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    Detroit Demons

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    Detroit Demons

    In 1881, William G. Thompson created a National Baseball League team called the Detroit Wolverines. Frederick Kimball Stearns (Chairman of the Board of Directors at Frederick Stearns Company) purchased the team in 1885 and won the 1887 National League championship before defeating the American Association champion St Louis Browns ten games out of 15 to claim a world championship prior to the creation of Major Major League Baseball. In that same year, he sponsored a pro football club called the Detroit Athletic Club and nicknamed them the Iron Brigade (fic).

    The team was named after an infantry brigade in the Union Army of the Potomac that included the 24th Michigan. It gained the support of the Detroit AC which began with a group of "gentlemen" including railroad magnate James F. Joy to further social, business, political and athletic development for the city. Best known for his involvement in the Michigan Central Railroad, Foy had grown wealthy building railroads and formed a partnership between Stearns and his son Henry Bourne Joy to build to build a multi-sports franchise for the Detroit Athletic Club.

    Henry B. Joy formed an investment group that took over the New York and Ohio Automobile Company and renamed it the Packard Motor Car Company after it's founder James Ward Packard. They then relocated the company to Detroit and began employing workers from Packard to play for the Detroit AC (aka the DAC) and began playing teams like the Detroit Heralds in 1905. Another team began playing around this team called the Detroit Wolverines founded by the Wolverine Automobile Company owned by Walter L. Marr that played sporadically until 1913 when they were purchased by the DAC.

    The new Detroit Wolverines then joined the USA-AFL and absorbed over a dozen franchises into the team before Stearns died in 1921. One of these teams were the Ann Arbor Independents, one of the top teams in the region which was purchased in 1919. During the 1920's, there would be four professional teams to play in Detroit each falling in turn with the oldest of these being the Detroit Heralds/Tigers were the oldest of these having formed in 1905. This team was then secretly purchased by Frank Navin, owner of MLB's Detroit Tigers, who was supporting efforts to create a pro football league in the midwest.

    Renamed the Detroit Tigers for it's final season in 1921, Navin merged his team with the Wolverines and took over day to day operations. A new team called the Detroit Panthers was put together by Bobby Hupp of Hupp Motor Company and owned by future Hall of Famer Jimmy Conzelman. Named after a car design that wasn't put into production as expected in 1925, the team would be merged with the Wolverines in 1926 after only two seasons wresting control away from Frank Navin whose penny-pinching ways ruined the teams prospects for success.

    A new Detroit Wolverines began play in 1928 after team owner Elliot Fisher purchased the Cleveland Bulldogs and relocated them to Detroit. After only one season, Fisher sold majority ownership of his Wolverines to Tim Mara of the NFL's New York Giants giving him the right to raid the team of several players that he wanted. What remained would be purchased by Durant Motors and merged with the USA-AFL Detroit Wolverines. The 1930's saw the deaths of Henry B. Joy and Frank Navin leaving Norman de Vaux, of the failed De Vaux-Hall Motors Company in control over the team after Durant Motors and De Vaux Continental closed operations.

    The team became known as the De Vaux Continentals (fic) and relocated to Grand Rapids, MI in 1934 where Packard gained a controlling interest when Hupp Motor Company closed in 1940 and Walter L. marr died in 1941. It then sold to Stroh Brewery Company which brought the team back to Detroit where Norman de Vaux introduced a limited edition roadster called the De Vaux Demon (fic) with only twenty ever created making it a thing of legend. Studebaker-Packard Corp collapsed in 1958 and the death of Norman de Vaux in 1964 conincided with people fleeing the city for the suburbs to escape it's growing crime and violence.

    The team relocated to Windsor, Ontario for ten years as the Detroit-Windsor Kings before returning in 1976 as the Detroit Demons naming themselves after the mythical car no one could prove Norman de Vaux had actually created. The decline of Detroit would continue until forcing the Detroit Demons to relocate into a new stadium in Sterling Heights to the north called George Allen Memorial Stadium (fic). In 1986, the failure of the USFL meant the Michigan Panthers were now on the market as planned mergers with the Oakland Invaders never went forward. Purchasing the remains of the team, the Detroit Demons would now be prevented from acquiring other franchises and majority ownership reverted to the state of Michigan.

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Team Colors

    Helmet: Black, Orange & Yellow Stripes
    Home Colors: Black Jersey, Yellow Sleeve Stripes, White Numbers, Yellow Pants, Black Stripes
    Away Colors: White Jersey, Orange Sleeve Stripes, Black Numbers, Orange Pants, Black Stripes
    Neutral Colors: Black Jersey, Yellow Sleeve Stripes, White Numbers, Black Pants, Yellow Stripes

    __________________________________________________ ________________________


    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Cheerleading Squad

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Team Nicknames

    The Iron Brigade, Rock City Demons, the Wolverines

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Booster Club

    In 1880, a group of investors formed the Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit Athletic Club* and a rugby franchise called the Detroit Voyageurs (fic). In 1903, they relocated to Quebec and merged with a team called the Britannia Football Club becoming the Quebec Voyageurs. However, many of the investors remained in Detroit forming the Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit Athletic Club backing several different early semipro football and rugby teams. They played against the DAC until 1913 when the DAC football team became the Detroit Wolverines and merged with the Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit Athletic Club which became their primary boosters. They became known as the Iron Brigade when the team became the Detroit Demons because it was simpler for many of their new members to remember. They then shifted their attention to creating a womens football team giving them the name Speed Demons.

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Legacy Teams

    Adrian Independents (1913 - 1916)
    Ann Arbor Independents (1911 - 1917)
    Battle Creek WOW (1913)
    Battle Creek Verona A.C. (1916)
    Battle Creek Outlaws (1916)
    Bay City Independents (1921)
    Buchanan (MI) Legion 1921
    Calumet All-Stars (1935 - 1937)
    Detroit Heralds (1905 - 1920, Team Colors / Red & White - Detroit Tigers 1921, Team Colors / Orange Black & White)
    Detroit Indians (1932 - 1934)
    Detroit A.C. (1912)
    Detroit Argonauts (1912 - 1913)
    Detroit Maroons (1914 - 1921)
    Detroit Holy Redeemer Greys (1913 - 1915)
    Detroit Mack Park Maroons (1914 - 1915)
    Detroit Harvards (1915 - 1916)
    Detroit Carilsle Indians (1916 - 1917)
    Detroit Panthers (1925 - 1926, Team Colors / Blue, Gold & White)
    Detroit Indians (1933)
    Detroit A.C. (1912)
    Detroit Wolverines (1912 - 1914)
    Detroit Wolverines (1928 2nd Team)
    Detroit Armadas (1918 - 1920)
    Flint Independents (1913 - 1920)
    Flint Yellow Jackets (1933 - 1934)
    Grand Rapids Maroons (1931 - 1933)
    Grand Rapids Independents (1916)
    Iron Mountain Fords (1922 - 1931)
    Ironwood Legion (1921 - 1925)
    Ironwood Polar Bears (1931 - 1933) / Gogebic Panthers (1934 - 1936)
    Ishpeming AC (1919 - 1923)
    Jackson Independents (1911 - 1917)
    Jackson Heralds
    Kalamazoo Studebakers (1915 - 1923)
    Lansing Oldsmobiles (1919 - 1923)
    Lansing Maroons (1916 - 1917)
    Michigan City Raiders (1938)
    Niles Independents (1912)
    Owosso Malleables (1916)
    Pontiac Army (1918)
    Stambaugh Miners / All Stars (1919 - 1931)
    Michigan Panthers (1983) Team Colors Royal Plum, Champagne Silver, Light Blue, White;

    __________________________________________________ ________________________


    Michigan Panthers 1983 (USFL)

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Development Leagues

    Great Lakes Football Association (GLFA)*

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    USA-WFL Team

    The Detroit Speed Demons

    The story of the Detroit Speed Demons begins in 1941 with a team called the Detroit Spartans (fic, named after the Portsmouth Spartans). The Spartans originally played in the Womens Midwestern Football League (fic) and survived as a muli-sport franchise who played softball, baseball, soccer, football and roller derby. They retained sponsorship from the USA-AFL's mens team and its investors by marriage or other relationships until the 1960's. The Detroit Spartans would play a team called the Detroit Petticoats who were part of the WPFL and then their successors the Detroit Cowgirls absorbing both teams when the USA-AFL purchased them.

    The successor to this league was the National Womens Football League and a team called the Detroit Demons. When this team folded, the Spartans purchased them to become the Detroit Lady Demons (fic) as part of the Colonial Conference. Backed by the Iron Brigade booster club of the Detroit Demons, the Lady Demons would win two womens Ultra Bowl Championships before changing their identity to the Speed Demons because the players thought "Lady" was too feminine sounding. They would become known for a fast, high flying game that could run up some of the leagues highest scores.

    The Detroit Speed Demons would also be one of the first of the womens teams to adopt sexier uniforms that were more figure flattering than the bulky uniforms worn by men. They reasoned that those uniforms had evolved for gorillas and womens uniforms should be created for gazelles. While this would upset other womens teams, it was clear that this uniform was making womens football more popular, and more profitable. When they absorbed the Detroit Demolition in 2009, the Speed Demons finally created a powerful defense to match their high flying offense leading them to another Ultra Bowl Championship in 2010.

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