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Started by Armorbeast, November 08, 2020, 10:41:25 pm

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Some people have been asking about our future plans. I've been talking with Chris and one thing we want to do is get the site active again beyond just contests. We will still have contests but maybe not as many. What we want to do is create a more interactive approach where people can be more involved as, at some point, your muse is going to go to sleep where art is concerned if you don't have new challenges.

I'm the perfect example of this as, at one time, I was churning out a new image every day and then I started doing more intricate and complicated artwork that would take a week or more to complete. Then real life stepped in when my mother died and my muse seemed to have disappeared with all the bad things happening at this time.

Whatever the cause may be, at some point we're all going to face this.

Then you have your new people coming into this full of enthusiasm and wanting to learn. But when the forums are basically dead and very few people who are established want to chip in to help others learn to develop their skills.

We will be beginning smaller because we haven't been very active in quite a while. We'll be focusing on other sites and all software and some more traditional artforms.

The goal will be to get more active.

To be very honest, I have been paying over a hundred dollars a month for the server fees to keep DSA going but we haven't been using even a fraction of the content capabilities of what's available to us. So we're going to downsize in regard to costs and build a base to begin creating new growth.

We have loved providing our members with contests and activity over the years. But I believe we can all see that we've been struggling for a while to get the activity going to at least cover site costs.

As we rebuild and hopefully get more active, we hope to generate resources and begin creating new growth again. If we are unable to achieve this, then keeping site costs down is the only way to go which then limits what we're able to offer.

Some of our older members know we've been far more active in the past and we believe that starting from the ground up with a new direction is the way to go.

Even the larger, more dominant sites are having a rougher go of things because selling things and sharing art has its limits. A new direction is needed and we at DSA aren't afraid to try new things.

So, I hope you guys will stick with us and take part in our future endeavors. Help us to help you and rebuild with us as we move forward into the future :)


I'm not planning to abandon DSA. My muse hasn't been very active for awhile though.I get ideas but then no ummph to do them.I know how it feels to loose family. I lost my Sister a year ago & that hit hard. I've still not fully accepted it but I know it takes time. I'll try to help if I can.
May the hands of fate be kind to you & yours.


Thanks GA. We're still working on our plan of action but we're hoping to be able to give you a reason to do those images and to be more creative. Allowing things to be just about the contests limits what we want to achieve for people. So glad to see you'll be sticking around to work with us as we move forward.


Hope the new website will grow into something great again, I will be around to see it happen.



I will be around as well. My muse and life seem to have gotten sidetracked by a world of chaos and struggle. I'm looking forward to getting back to creating


Thank you as well m'lady :)