this breed would become the Ancients and even they participated in this practice.

The most powerful among these Ancients goes by the identity and title of Volkun and their position is held by how they use their collective wealth, distributing positions in their chain of command and the use of favors to make others indebted to them. Other than this, most Vrykolakas strike out on their own as it is very rare when one of the Ancients is destroyed so that the next oldest among them can be chosen to succeed them. New strains evolved from this with the most powerful being the Vǎrkas. What makes the Vǎrkas so powerful is that sorcery can be introduced to create a second skin with different attributes such as the Mngwa (aka the Nundá) of the Queen of Carnage.


Beneath the second skin, all Vrykolakas have grey skin with black markings, black hair, pointed ears, yellow eyes and slight body hair everywhere except their forearms where it grows much longer. They are far more agile in this form and while they are far more vulnerable, their razor-sharp black claws make them more formidable than most humans can overcome. As one of the more powerful vampire breeds, Vrykolakas possess heightened senses are more oriented towards violence, live longer, have greater immunity to disease and heal faster. But, unlike most vampire breeds, their thirst for blood would only be matched by their hunger for raw bleeding flesh as their werewolf heritage allows them to eat meat.

Without their second skin, Vrykolakas will be extremely violent and murderous because they are more vulnerable to vampiric weaknesses such as being burned by the Sun. They are also vulnerable to enchanted silver and while they don't need to feed on living creatures, the flesh and blood they consume must be fresh. Humans are sometimes prey because cannibalism makes them much stronger... and dining on a human victim's heart and liver are considered delicacies. Classified as Changelings, the Vrykolakas can absorb their second skin to take on their original human appearance or a mixture of those they have fed upon during their existence and they can procreate with humans but their offspring will be human.

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