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  1. Hi sweety, as your in Australia I thought I would share with you as it's running at the moment.
    They are bidding for a good cause, Sir Fabian painting I made last year:
  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. Great minds think alike. Thanx for the comment. Hope all is fine with you sweety? ;-)
  4. Thanx sweety. Hope you had a stunning Xmas ----> Hugs
  5. Sweety hope you had a magical birthday with lost of love and prezzies and just had a ball.
  6. LOL thanx for the comment ;-)
  7. Sweety I will send your info to El Lee and Ladonna, so she can help you in this regard.
    Great to hear this and congrats for making the next big step sweety. You must keep me posted please. I would like to know how it goes ok.
  8. Hi,
    You mentioned a little while ago about helping me with getting some props converted to Poser formats. As I only use DS3 and sometimes Wings3D, all my stuff is either in OBJ or DSA formats. I would like to put some things together and have them available to other users on your site. What can I do? Or, need to do?
    Thanks, Shane.
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