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The Dark Side of Fantasy...

The Hunde

Started by Armorbeast, October 22, 2019, 09:01:07 am

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The Hunde are a violent international hate group that literally peel the outer layers of the flesh on their head and carve various Nazi symbols into their skulls. They wear masks most of the time to hide how they have deformed themselves and must use various healthcare products to treat their skin. They do this to show they are committed to "the Cause" but most are mentally ill and accept their place within the Fourth Reich as being unfit. They do not discriminate which also makes them unusual in regard to their Nazi ideals as they will accept anyone into their ranks as long as they undergo the defleshing procedure making them all the same.

Their name is actually an abbreviation of Hunde des Krieges (HDK, Hounds of War). They serve within the Fourth Reich and are compensated well for their services as they could be called upon at any time to sacrifice their lives for the Cause. In fact, all that really matters to them is the Cause which is to cleanse the Earth of those the Fourth Reich deem unworthy of life. As part of the Cause, they have sterilized themselves and will their bodies to the Fourth Reich to do with as they please... even if they are alive when they do so. Their skulls Schädel are often given to Fourth Reich members after they have undergone further carving to make them works of art.

When they are killed for the Cause, a chosen family member suddenly wins a contest they don't remember entering and a lump sum of money is placed into a bank account in their name. The Hunde no one what they have done to themselves as they consider that they no longer exist. The leader of the Hunde is a mysterious figure named Vinr Lopts[url] (Friend of Loki, a name for Óðinn) who calls himself Meister der Jagdhunde (Master of the Hounds) and Der weiße Schädel, The White Skull). With the emergence of The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the Hunde found a new source for recruitment and wealth especially when ISIL was defeated.


We need some fresh art for this one. Anyone care to create some art depicting the Hunde?