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    Prevent Senseless Killing of Ravens

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has issued a misguided permit to allow 4,000 ravens to be killed in Idaho "in order to protect sage-grouse." FWS has prioritized nineteen threats to Greater Sage-Grouse. Predation—by many animals, not just ravens—wasn't even in the top ten. Ravens and sage-grouse have coexisted for millions of years. We should address the high priority challenges before launching a campaign against only one of the predators of sage-grouse.

    Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to rescind the permit for this senseless slaughter. You can send the sample comments below, or edit the letter with your own words for even greater impact.

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    It is history repeating itself over again. Europe destroyed cats as they feared they were linked to witchcraft, then the rodent population risen and the influx of the plagues eventuated. Here in Australia they introduced the cane toad to rid the farmers of a specific beetle. The cane toads found an easier meal and now we have a plague of cane toad all across the north eastern coast. Mankind fear one evil only to introduce or increase the likelihood of another.

    Same with medications. We eradicate one virus with antibiotics only to find another and stronger virus to emerge. One day mankind will realise you cannot contain what wants to survive.

    The ravens may be another of these to exploit for some hidden financial gain elsewhere. Unfortunately they will pay the price and mankind will eventually fall to some other demise yet again.

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    The only part of history that is important is the lesson.
    A picture is a poem without words. - Horace

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    That is true to the general public.

    Unfortunate the richer seem to want more money and the leaders want more power. So we will always fall into this spiraling calamity. Until we can look beyond greed, we will never leave this place of disposition. The saddest thing is the suffering and disappearance of this planets creatures we have created along our journey.

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    How cruel and senseless to think that murdering one species is going to save another. You don't remedy an upset ecosystem by going in and upsetting it even further, regardless of your feelings for birds that are probably more intelligent and sentient than the idiots behind this measure.
    If they had half a brain they would realize it is man that is destroying the habit of almost all animals that walk, swim or fly upon this planet. Why bother to protect this bird if down the road they going to release permit to destroy them. Just like the wolves were on the endanger list in many states and then taken off and the mass murder of these poor animals has taken place. What gives man the right what animals shall live or die. It seems we have not learn a thing from our pass mistakes.

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    Unfortunately most men (not all) have some notion that they are the dominant beings on this planet. One day they may actually grow up from behaving like little boys and see things for what they really are and then see the most important things on this planet todate is all living things and not material fortunes. Alas, we may have to wait for a miracle or a sudden brick wall to hit them in the face, by then it may all be too late anyway.

    I agree we should leave the animals alone as they have exhisted well and long enough. They coexist well with nature. Where we tend to destroy all that is good. Maybe we are a virus and haven't realised it yet. Still, mother nature always pulls through. In Australia we have already lost many wonderful species of creatures. The Ravens will eventually survive by adaptation, where we cannot even grasp that concept. We pull up trees and do not replace them. We dig holes in the ground only to have them fill with water. We build factories new our main water supply. We dump toxins in the oceans and expect nothing to come of it. I have yet to see an animal that shit where it eats and urinates where it drinks. Alas we do....

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    They are pretty much protected here in the UK. I live just up the road from one of the many town parks, Ravenscraig or Ravensheuch, depending on your generation. The park has a colony of Ravens, as the name suggests, and nest near the old castle which sits on a crag at the west end of the park. If memory serves me right I believe they are also protected in London at the Tower. I often get them as visitors out back and they quite enjoy my bread scraps. @Avros, "I have yet to see an animal that shit where it eats and urinates where it drinks. Alas we do.... " you haven't met my house bunny. Lol!

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    When I walked from Charring Cross station along the parkway that leads toward the Palace, we watched many Squirrels roaming about having a great time. Then like a shot one was sitting next to me on the ground...I think it knew I was an Australian and wanted to hitch a ride back with me.

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    Must have been a Grey squirrel as the Reds are mainly restricted North of the River Tay, although some groups still exist around the Scottish borders. The only successful invasion of the UK by American subjects, lol. We have a colony of greys in the aforementioned park and are quite tame, often sitting on the pathways between the trees, waiting on kids coming along to feed them nuts. Never had one wanting to come home with me though. Lol, hope he had his passport ready.


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