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First - make sure you are logged in To Upload - click the link to the contest gallery Please include a name for your image If you have any difficulties posting your entry, please contact a member of the DSA Team to ask for help How To Enter


Contest rules may vary from contest to contest but unless otherwise stated, these are the standard rules Artwork submitted must be your own original work in accordance with standard copyright laws You must adhere to the contest theme Nudity is allowed but no mature subject matter You may utilize any standard form of art either 2D or 3D using any program or traditional "non computer generated" image ONLY 3 IMAGES (Entries) Per Person Contest organizers assume no responsibility for any failure to follow the rules or posting beyond the stated deadline Deadline will be "Midnight" Central Standard Time at the end of every month

Submission Guidelines

All images must be new and original for this contest Images may not be reposted anywhere else until the contest ends unless the following exceptions are adhered to.. A) A provided watermark is included on the image B) Links to the contest are included in the description C) Details to promote the contest are included (Note* As long as you promote the contest and link to it you should be ok) Standard image ideal should be no smaller than 1000 X 1200 length and width / horizontal or vertical and 72 dpi There is no standard image requirement - the standard image ideal is set only to help in judging detail and improve your chances of winning

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