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Big Changes Coming (Updated)

Started by Armorbeast, May 19, 2020, 02:56:46 pm

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May 19, 2020, 02:56:46 pm Last Edit: January 06, 2021, 10:16:26 pm by Armorbeast
For those of you who do not know already. I have taken on a partner for DSA who is doing a complete rebuild for the sites future from the ground up. The software will be more modern and up to date with more ways to showcase our artists talent. There's not much more I can say at the moment except that we are expecting a September 1rst relaunch. Until then, we will keep this site going.

New ideas, new motivation and renewed focus on dark fantasy.

When he is ready, my new partner will introduce himself to you and relate any plans for the future he wishes to share with us.

I haven't sold the site or anything and I still maintain majority ownership. But it's time we get some fresh blood at the top to motivate and move us into the future.

Thanks to all of you for your years of support and we hope to see you back with us as we move forward into the future with a totally new lease on life.


Thanks for the update AB, will be looking forward to see how the new site is going to change


We needed some new energy and I think what we have planned should provide it


I'll be around as you already know.

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We plan to hold a big reopening contest in September and I was thinking we might postpone our regular July comp until September and do a September / October thing with back to back big contests?

Not sure we'll do that but will see what C____ says :)


I'll be ready when the changes arrive.



In the meantime, I'll keep blowing up the inner tube holding the raft afloat!

A picture is a poem without words. - Horace<br />


I am curious what wll be new. Ready for that.


Fresh blood is always a good thing,looking forward to get back into the loop.as you might know i shifted my hobby a bit towards the gaming world,a complete new experience to me,as last time i played that was 12 years ago,single player games,crappy graphics and the lot.and now i enjoy to play with players all over the world,my list of contact and friends is ever growing and yes you know how it goes,days have only 24 hours (sadly) lol.anyway looking forward to the new challenge here on the site,and you can be sure ,i will be loyal and give my share in the galleries .the wife and me had quite some fun here over the years and a good contact relationship with you and the other admins and of course all the artist friends.see you bro.


Well our new logo has been completed... wait, that would be our first logo lol. It looks cool to me but we'll have to see what everyone thinks about it soon since September isn't that far away now. Knowing my luck, there will be delays but hey, if that happens and October launch works just in time for the Halloween festivities lol.


In regard to what will be new. As I said, I have a new partner who will be adding his influences so while some content will be returning, there will be changes from a different pov. I don't even know what he has in mind yet but I have a few insights since we do talk.

The basic idea is we want to modernize but also return to a darker format. We don't want to lose general fantasy supporters so my thought there is to elevate Worlds of Shadow to the forefront on that as it's more general in regards to lighter elements with a darker theme.

There should be a focus on new trends and entertainment but in a much better way than in the past so that it doesn't interfere with the main focus which will be dark fantasy art.

We will also be more interactive and hopefully return to offering POTW and FA awards since that all kinda pffft'd when DAZ stopped sponsoring most sites that it had been sponsoring. This means we will be letting members take part in choosing contest themes and such and have input on the big contests as long as they meet requirements focusing on dark fantasy. So the contests should become a bit more "different" as we'll propose a few older contests in the mix but we'd like to see how that works out because we tried that in the past and got a lot of "I dunno's" in regard to ideas or people trying to be funny instead of serious so that it never really worked for us.

We will also be trying to get other site owners and sponsors to judge our contests so that we hopefully become a bit more integrated with our supporters. This is something my new partner suggested so hopefully he'll be handling most of that :)

There are also ideas that may or may not go over well so that in the months leading into January, we'll be inviting feedback even as we know that generally means criticism. New ideas, new set of eyes taking control over certain things and hopefully things will get a bit more interesting.

DSA has been around now for almost 20 years so it's about time to get a new captain at the wheel and maybe carry the site forward. My main focus has been on you but after twenty years, the blood gets a bit old so that it's time to bring in some new blood to re-energize things.


As for my new partner. he's not shy but I think he wants to remain more behind the scenes which is why I haven't introduced him yet. I've left that for him to do when he feels ready so you may not get to know him until September. Avros is busy making new models for us while this is going on so nope, it's not Avros in case you're wondering. He'll remain part of the team but he's more like everyone's best bud (or was that a criminal mastermind... I keep forgetting what he said he was lol).

We will be adding to the team so Impmon can focus a bit more on her projects and maybe come out of the shadows with them a bit more.

But I do hope the core group will remain with us and spread the word as we do hope to make this work as I have no intention of shutting down so that means we've got to build up for the future.


I can't wait what site it's going to become. The first layout for the evil pussycat does make me wonder.
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