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  1. Not shure I had understood what to do but I try, so here is my Prize list For Novembers Contest.

    One $100.00 Gift Certificate From DAZ3D
    Mortem Vetus: Open Minded, The Slinger, Sister No Mercy
    $50.00 Gift Certificate From Sixus1
    $50.00 Gift Certificate From Forender
    $50.00 Gift Certificate From Xurge3D
    BadKittehCo: Apteromata Flight by BadKittehCo
    Mercenary Studios: Brute X
    Hinkypunk: Hinkyhunks : Triton by Hinkypunk
    One Item of Choice from Midnight_Stories: Wolf Hound
    From Prae: Prae-Nightmare Hair by prae
    Jepe: Jepe's Body Jewels 3
    Sequestrian: Coalition Katana
    Gypsyangel: Matthias M4 by gypsyangel
    DSA Lycan DreamslayerVisions: The Lycan
    Spookielilone: Kailei for V4.2 by SpookieLilOne
    Hongyu: CowGirl Outfit for V4
    Evilinnocence: Wrapped Towel for M4
    One Prop From Dreamlight
    Sveva: Day of the Dead by Sveva
    Sidherose: Parrish Inspired Backgrounds
    MrSparky: Mechazinz - Black Metallic for V4
    AngellsGraphics: Emeline V4 Exclusive
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