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Started by Armorbeast, June 07, 2020, 07:06:08 pm

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The new site should be up in September and then we have our annual 31 Days of Hell contest. But beginning with September, members will be suggesting contest themes. The one requirement is you keep the themes within the context of dark fantasy. During the month of September, we will let you propose the themes and in October we will give you two weeks to choose the ones you want. The ones that aren't chosen go back into the list we'll be making for Decembers contest but they will need to be adjusted for a Christmas theme. If you prefer, we'll carry them over to January.

We agree we need more diversity with contest themes but we will, on occasion, revive an older one.

If you like, you can practice by suggesting themes for Augusts contest now and we'll see if we can get this thing going a bit sooner.


August Theme - Dog days of summer

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