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    When you are using coupons and gift certificates, please use the proper payment options. Some of our winners have used the Credit Card / Paypal option which creates problems with accounting where your prizes are concerned. Always remember, if you have a Coupon Code that you must use the Coupon option. Other sites use Gift Certificates instead of Coupons so look for the Gift Certificate option.

    If you know you are going to have a balance, then you can choose the secondary payment as your option and the correct balance will be reflected after the coupon is applied. Then you can enter the secondary payment form and the invoice will zero out.

    If you have any questions, you can send the site owners a pm or email as they want you to get the full balance of your prize. But if you use the incorrect payment process, you will zero out your balance. Please make note of this in the future with all of our sponsors. If you have not used coupons or gift certificates before, you can also post here and ask questions which the staff at DSA, or fellow members, can answer for you.

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    When beauty outside get’s lost

    When beauty outside get’s lost,
    there is nothing to scream for.
    Because no botox or fillings can do repair what’s gone.
    The place we can’t reach for and which is full.
    Full of our past and our remembrance.
    There is no option ironing our skin.
    We just need to live on and bring the inner outside.
    What once was closed is now to open
    From that heart, that precious place.
    Share it together, because outside looks are no change.
    It’s except that we all grow older!
    And dealing with that, we will be happy,
    in what we have to share… in live!


    DM’s Druid Cave Daniela Hobracht (Danie), Martin Fornoni (marforno)
    Bean Sidhe by Kaydream
    The Sirens call for Bean Sidhe by Wolfie
    Twizted Girls: Skully V4 by TwiztedMetal
    RDNA FawkHair

    A big thank you for the prizes you sponsort at DreamslayerArtworks to all of you!
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