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    Indianapolis Enforcers

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    Indianapolis Enforcers

    Considered one of the oldest teams in the USA-AFL, the Indianapolis Enforcers began their existence in Chicago, Illinois in 1866 as a rugby team sponsored by William R. Loomis. Called the Chicago Meat Packers, they represented the Bulls Head Stockyards which would later be encompassed by the Union Stock Yard & Transit Company founded by John B. Sherman. Some of the men working for Sherman relocated to exploit opportunities created by George H. Hammond, a man of similar vision as Sherman himself. Veterans of the team soon reformed as the Hammond Meat Packers (fic) and began issueing challenges to their former teammates.

    Shermans team became known as the Chicago Bulls (fic) sometime before his death in 1902 while their rivals became known as the Hammond Boars (fic). Each would, however, continue calling themselves the Meat Packers with Hammond further distinguishing itself founding a sandlot football team introduced when players for the Rochester Jeffersons arrived seeking work. Several new semi-pro teams emerged as a result in the Hammond area but the Meat Packers proved favorites because of the tasty foods they sold at games. For opposing teams with weak stomachs, they became known for bringing butchered hog heads to matchups.

    Philip Zorn jr, owner of Zorn Brewing Co.,, purchased majority ownership of the team in 1906 on behalf of his sons, Robert and Charles. To foster rivalry, he then purchased the Gas City Tigers in 1910 which had formed during the Indiana Gas Boom and new investment from Muessel Brewing Company. Zorns death in 1912 led Muessel to employ Knute Rockne to build a team for them called the Muessel Brewers. They then purchased the 1913 state champion South Bend Huebners and rebranded them as the Southbend Silver Edges. both teams were coached by Rockne with the Silver Edges repeating as state champions in 1914.

    Both teams would be raided by businessman John Smoger to create the 1915 state champion South Bend Athletics leading the Silver Edges to fold into the Brewers. Another team that was emerging at this time were the Hammond Clabbys. Formed in 1910 by the Hammond Clabby Athletic Association and named after boxer Jimmy Clabby, Alvah Andrew "Doc" Young was both Jimmy Clabbys manager and team physician for the Clabbys which he was also part owner of. Young partnered with Smoger and a man named Nicholas Schellinger hoping to build an organization called the Indiana League (fic) after the similarly named Ohio League.

    Smoger had owned a team called the Jolly Fellows Club in 1917, which Knute Rochne coached, and soon took over the Indiana League. Meanwhile, Young partnered with auto dealership owner C.J. (Paul) Parduhn to create the Hammond Pros (variously known as the Hippos, Bobcats, Parduhn's $20,000 Beauties and All-Stars) to play on a higher level against the best teams in other states. In 1919, Parduhn turned control of the Pros to Young and took over the Indiana League which consisted of the JFC's, Meat Packers, Kamm Brewers, Clabbys and several other Independent teams.

    Young was now frontman for the Hammond Pros in negotiations with the American Professional Football Association because Parduhn had rubbed some of the other owners wrong with his high spending ways. Parduhn folded five of the Indiana League teams he now owned majority ownership of into a single franchise retaining the Clabbys identity for one final season. The team joined the USA-AFL where they chose to revive the Hammond Meat Packers identity purchasing the Southbend Arrows in 1919 and the Fort Wayne Friars in 1921 to further strengthen his club.

    The team then fell under the control of gangster Alphonse Gabriel Capone who arranged the purchase of the NFL's Evansville Crimson Giants from F. W. Cook Brewing Co., in 1922 to improve the Meat Packers. Capone was no expert on football and after becoming "Boss" over the Chicago Outfit, he sold his interest in the team back to Parduhn. Keeping the name Hammond Pros (fic), Parduhn purchased a team called the Chicago Silver Falcons which had been founded by the McAvoy Brewing Company and had merged with teams like the Chicago Mohawks, Chicago Stayms, the Chicago Roseland Tornadoes and Chicago Pullman Thorns.

    When the 1926 version of the American Football League collapsed, the NFL purged itself of it's smaller market teams which included the Hammond Pros. In 1927, Parduhn and Young renewed their partnership by merging their teams creating a new Hammond Pros nicknamed the Silver Falcons. Becoming a dominant team in the 1930's, they won the 1935 Ultra Bowl and purchased the Indianapolis Indians of the MFL to gain a second championship. Majority ownership fell to Kamm Brewing Company following the deaths of Doc Young in 1942 and Paul Parduhn in 1946.

    Drewrys Brewery became majority owner when Kamms closed in 1951 through its connections to Muessel Brewing Company. But, the team had never truly escaped its connections to Al Capone and it's ownership was known as the Chicago Outfit because it was always ever-changing. Retaining the motto "Challenge The World" from Kamms, the team took a new direction when it was purchased by home builder Gene B. Glick in 1966. Relocating the team to Indianapolis, the Pros would next purchase the Indianapolis Capitols in 1971, they inherited their 1969 Continental Football League championship.

    The Indianapolis Pros had many nicknames in their history and they had absorbed many franchises. One of these nicknames began with Al Capones involvement in the team when they became known as the Enforcers. In 1972, the team made the final change becoming known as the Indianapolis Enforcers because 1930's gangsters were gaining newfound interest in mainstream entertainment. The teams offensive line became known as the Untouchables after law enforcement and as the Mob on defense. The Enforcers now became quite profitable and when the XFL collapsed in 2001, a group of investors representing micro breweries across the state bought the Chicago Enforcers and merged them with Indianapolis.

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Team Colors

    Helmet: Purple, White and Gold Stripe
    Home Colors: Purple Jersey, Gold Sleeve Stripes, White Numbers, Gold Pants, Purple & White Stripes
    Away Colors: White Jersey, Gold Sleeve Stripes, Purple Numbers, Gold Pants, Purple & White Stripes
    Neutral Colors: Purple & Gold Jersey, Purple Sleeve Stripes, Purple Numbers, White Pants, Purple & Gold Stripes

    __________________________________________________ ________________________


    Sal "The Animal" Gatto

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Cheerleading Squad

    The Asphalt Angels (fic) ~ Formed originally to support the Indianapolis 500's, the Asphalt Angels cheerleading squad became an independently owned and operated organization. They made arrangements with several franchises to entertain crowds within the Enforcers organization.

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Team Nicknames

    Murder Inc., Silver Falcons, Meat Packers

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Booster Club

    The Enforcement Agency (fic) ~ Boosters for the Indianapolis Enforcers began with the Clabby Athletic Association in 1910 and continued in an unbroken line to the present day. Becoming The Enforcement Agency in 1972 when the team became known as the Enforcers and purchased the Asphalt Angels to aid in promoting fan support.

    __________________________________________________ ________________________


    South Bend Arrows ~ Indiana State Champions 1920
    Indiana Indians ~ Mid West Football League 1935 (shared with Cincinnati Models & Louisville Tanks)
    Indianapolis Capitols ~ Continental Football League 1969

    Independent Football League Championships
    1948, 1951, 1969

    United States All - American Football League
    Divisional Championships
    1902, 1903, 1912, 1929, 1936, 1946, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1964, 1974, 1979, 1982, 1993, 1994, 2001, 2011

    Conference Championships
    1929, 1936, 1964, 1974, 1993

    USA-AFL Ultra Bowl Championships
    1903, 1929, 1935, 1964, 1974, 1993

    Legacy Teams

    Chicago Meat Packers* (formed 1866 - 1904)
    Hammond Tigers (1910)
    Anderson Brocks (1910 - 1913) - Anderson Big Four Tigers (1914)
    South Bend Huebners (1912 - 1914) South Bend Silver Edges (1915)
    Muessel Brewers (1915)
    Newcastle Maxwell-Briscoes (1909 - 1916)
    Hammond Clabbys (1912 -1919)
    South Bend Tigers (1921)
    Fort Wayne Friars (1909 - 1921)
    Evansville Crimson Giants (1921 - 1922)
    South Bend Arrows (1919 - 1924)
    Alexandria Tigers (1910 - 1924)
    Gas City Tigers (1910-1925)
    Hammond Pros (1917-1926)
    Indianapolis Indians (1933) NFL (Folded after three games)
    Chicago Enforcers* (1914 - 1919) Hammond Enforcers* (1920 - 1923) South Bend Enforcers* (1924 - 1937)
    Kamm Brewers (1935 - 1936)
    Indianapolis Indians (1935 - 1937, purchased when they folded and absorbed)
    Indianapolis 500's* (1933 - 1940, Team Colors / white and black primary)
    Fort Wayne Warriors (1967)
    Indianapolis Capitals (1968 - 1969)
    Chicago Enforcers (2001 Team Colors / Orange and black primary, white and yellow secondary)

    Alexandria Praters 1933, Anderson Remys 1915 - 1917, Anderson Starland A.C. 1919, Benton Harbor Legion 1921Dunkirk All-Stars 1910, East Chicago Anchors 1910, Elwood A.C. 1915, Elwood Maroons 1916 -1919, Elkhart A.C. 1919, Evanston North Ends 1910 - 1916, Evansville Knights of Columbus 1921, Evansville Ex-Collegians 1920, Evansville Pros 1922, Fort Wayne Pros 1921, Fort Wayne Tanks 1921 - 1924, Fort Wayne Pyramids 1921 - 1924, Fort Wayne T.O.P. 1919, Fort Wayne War Vets 1919, Fairmount (IN) A.C. 1910 - 1911, Frankfort Legion 1920 - 1932, Gary Techs 1912 - 1919, Gary Elks 1920 - 1923, Hagerstown Hubs 1916, Hammond All-Stars 1919, Hartford City (IN) Flyers 1910, Huntington 1910, Indianapolis Marion Club 1910 - 1915, Indianapolis Eastern A.C. 1911 - 1913, Indianapolis Military A.A.\Jackson Independents 1913, Indianapolis Knights 1914, Indianapolis Mapleton A.C. 1914 -1915, Indianapolis Belmonts 1916 - 1922, Indianapolis Capital Citys 1916, Indianapolis Southeasterns 1916, Indianapolis Marmon 34'S 1919, Jonesboro Ramblers 1910, Kokomo City 1916, Kokomo Phi Beta Sigma 1916, Kokomo American Legion 1920 - 1929, Marion Eagles 1911 - 1919, Marion Questions 1913 - 1919, Middletown Independents 1912, Muncie Avondale Tigers 1911 - 1913, Muncie Grizzlies 1913, Muncie Congerville A.C. 1910 - 1915, Muncie Magic City A.A. 1910, Muncie Industry A.C. 1914, Muncie Avondale A.A. 1916 - 1918, Muncie Greys 1917, Muncie Avondale A.C. 1919, Muncie Heekin Park A.C. 1919, Redkey Boosters 1910, South Bend Stronghearts 1912, South Bend Sibley-Shamrocks 1912, South Bend A.A. 1919, South Bend West Ends 1921, Mishawaka Clothiers 1921, Elkhart Scouts 1921, South Bend Rum Village A.C. 1921, Star City 1916, Tipton 1910, Wabash A.A. 1898 - 1928, Wabash South Side A.C. 1910, 1911

    Development League

    "Midwestern Football Association"

    Indiana Division

    Indianapolis 500's
    Hammond Pro's
    Evansville Crimson Giants
    South Bend Brewers
    Gary Steelheads (Gary Techs 1912-1919, Gary Elks 1920)
    Terre Haute Firebirds
    Lafayette Cannonballs
    White River BlueCats (Carmel)
    Fort Wayne Warriors
    Bloomington Badgers
    Greenwood Tigers (Gas City Tigers)
    Elkhart Bucks
    Indianapolis Indians (1935 MWFL, Fishers)

    The Indiana division of the Midwest Football League began in 1919 with the formation of the Indiana League. When the USA-AFL purchased the Indianapolis Leons in 1937 to create a new Indiana League farm team called the Indianapolis 500's (fic). While not being a fully professional team, the 500's would be extremely profitable for the Enforcers and created an association with auto racing. With continued sponsorship from Leon Tailoring Company, it would be one of the best dressed teams in all of football and the Indianapolis 500's dominated the Indiana League.

    When the USA-AFL purchased the third incarnation of the American Football league (former Midwest Football league) in 1941, they created the Midwestern Football Association and merged the Indiana League into it as the Indiana Division. The Indiana Division would continue to grow, expand, retract and finally take it's current form with fourteen teams.

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    USA-WFL Team

    The Indianapolis Hotrods

    In 1969, the Indianapolis Enforcers purchased the Indianapolis Capitals of the Continental Football League with intentions of using it as a farm franchise. Things took a different course when day to day operations were turned over to the wife of the then owner of the Indianapolis Enforcers in 1973. She had decided to shift all the male players over to the new Indianapolis 500's football team but retained the coaching staff to transform the Capitals into an all womens team called the Gun Molls. In 1981, they changed their name to the Lady Enforcers before becoming the Indianapolis Hotrods in 2005 when the Enforcers purchased the Evansville Express. Then, in 2010, the Hotrods purchased the Fort Wayne Flash to improve their coaching staff and adopted their colors of red and gold.


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