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  1. Welcome back. Have a great 2017 ;-)
  2. Hello all, I'm back!!
  3. Sweety usually if it's just for Reality then it did not get a prize, but was menthioned.
    Please ask Exiled in this regard as I am not on the team anymore...Hugs
  4. just seen where my Sirens of Atlantis won Beast Reality POW just wondering is it a sponsored win?
    Thanks Ralph
  5. Is'nt it funny hey lol
    Will keep u posted
  6. lol well the same image won IOW at RDNA as well, and still waiting for them there to. LMAO
  7. Sweety as I said in a post here on site.
    They have changed their system.
    So it's taking longer now, cause they work from a list.
    So not to worry, am on it.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Trying my best this side.
  8. still waiting for info on the POW prize? Could you check it for me.
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