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The Dark Side of Fantasy...

The Tama

Started by Armorbeast, June 26, 2020, 02:59:05 pm

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The Tama are a race created by necromancy wherein the corpse or skeletal remains of a being are gathered together and placed within an artificial construct. A molten green slime is then poured into the construct serving as a mold as it reforms around the skeletal remains. The sorcery involved is more advanced than similar spells because it is more a true restoration of life as the substance used to create them solidifies into a semi-transparent green flesh. Their new flesh has the same feeling as real flesh with the greatest difference being that the gelatinous material quickly heals and they can't be killed by injuring it.

Within their heads exists a glowing red orb which is the core of their being and, if destroyed, they are technically dead unless someone secures their remains to start the process over again. Thus destroying the head accomplishes the task of killing them as would cremating their remains with fire or blasting their bodies to pieces as even should the head survive, there is no body for which to sustain them. However, they can replace missing bones with that of others should they undergo the process of recreating their flesh at the risk that morrow from those bones might contaminate their core. Should such a thing occur, they take on traits of the beings these bones came from, their personalities and even their memories.


Tama are bound as a race by their flesh so that whatever species they might have been before, they accept one another as Tama after their rebirth. In cases where they have blended the bones of animals into their skeletal structure, they can take on some of those animals characteristics. The reason for these changes is that the Tama are created from the marrow in the bones of the creature being created and they often mix and match bones for the Tama Beasts they create to include in their lives. This doesn't happen with the food they eat unless they eat bone marrow which they try to avoid although it takes quite a lot of it to physically change them.

Your basic Tama is generally released from their mold structure revealing them as they are with translucent green flash allowing others to see their bones. They then cover themselves in a naturally occurring latex bath which creates a solid external layer of skin concealing their flesh to which they might paint or adorn themselves for personal appeal. Practitioners of sorcery have discovered that the Tama have no true soul as they once possessed. Instead, they possess an animus, the beginning of a soul which develops into a true soul over time by devouring still living flesh. Tama have a particular taste for consuming small creatures alive for this reason and have a taste for insects above all others.


Because they were reborn using necromancy, all Tama have at least some necromantic abilities. The most common is the abilities to literally consume the life energies of the soul by devouring the flesh casting what survives of their souls into Abode of Purgatory as shades lacking all but the consciousness of what they once were. Survivors of a Tama attack feel drained of life and it takes time to regain what was taken from them. While Tama can experience sexual sensations, they cannot procreate so that Tama offspring are created from dead children just as they were, are adopted, and can physically mature into adults.

Since their flesh does not age, Tama survive for as long as their bones survive, and introducing fresh bone marrow makes them essentially immortal even after their own bone marrow disappears following thousands of years of living. It is for this reason that how they begin their second life may not be how they end it and the oldest among them tend to become the most powerful. Tama have a love for grace and beauty often reflected in their love for fine cloth and they invest their resources to create protective bodysuits, over time, which becomes an important way for identifying themselves. Even the poorest among them will invest what they have into protective armor for their heads as there is hope for their survival if their heads survive.

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