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      by Published on January 4th, 2017 06:11 AM
      Article Preview

      I have made this necklace with some material for both POSER and DAZ.
      Will upload this here soon. Just have to get an independent tester to let me know how things go.

      It is a Smart-Prop and will attach ...

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      Hi everyone!

      We are extremely happy to let you know the Quixel SUITE has NOW BEEN RELEASED!

      - Insanely faster
      - 250 new DDO Smart Materials
      - Multi-Normal Sculpting in NDO
      - 100% Scan based pipeline
      - The highest-quality PBR results available
      - Unlimited texture resolution
      - Batching and Texture Automation tools
      - Integrate into any engine without plugins for In-Engine Texturing
      - Fully scriptable for Studios and Tech Artists

      In case the SUITE reveal trailer passed you by earlier this year you can watch it here.

      As our valued customers, if you have previously owned a license of nDo2 and/or dDo, you have now been upgraded to the all new SUITE versions of NDO and/or DDO *for free*.

      You may log in to your license account to redeem your new licenses here. Those of you who pre-ordered the SUITE will be contacted in the coming weeks with additional presets packs.

      To everyone who has participated in the beta we want to express our sincerest gratitude. Click here to see some of the amazing artworks created by artists during the beta testing period!

      Thank you everyone for having supported us thus far. We are extremely proud of our customers, and can't wait to reveal more of what we have been working on for you next!

      Thanks again, Team Quixel