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    Rules For Collecting Prizes ~ PLEASE READ

    When participating in contests at Dreamslayerartworks, one of the most important things to make not of are the prizes. Winning prizes is an obvious perk of participating in a contest. However, collecting the prizes can take a while and there are many things you need to do.

    The Process

    Judging is performed by a five member judging panel. Each will choose a number of winners based on the total of winners slotted for that months contest. A final tally of the five judges voting is then made by pooling their results for a final count. Once the winners are selected, we will contact you. It is a good practice to check in a few times each week just in case you aren't receiving notification.

    Our contest topics are open for you to post and ask about the status of judging. They are also where you may ask any questions. If you are new to the site and to participating in our contests, feel free to ask questions.

    If you have problems where a prize is concerned, or you are doing a status check, feel free to write any member of the DSA team. If you know a member of the team and feel more comfortable, write them and they'll get your message to the Administrators or Site Owner.

    Private messages are the easiest and most efficient way of contacting DSA about such issues where you are experiencing a problem.

    When you are contacted about your prize win, please reply in a separate pm to us if the notification is to multiple recipients.



    Normally, we will only need your email and username. This is mostly for sponsors who will send you the prize you have won. However, when you must collect your prizes from the sponsors website, make note of the following...

    You may be required to be a member of the sponsors site so join to collect

    We will need your login, username and email but do not include passwords. In some cases, your email is your login and, in other times, it's your username. We do not control this so please include both username and email.

    Your real name and physical mailing address may be required.
    This will almost always be the case if you win a physical prize as the sponsor must know how to get your prize to you. An increasing number of software companies are now also requiring it. So, to help speed this along, if you win a physical or software prize send us your real name and physical mailing address.

    If you win multiple prizes, please put each prize on a separate line in relation to what you want.

    Keep communication to a minimum in your responses

    Beginning in January 2015, sponsors will be contacted on weekends. Winners will be addressed on a first come, first served basis. If you do not get us your details by Friday of a given week, you will go into a queue and your sponsors will be contacted the following weekend. The longer you take to forward us your details, the longer it may take to collect your prizes.

    Delays may be inevitable. Please be aware that we will try to make delays as short as possible on our end. We ask your cooperation to make things as expedient as possible.

    Members may provide us with their contact info to be stored for future competition wins. We will need your permission to do this and you must keep this information updated. Any information provided to us will be kept confidential. If you do not wish to do this, it could cause delays but this is not a requirement.

    Once you know who has won, make note what you have won and any stipulations which may be included. Sponsors may add things like no merchant resources or partnered items. Sometimes, we have not included such information because it was either not provided to us or there was an oversight on our part. We try not to have such oversights, but they happen so please be aware and prepared. If an oversight has happened, or the sponsor didn't provide the requirement, winners are in a situation that may seem unfair to them but understanding is asked because unforeseen mistakes aren't anyones intent.

    Make special note when sponsors provide coupons, gift certificates and vouchers. If you enter a coupon code as a gift certificate, it may not work. If you enter a voucher as a coupon, it may not work. If you run into any problems along these lines, contact the sponsors help services.


    The Sponsors

    As with members, sponsors may be away or offline when our information is provided to them. It could take up to the end of the following month for sponsors to reply due to leave, localized holidays and / or delays from members themselves holding others up as well.

    In Some rare cases, you may even forfeit your prizes by not responding within a preset time frame. We will try everything we can to prevent this and most sponsors will not hold you to this as long as you contact us and we contact them within a reasonable timeframe.

    Most prizes are handled directly by the sponsors. In some cases, they will provide us with the prizes to deliver for them. Often, they will have the items dropped into your accounts on their sites and merchant locations.

    Each sponsor can include their own rules.
    Normally, sponsors allow you to choose an item from their store. Some provide a specific prize. Some of our sponsors are merchants, some are software providers and some sponsors aren't providing 3D prizes at all.



    We want all prizes delivered. Sponsors like to get their name out there, but they also want to know their prizes are appreciated. But, let's say you already have the item, don't create art using the prizes you have won or you have a MAC and your prize is PC Only. Sometimes we create a forum where winners can ask about trades. More recently, we have required winners to contact us directly or one another.

    We do not mind members informing one another they have an item for trade in the forums. However, mind your manners. It is best to use the following or something akin to it...

    *I would like to trade ___________ because I cannot use it. Please send me a private message if interested*

    A statement like that is not insulting or derogatory towards the sponsor. No sponsor wants to see a prize winner not get their prize. No sponsor wants to see a prize winner say something about their product which isn't fair to them. Our sponsors are gracious enough to provide us with a bounty of prizes for our members. Let's repay their sponsorship with equal grace in accepting the prizes.


    Gifting A Prize

    Our sponsors are providing prizes to our members. In order to "gift" a prize to someone, they need to be a member of Dreamslayerartworks. It isn't fair to other members of this site that you gift the prize to someone off site. Likewise, you need to gift a prize to someone who actually enters the competition.



    Sponsors are generous people and, as part of their generosity, they expect that only the actual winners receive the prize. Other than the above stated reasons, providing prizes to anyone is prohibited. Filesharing is not a guiltless crime. As such, should any member of this site be caught filesharing, they will be banned and their information turned over to the infringed upon parties. Filesharing is a duplication of the original file and you do not have legal authority to do this.

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    And please use the links when visiting our sponsors to pick prizes from either the contest thread or visit our all in one sponsors page here
    It is also located on the top forum link bar.

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