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Vampiric Breed - El Chupacabras

Started by Armorbeast, April 05, 2020, 10:53:05 am

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The Chupacabra is a vampire dog also known as a Priculics. It's unknown when the first of their kind were created in the distant past using sorcery. Some of these beasts are changelings but it generally takes a human influence upon them to make this happen. One such case occurred in the 16th century when a huntsman found a stray dog that only came to him at night. Seeing his loneliness, the female dog desired to be more than a companion and became transformed into a human woman after killing a child killer to save her surviving children. They became a family and then found their way into the Worlds of Shadow being led by an enchanted animal through a doorway with vampire hunters in pursuit behind them.

They gained the name "goat-sucker" because most of them don't become changelings and they primarily feed on other animals drinking only their blood. The animals they attack are based on their size as pups hunt things like chickens while a full-grown adult might take down a cow. While considered changelings, they are also Daywalkers in that their vampiric abilities exist only at night. That doesn't mean they won't drink blood during the day, it means that their supernatural abilities are impaired. Chupacabra's do eat meat but only during the day and it's not that they can't shapeshift without human influence, it's that their forms are almost alien or demonic which they copy from one another or inherit by birth.