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    Deathwish ~ Hell's Avenging Angel

    Art by Shibashake
    Ghost Writing by Sidherose
    Song; Vengeance ~ Zack Hemsey

    In the fall of 1845, a proper young English woman named Colleen Wright arrived in New York Harbor having left Birmingham, England to seek out a life of adventure in America. Making her way to New Orleans, she met a handsome riverboat gambler named Kyle McClintock who Colleen immediately fell in love with. Married only a month after they met, the two formed a successful partnership for cheating and swindling others with the occasional gunfight to keep Colleen's blood pumping. Although finding the excitement and adventure she had always wanted, Colleen's conscience began getting the best of her.

    Most people they cheated were honest and hardworking, good people bitten by the gambling bug. Kyle, however, wouldn't change until a dark stormy night when the Big Muddy began to rise and where most people got off the water, this was just another adventure for them. Staying aboard a steamship called the Natchez, a dark-eyed stranger arrived to challenge Kyle to a game of high stakes poker. "Bet me all you've got," the stranger offered. "If I lose you stand to gain a small fortune." And indeed the stranger proceeded to place a large bag of gold coins upon the table.


    James McClintock was born nine months later in Cross City, Mississippi (becoming Corinth in 1857) where he would be raised for the first few years of his life. Relocating to San Antonio, Texas; his father became a wealthy rancher exploiting opportunities created after the Mexican-American War. Then came the day when his mother pulled James aside to tell him the story of that dark stormy night and how his father was outplayed by a better gambler. Before he could play his final hand under the table with his custom made Colt 1851 Navy Revolver, he found his opponents red-skinned companion holding her own Colt Paterson to his head.

    Laughing at Kyle, the dark-eyed stranger offered him a deal. Everything on the table plus a bag of gold coins he casually tossed on the table... in exchange for the one thing he knew Kyle placed no value on, him being an atheist. Not believing in God or Devil, Kyle accepted and instantly regretted it when his two opponents disappeared into nothingness as if they had never been. A final coin clinked on the table bearing the classic image of comedy and tragedy upon it as laughter faded into the distance. Kyle McClintock, realizing he had made a deal with the Devil, would change his ways trying to stay one step ahead of the Devils debt collectors.


    They would use the gold to surround themselves with people trained to protect them against both natural and supernatural threats. Kyle and Colleen refused to live in fear searching for a sense of normalcy in their lives possibly becoming overly confident in the process. After a cattle drive, Kyle returned to find the ranch in ruins and Colleen's charred remains in the burned ruins of their home. Hearing his sons cries from the cellar below his feet, Kyle was to learn that he knew the men who had done this. These men had tried to rustle his cattle and Kyle had killed their brother trying to protect what was his.

    Leaving James with friends in the Colorado Territory, Kyle blazed a path of vengeance from Texas to Mexico and gained a price on his own head in the process. Months had passed until the day a Marshal arrived with Kyle body draped over his horse explaining how he had killed thirty men before being cut down by a bounty hunter. He further explained that the bounty hunter was said to have Hell in his eyes and was called El Diablo by the men traveling with him. James was now an orphan and would oversee that his father be taken back home to be buried in Texas with his mother.


    James McClintock had inherited his family's wealth and ranch which he proved more than capable enough to manage. He was well educated and an overachiever who was out to prove himself to be what his parents would have wanted him to be. Amelia Harkins would enter his life as a tutor ten years his senior and soon proved much more when she became pregnant with his child. Being old enough to wed, James defied the morals of his day that objected to the age difference. While he had been trained to protect himself against the supernatural by his parents, it was a half-hearted learning experience on his part.

    While trained by his parents to protect himself against the supernatural, it was a half-hearted learning experience on his part. James had never quite believed his mothers' stories being protected from witnessing the evil first hand, this was about to change. A soul damned to Hell had made an attempt to kill James and then went after Amelia when she failed. Having only injured the creature with his own gun (which was now out of ammunition), James grabbed for his fathers gun which succeeded in sending it straight back to Hell. James now realized how wrong he had been and sought out an elderly Tonkawa spirit-talker named Kla'm pa'l (Coyote Crow).


    Coyote Crow explained to him that many demons claimed to be the one and only "Devil". The particular demon cursing his family went by the name Apollyon (Ἀ αποολλύων "the Destroyer") whose motivations were always unclear. His children, Agápi and Mísos (Love and Hate) were the ones who delivered the curse which now passed from father to son. James now began dealing with his own personal demons as everything was becoming too much to bear. He had begun drinking heavily and gambling but he remained faithful to his wife and with her as his strength, through hard work and effort, James overcame his problems.

    His greatest accomplishment would be the birth of his daughter Sadie, with Amelia, who quickly became the apple of her daddy's eye. But his professional "calling" would lead to his becoming a preacher before taking a different path becoming a lawman, a man-hunter and finally a Texas Ranger to protect the innocent where his Bible seemed to fail him. Anyone who came against him was said to earn a one-way ticket to Hell from The Devils Gun (aka Gods Gun) although he always tried to avoid killing. James became an expert marksman with almost any gun, with throwing knives and proficient with a rawhide whip to maim rather than kill.


    As a Texas Ranger, his duties often forced him far from home and his family. His specialty would be dealing with things that might be supernatural and this eventually would lead him to a place called "Devils Gulch". James was to find himself facing an entire town trying to protect their benefactor and he was soon trapped with no means for escape. Knowing a lot of people would have to die if he were to survive, James found himself low on ammunition and options. His only chance for escape were the stables across the street and, when there was a lull in the shooting, he bolted for them.

    Praying that death would stay its hand from him so that he might return to his wife and child, searing pain struck him down as his legs were shot out from under him. The townspeople then seemed to go crazy unloading upon him from all directions until the shooting stopped and James McClintock seemingly fell dead in a pool of his own blood. As the townspeople came out from where they had hidden, they were about to learn that they had made a terrible mistake. Even as bullets ripped through his body, the Angel of Death whispered in James' ear saying that Death had heard his pleas and he would not die this day or any other.


    The townspeople now looked on in horror as James McClintock rose slowly to his feet and as they fumbled around with their guns, some actually shot one another in the ensuing chaos. When James then returned fire, it was as if his guns didn't need reloading and wherever they fled it was as if James were quickly upon them. When the day was done, none had escaped his wrath. Some lay dead from gunshot wounds, some lay dead with what looked like burning firebrands upon their flesh and then there was the living who were as pale as ghosts.

    When he left Devils Gulch, James headed for home at a steady pace stopping only once to drink water at a creek. The reflection he saw in the water looked as if Death had landed her hand upon him leaving him more dead than living. His hands looked normal when not looking at their reflection and he thought maybe he was experiencing a feverish delusion. Amelia welcomed him at the door with kisses reassuring James that all was well... and then Sadie saw him. Screaming, Sadie ran from "the Dead Man" and James understood that his life would never be the same and left as Amelia chased after her daughter.


    Seeking out the old woman, James was to learn that she had passed away and was told to seek out her granddaughter "Coyote Moon" among the Comanche. She also possessed "the gift", like her grandmother but had run away before she was fully trained in how to use it. When he found her, she wasn't what he expected as she was a cigar smoking gunslinger wearing a wide brim open crown hat, a cavalry jacket, snakeskin boots with deerskin pants and a necklace of fangs. She was a blonde-haired, white woman and seeing his bewilderment, explained that her parents had been massacred by Apache who left her to be devoured by coyotes.

    The Tonkawa had discovered her and given her to the old woman whose own children had been killed in battles with Comanche. The old woman had recognized the girls potential but she had suffered much having witnessed her parents not only killed but scalped as well. Coyote Moon was mentally unstable following these events and her people viewed her as "touched" so that it wasn't unexpected that she ran away to join the Comanche. The actual name she went by was Coyote Kate Dunham (her family name) and it was she who revealed to him that he was Unholy as well as what this meant to him.


    Coyote Kate was with James when the first transformation overcame him. They had discovered a Paiute medicine man brutally murdered at his campsite. The man had been killed by outlaws on their way to California and James gave pursuit having become identical to the medicine man in appearance. When he was done with his mission of vengeance, he found Coyote Kate waiting for him along the trail. Her importance to him would prove invaluable because of her tracking skills and ability to speak with spirits where his own such abilities were limited.

    James was also to learn that he possessed a double soul, a chamaera of the spirit where his own soul was conjoined with that of a demon yet to reveal itself. For this reason, Coyote Kate helped James to retain his identity in these early years where it was easy for him to become lost with his dual identities. She would also teach him that Death never had a claim upon his soul until the moment he prayed that Death stay its hand and Mistress Death obliged him. James McClintock was now condemned, by a fate of his own making, to become deaths Unholy avenger of the innocent dead.


    Drawn back to the ranch he built for his family decades before, he was to discover a brutal mass killing of the family then living on the property. James would bury the family out of respect for the dead and knowing he would avenge them the following day. With night fast approaching, James decided to rest here in this house where he had known so much joy. Taking out his bedroll and lighting a fire in the hearth for warmth, he finally lay down to get some sleep. Sometime during the night, James awoke to feel a presence in the room and the figure of a little girl slowly materialized before him at the fireplace.

    James recognized the girl from among the bodies strewn about and walked over to sit with her by the fire. Reaching out to touch her, his mind became flooded with images from earlier that day and of the violent men who had done this. One of these was a man who appeared as if he came straight out of Hell that the girl warned she was sent to warn him about. As the little girls spirit began to fade, James could see the specter of her mother returning to cradle her child in her arms. But, before the two departed, the woman bent over giving James a kiss saying "Thank You" with words he heard only in his mind as the smell of flowers filling the room.


    Assuming the guise of the girls father, James began a hunt for the men who had done this... and their leader who wasn't a man at all. He would learn from the men he left living that El Diablo was on his trail and aware James had last visited during his wife's funeral where he had assumed the form of a recently avenged spirit. Sadie knew in her heart that it was him but said nothing until the funeral was over at which point she approached and gave the man a kiss. She whispered in his ear that her mother never stopped loving him and neither had she once that crazy Indian woman came to help her understand him.

    Sadie had sold the ranch after meeting a man named Daniel Beauregard Claycomb who was visiting his Confederate Civil War veteran father at the time of her mothers funeral. They moved back East where he was stationed in the US military and there they would have three children. When James found Sadie, however, she had contracted tuberculosis and had been sent to a place called Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium. Sensing that the White Death would not claim her as it had so many in the 19th century, James now set his mind on confronting El Diablo who he sensed was nearby.

    Art by Sidherose
    Song; Hells Bells ~ ACDC

    While his own life had been relatively well-lived and nonviolent, he was beginning to understand what being reincarnate meant. His past lives had much blood on their hands for which his eternal soul was not forgiven for the evil and wrongs of lives once lived. He was also to learn that there was an even greater danger as being Unholy means being pursued by an ancient evil known as the Collector of Lost Souls. Apollyon was working with the Collector now that he understood the value his "son" had and that it could grant him greater power than even he believed possible.

    Having only been told that James McClintocks' soul had to be given freely and not taken by force, Apollyon thought himself wily enough to accomplish the task. Apollyon had already been sending souls of the damned to manipulate James hoping to cultivate the evil from his past lives to bring forward his own"dark soul". This became manifest as a separate persona calling itself Judas and, unlike James, he embraced his demonic lineage. Appearing as a red-skinned devil and being far more violent in his ways, he was given the task of collecting the coins Apollyon had given to Kyle McClintock.


    James was unaware of Judas existing within him as Judas only emerged when James was asleep and experiencing nightmares. Apollyon had hoped to manipulate James through Judas only to discover that his "true son" was suspicious of what he was up to. Having failed to do this the easy way, Apollyon unleashed his bounty hunter to track James down putting his family in danger to get what he wanted. With the threat of a demon dragging his daughter and grandchildren to Hell looming over him, James agreed to make the deal but only if Apollyon himself came to collect on it.

    Agreeing to meet where his story began, James returned to Devils Gulch as this was where his current life had restarted. Since the day of his rebirth, Devils Gulch had become a ghost town of shadowy figures with pale skin hiding from the world. It was also here that a land baron named Phineas Faulk held rule and would confront James with the fact that he was the man James was originally sent to arrest. Now elderly and in a wheelchair, Phineas surprised James when he stood up and then it was as if his flesh simply burned away. Before him stood Apollyon, in the flesh, and he held a contract in his hand ready to make the deal.


    Sensing betrayal, James drew down on the demon causing his attendants to transform into Hellhounds to protect their master. Shooting them down, James then holstered his weapon leading Apollyon to think himself still in charge. Trying to sweeten the deal, Apollyon suddenly sensed a change within James as soul after damned soul seemed suddenly to emerge within him. Only now would James fire a single shot striking Apollyon in the chest. No mortal weapon was supposed to harm him nor any of his creation. What had happened? Why could he not collect what was his to claim?

    James looked down and smiling grimly said, "Sometimes, the Devil's Gun uses God's bullets", then put four more shots into Apollyon's head sending his soul back to Hell. Feasting on their masters corpse, the injured Hellhounds healed themselves and began tracking James. Finding him waiting, the beasts ran leaping for him only to become transformed to flame and light as he stretched out his arms in reaction to them. Absorbing them one to each arm, James then casually began putting on his shirt concealing the images now appearing upon his body.


    Years afterward, James came upon a dimestore novel written by his grandson William based on his mothers' stories. He gave the lead character a name calling him Death's Wish because his curse is to honor cries from the innocent dead whose final wish was vengeance from beyond the grave. Adopting the name Deathwish from this, James found value in blending reality with fantasy as that was the best way to explain the supernatural that was now his existence. But the stories were not just of vengeance for the dead. The tales of Hell's Avenging Angel included taking the form of the dead to defend, and avenge, the living as well.

    When Coyote Kate died, Deathwish appeared at her viewing during the eulogy in his form as James McClintock. Walking up to her casket, he reached down touching her lips with his finger before snatching her tooth and claw necklace. She had married and devoted herself to her family honoring this in every respect. However, Kate had always dreamed of her former life which James was present to give back to her as a spirit. When people rushed to stop him, James turned to them revealing his undead visage to halt them in their tracks before turning to dust blowing away as if from an unseen wind.


    Deathwish appears as an Old West gunslinger garbed all in black but can appear wearing a motorcycle helmet and modern biker leathers. James found it ironic that this legend spoke of him as Hells Avenging Angel when Hell always seemed to be in pursuit of him. He would learn of the intrigues taking place in Hell because while some sought after him on behalf of the demon Apollyon, other demons actually came to his aid. Apollyon isn't dead but possesses scars from his encounter with Deathwish that he's never forgiven. The bounty hunter Brimstone (aka El Diablo) would be sent against him multiple times for this reason.

    Deathwish is still tracking the cursed coins he and his father spread about unwittingly. Each coin possessed a damned soul which then possessed anyone who came into possession of them whose own soul was damned. Judas wants the coins for other reasons as he understands them better and that collecting them all would grant him the power to split from James to become his own self as a separate entity. He would also be able to release the souls again to do his bidding allowing him to create his own little bit of Hell on Earth.

    • Real Name ~ James McLintock // Marital Status ~ Amelia McLintock (wife deceased)
    • Date of Birth ~ May 26th 1853 // Place of Birth ~ Corinth Mississippi USA
    • Race / Ethnicity ~ Caucasian // Gender ~ Male // Occupation ~ Gunslinger / Vigilante
    • Hair ~ black // Eyes ~ brown // Height ~ 6ft 1in // Body Type ~ Muscular
    • Group Affiliation ~ The Unforgiven
    • Classification ~ Wraith // Legal Status ~ Vigilante
    • Relatives ~ Kyle McLintock (Father), Colleen McLintock (Mother), Sadie McLintock (Daughter)
    • Strength Level ~ Class 3 // Endurance ~ Class 7
    • Known Aliases ~ Hells Avenging Angel, The Devils Gun, Judas, Man in Black // Citizenship ~ United States

    Powers & Abilities ~

    His curse, however, forces him to take on the physical appearance of the innocent dead whose form he assumes to exact vengeance. These forms generally take on characteristics of Deathwish when using his powers. His true form is far more terrifying as he appears like a leather-skinned mummy, a visage of death retaining a strong physical build. As Judas, he takes on the appearance of a red-skinned devil with horns and a forked tail. He loves to smoke tobacco as Judas and snorts smoke from his nose even when not smoking. His strength is greater as Judas and he can create, and manipulate fire.

    His 1883 Longbarrel Peacemakers are called Hellfire and Damnation. Each is self-replenishing so that he never runs out of ammunition firing normal bullets, hellfire rounds and "Gods Bullets". The guns firepower was magnified when he absorbed the Hellhounds making them more ornate while adding gold, silver, and bone to their design. His fathers gun is a Colt 1851 Navy Revolver which he wears across his chest and can concentrate all his power in explosive bursts. If he needs more firepower, the guns can transform into sawed off double barrel shotguns .


    As a wraith, Deathwish possesses the ability to become incorporeal like a ghost as well as possessing the ability to grasp other such entities. For dramatic effect, he teleports by dissolving into gray, smoke-like dust that dissolves like being blown by the wind. This ability is limited to around three miles and he often materializes with, or without, Widowmaker when he does this. Deathwish also employs weapons in the form of razor-edged poker cards, exploding dice and poker chips that create holographic projections. Deathwish can also sense demons and spirits of the damned by the smell of sulfur and brimstone which only he can smell.

    Deathwish has a number of images upon his upper body that includes rattlesnakes wrapped around his arms whose heads end on his hands. They somehow represent the Hellhounds and can emerge from his flesh to sink their poisonous fangs into someone. These exist to merge with his guns or to summon them into his hands instantly when needed. If he throws or drops the guns, they can reform as the Hellhounds and obey Deathwish as their master. The other artwork on his body are tattoos he's collected over the years. The necklace of fangs and claws that he wears gives him the ability to speak with any spirit by holding their bones.

    Spirit Animals ~

    The most obvious spirit beast is James steed Widowmaker, a gray/black horse the color of ash and fire appearing upon his back alongside a horses skull. Widowmaker takes the form of a Winchester Model 1876 holstered on his back or a massive Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Shovelhead motorcycle. The second spirit beast are rattlesnakes on his arms and formed from the Hellhounds originally brought with Apollyon as protectors. The third spirit beast is a crow which emerges from him and Coyote Kate can sometimes use it to manifest in physical form although it exists apart from her.

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