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  1. Hello AiRen...
    You're very welcome. Are you familiar with the "Gargirls"? I don't recognize the name...forgive me if you are. I have "Old-Timers Disease" and forget.
    If not, don't be too eager about the invite... my girls are searching for what DSA calls "Fresh Meat". Little do they know... THEY are the fresh meat... or "Sheeple" as the girls call them.
    Again, thank you for accepting the invite. I don't think you'll regret it or be disappointed... well, maybe not...LOL
  2. Haven't been around for a while so what a lovely surprise to find a buddy invite in my inbox as I logged in after a long absence - thank you for the friends invite and welcome to DSA - this is a cool place with cool folks, you are going to enjoy yourself. Looking forward to see more of your art!
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