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Big Changes Coming (Updated)

Started by Armorbeast, May 19, 2020, 02:56:46 pm

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The new site is open. Just a warning. When you register, you will get errors about your username and email already being in use. Ignore that and contact me when you register so I can manually activate you.

There are some bugs in the system that don't seem to affect functionality. The email system has to be fixed. We have a gallery but Chris is still tinkering with it. You can add your images to the forum pages such as for the new contest (linked to it in the contest forum here) and we hope to have everything running properly during January so things should be working more smoothly over the next few weeks. I will add you to the new site myself when we get the email system ready if you haven't rejoined as I can't send you an email from the system until that's working correctly.

If nothing else, I'll do it the longer way adding you in and sending a message with Google as I have access to your emails but not your passwords.

Hopefully this will be the last big change for a long time as if we make it for twenty years more, I may not even be around and someone else will be running the site lol... me just turning 54, I'm trying to be realistic as I don't know if I'll reach 74 but I'm gonna try my best :)


Remember, if there's anything you want to save from here, get it now as this site will be closing sometime this month.


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Nope, just getting other things set up first if you mean the new site. DR was copied from here and I think you made copies as well right?