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Vampiric Breed - Dhampyre

Started by Armorbeast, April 06, 2020, 11:10:08 pm

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Dhampyre's are the children of a vampire and a human. Sometimes called a Daywalker, most Dhampyre appear like any other normal human but there are differences. They possess somewhat longer canines, slightly larger eyes, a more pronounced nose, larger ears that come to a slight point and a tend to have paler (almost grey) skin tones. The most telling sign of a Dhampyre, however, is only seen when they remove their clothing revealing a raised black spinal column (much larger than normal) that sometimes ends with a small tail. Dhampyre's are stronger, faster, live longer, heal faster and are immune to most human diseases so that some of them are drawn into the health care profession.

The Dhampyre is considered a hybrid because vampires are creatures that have evolved into a separate species from humanity itself. If the father is the vampire in this union, the child will appear more like any other human being much weaker than a vampire with the tradeoff being that they are better practitioners of sorcery. If the vampire is female, they will appear more like a vampire with the tradeoff being they have more vampiric abilities with few vampiric weaknesses. Because they can see vampires for what they are no matter what form they might possess, they often enter the profession of being vampire hunters and, because of their vampiric abilities, bounty hunters.


Being faster, more agile and stronger than humans gives them advantages over humans which has led to Dhampyre being hunted by humans for an all too different reason... learning the secret to passing their abilities to ordinary humans to improve their own physiology. They heal more quickly, have better night vision and possess larger canines allowing them to drink blood to increase their strengths for an extended period. Dhampyre don't need to drink blood but it can become an addiction like humans become addicted to alcohol and act like a steroid enhancing their abilities. The risks of drinking human blood are that they gained increased abilities at the cost of enduring greater vampiric and human vulnerabilities until they recover.

While they won't burst into flames, they will blister and burn far more easily from direct sunlight, they heal more slowly and become susceptible to human diseases. However, they normally drink donated blood because drinking it straight from the source can cause them to be overcome by bloodlust and follow a path where they become true vampires losing the protections the benefits of being part human. Such a benefit is the ability to procreate more effectively with the seventh child almost always becoming a Dhampyre like their parent. The most powerful Dhampyre are hybrids called Dhamrẽ (darktooth), Dhampyre who have been bitten by werewolves as a consequence of their willingness to hunt other supernatural terrors to mankind.


On Sakkara, Dhampyre play a major role in maintaining Lord Drăcul's hold on power and that of the Drăculești. Many are they in his service acting as enforcers, assassins and bloodhunters with many being his own offspring. These Dhampyre are raised within the Imperial House of Reigning Blood wherein exists Nou Țara Românească (New Wallachia), a metropolitan city-state where technology exists and functions because this Imperial House is an aberration, a region where the laws of the Worlds of Shadow do not always apply. That's not to say it is fully exempt, but it does mean that sorcery and powerstones provide the power that allows technology to function.

Dhampyre are known for their love of technology and, in particular, firearms. When they leave the Imperial House, they take with them technology that uses powerstones allowing it to function on Sakkara where it otherwise fails to work. They generally use vehicles made for offroad travel because there are no highways on this world to make travel easier. While technology has its place, they also carry weapons forged by sorcery like their swords and daggers just in case their tech somehow fails them. Often called the Sturmabteilung, they are prized by Drăcul because they are both devoted and loyal to his desires with rare exceptions where one might go rogue.

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