The ancient Etruscans were a mysterious but beautiful peoples known for embracing the ways of darkness and death in their religious practices. Among the oldest of their cities was Fidenae, a colony of the much stronger city of Veii of the Etruscan League of Twelve. At the heart of Fidenae lay a death cult worshiping the goddess Leinth because it's peoples feared they had been abandoned by the gods. In her service, they would prosper until they began to worship other gods tiring of the violence and blood sacrifice made to the death goddess. Seeking independence from Veii, the city leaders elected a king and sought to eliminate the death cult from within their midst. In the resulting conflict, the demonic vampire goddess Vanth arose among them unleashing a plague which threatened all the neighboring cities forcing the league to destroy them. Purged of it's vampires, the city would be rebuilt but it would never be as powerful as it once had been and it's vampire problems were far from over. There had been survivors from among the vampires who had fled and they would, on occasion, return seeking out the goddess who spawned them. This particular curse of vampirism passed from parent to child with none knowing because Vanth was a daywalker and those infected by her did not always become vampires themselves. The nature of the disease was that it could lay hidden for generations and those who were carriers of the disease could yet procreate passing on the curse until some tragedy might awaken it. Even after they had become cursed, they could exist briefly within the Suns harsh embrace suffering more quickly in Summer than in Winter but only if they did not use their powers. One among them would even fight alongside Pericles named Tlamun who was born in Magna Graecia (Greek: Μεγάλη Ἑλλάς, Megálē Hellás) of the Thurii (Θούριοι). His arrival in Fidenae was to seek out his fortune among his mothers ancestral peoples and rising to a position of power, Tlamun would rebuild the Arx of Fidenae (a citadel) which had lain in ruin since the time Vanth had ruled over them. Seeking alliance with Pericles against the neighboring Kroton who threatened his power, Tlamun found himself in Athens when the plague of 430 BC struck killing many in Athens but Tlamun survived because of the curse growing within him.

While most of these bloodlines would eventually expire or be eliminated, at least one survived into Roman times from which would be born a girl with the given name of Livia Calanice Septima Maximilanus. Hers was a particularly difficult and bloody birth representing the coming together of four families seeking union for their own advancement and power. Each of the families were lesser on their own and each provided two sets of children to unify them through marriage into a single bloodline. They chose the ancient site of Fidenae because of it's ideal location close to Rome and it had become all but abandoned in their time. She would be the firstborn grandchild of these unions and the first of the new bloodline bearing the blood of all four families. For this reason alone, she would be special and the apple of her paternal grandfathers eye as he would benefit most from her birth. His name was Maximus and it would be from him that the new family would be given the surname of Maximilanus because of her birth. She would gain the name Septima from her maternal grandmother who was the seventh child of a seventh child and whose family claimed descent from Romulus himself. The name Calanice was given to her by her maternal grandfather, a keeper of the ancient Etrurian faith viewing her as his "beautiful victory" over those who robbed him of his birthright. It would be her paternal grandmother who would bestow the name Livia upon her hoping to gain prominence denied to them because of their mixed Greek and Carthagian lineage. For all that Livia represented to the creation of a new bloodline, she would be all but abandoned to the care of her nutrix (wet nurse) when her brothers were born after her. The best Livia could hope for would be to marry well and, even at an early age, she dreamed of much more than this for herself... she would also dream of lives unlived haunted as if they were her own. Sharing her dreams would be the wet nurse who was raising her, a woman named Faustina, whom Livia revered as if she were her birth mother. From her, Livia learned humility and to care for servants and the less fortunate even as her paternal grandfather influenced her to believe greatness lay in her future. Then came the plague, the blight which struck the city of Fidenae when she was eleven and the end of all her dreams leaving her only her nightmares.

The plague left it's victims drained of blood having bled out from every pore and possessing mysterious bite marks borne upon their bodies. Others had a much simpler answer for what was happening and Livia's father, Flavius Maximilanus, hired battle hardened veterans from local garrisons to protect his family. Calling them Draconarians, he employed specialists known as Cruor Venators (Bloodhunters) to train them in the ways of destroying vampires while building them into a fighting force with ulterior motives. The leader of these Bloodhunters was a powerfully built man named Achmemrun, a former prince from the city of Akragas, whose family were killed by vampires and he devoted his life to the destruction of those cursed by darkness. Trained specifically to destroy a type of vampire called a striga, he found a much more powerful type of vampire called a moroii was plaguing Fidenae and found he was unfamiliar with them. As word spread, nearby Rome saw the rising military force of Maximilanus as a threat and used the rumors of vampires as just cause to send a Roman legion against Fidenae. During the chaos and violence, Achmemrun would spirit Livia away as he had taken Faustina as his wife and she refused to leave the child to certain death. Tlamon had revealed himself as the vampire behind all of these dark events as he had sensed the birth of Livia and been drawn to her like a moth to a flame seeking the power within her as his own. In battle against Achmemrun, Tlamon succeeded in ripping out Livia's throat but failed to consume her life energies when Achmemrun again attacked him and Faustina took the dying girl in her arms. On the run, Livia made a miraculous recovery as a large part of her throat had been removed and it was only due to the curse within her that enabled her to survive. Scarred but fully recovered, she would be raised by the man sworn to destroy beings such as her to follow in his footsteps more from love for her adopted mother than for Livia herself. She would prove a quick learner as the road before her was now one filled with violence and battle. Achmemrun would raise her to use her gifts to hunt the very creatures which had destroyed her life and to protect humanity which had been the wish of her paternal grandfather.

Part of Livia's curse would be that, in becoming a vampire before the age of twelve, she would seemingly be condemned to be a child for all eternity. Knowing this, Livia would eventually transform her stepmother into the first of the Livii born from her. Faustina was mentally ill in that her devotion to Livia was an absolute and knowing that Livia needed a mother at her side, it was Faustina who convinced Livia to do this to her. Enraged at seeing Livia feeding upon Faustina as she might any other victim, Achmemrun attacked her and where Livia turned Faustina out of love... she would turn Achmemrun out of survival as he meant to destroy her and her primal instincts took control over her. After a few centuries, they would return to Fidenae because Livia could sense that the darkness which had created her had been reborn. Here, she learned the fate of her family as the survivors of the nightmarish events had been staked out on a nearby plane where the blazing Sun would determine who among them was infected. Much of the city had been destroyed as soldiers sought out vampires and whatever could not be burned would be torn down. Even the land itself would be salted in hopes of imprisoning the evils that had been awakened. As for her surviving family, their power had extended beyond Fidenae so that they not only survived, they would be compensated for what had been taken from them and their villa rebuilt. They and the Draconarian Guard would be charged with overseeing that the evil within Fidenae remained imprisoned and never rose again. However, they eventually began to expand their influence and retiring members of the Draconarian Guard would rebuild Fidenae as the memories of what had happened faded into legend. It was while they explored beneath the ruins in search of abandoned treasures and robbing graves that they awakened the moroii who had not been properly destroyed. Among them would be Tlamon himself as he had been beheaded but his head was cast aside to rot and his body had been tossed into a pit with the infected dead from which it would be resurrected. It was here that she would lose both of her adopted parents and, to avenge them, it would be the first place where she assumed adult form to destroy Tlamon for good.

Alone in the world for the first time, Livia found that she needed companionship and sought out relationships where she learned that she had to disguise her identity to protect these people. She also found that those who survived violent encounters with her might become Livii and her need to feed occasionally required her to destroy her victims if she wished to prevent them from becoming progeny. She would travel the world seeking out creatures of darkness as a Bloodhunter like she had been trained and as she had dedicated her life to being. One of her first descriptive identities was Crepusculum (Twilight) which evolved into Nox caduta (Nightfall) following a relationship in Dacia with a werewolf named Dūras. This relationship strengthened her inner wolf as Livia was cursed as a type of vampire which possesses the attributes of specters and wolves. Her moments of passion with Dūras and exchange of bodily fluids would allow her to become a true werewolf when in her adult form. During her centuries long existence, Livia would view her curse not to be the darkblood flowing in her veins, but the fact that her true form is that of an eleven year old child and she must feed on the lifes blood of others to take on an adult form. In her eyes, creatures of darkness were just as much victims as anyone suffering from disease and if they were a threat to spread the disease; they were a threat that had to be eliminated! She would also amass a number of enemies, of which, the greatest would be Unholy like herself who preyed upon the innocent or sought to unleash destruction upon the world. Of these, the most powerful would be the Crimson Queen, a powerful vampire also known as Hellraven! It would be Hellraven who revealed to Livia her true nature as a member of the Unholy as Livia had believed her long life was due to her being a vampire. At the time, she was calling herself Lupa Nocturna (The wolf of the night) because she was relying more upon her wolf form and it's superior abilities to track those cursed by darkness. As Nerissimo (black as night), she became an enemy of Damon Blackthorne during the Enlightenment and Grigori Rasputin when she was known as Fantasma Oscura (Black Phantom).

Having taken other identities like Atra, Obscūra and Tenebrosa; she entered the twentieth century calling herself Moroaică (Nightmare, Death) wearing a ceramic mask shaped in the form of a skull. It was in this guise that she became a costumed vigilante using her ability to become one with darkness like a ghost or black mass. At least twice in her past, Livia had encountered a mysterious being called the Collector of Lost Souls and managed to see through his deceptions in order to escape his clutches. During the Second World War, the Collector returned and this time he would resurrect Tlamon to use as a pawn against her. As Moroaică, Livia had managed to create an identity which was a mystery unto itself so that none might discover her private life or victimize those she shared her life with. She had learned to mask the soul shard within her by journeying to India where she submitted herself to guru's teaching her tantric practices and other secret knowledge. It was while she was there, using the name Atra, that she had last faced the Collector of Lost Souls and old scores remained to be settled from those he had killed trying to entrap her. Now, the Collector was back and he was again hunting people like her. While she was able to conceal her identity when not using her powers, she could not conceal the soul shard when using her powers and the Collector knew her for who she was. Damon Blackthorne was drawn into this as well because the Collector was playing a grand scheme hoping to capture as many of the Unholy as possible. His schemes might have worked had not Blackthorne and Livia come together against him joined by others of their kind calling themselves the Unforgiven. Livia would be invited to join the Unforgiven but chose not to as she had a family to care for and that became the most important thing in her life after these events. Choosing to live a normal life, Livia could not escape the fact that her family aged while she did not. It was because of this that she chose to disappear and leave everyone thinking that Fiorenza Anastasi was only the latest victim of a serial killer... a murderer who would be found dead soon after when Moroaică made a final appearance. she would follow members of her family to the United States where she could keep a close eye on her children who had moved there looking for a new life. Assuming the identity of Eloisa Anastasi in order to convince her children that she was a stepsister they did not know about, she would begin a new life in America. But, she could not abandon her life as a vigilante as people in the world needed heroes and protectors against the things hidden by darkness. She would create a new identity for herself as Nightfall and she would become an ally of the Unforgiven for decades before finally joining them as a permanent member.

Powers & Abilities ~

Nightfall possesses the ability to form a second skin from blood and dark matter. This second skin moves and changes shape as she needs seeming almost fluid at times but being solid to the touch. She can use the dark energy under her control to create non mechanical weapons like shurikens or daggers. She can even use this ability to create bows but prefers crossbows because they are the closest things to a mechanical device she can create. Her power to control darkness grants her many abilities such as the power to melt into darkness, to teleport over short distances and to become intangible like a ghost. Her ability to control blood allows her to transform from a child into an adult. For that reason, she is a blood drinker but she does so with passion and not with her teeth as she cuts them to drink (but leaves them with only vague memories like being in a drunken stupor). She can also cause blood from the dead to bleed out from their bodies and merge with her darkness to create a second skin which acts like armor. While she is able to exist in daylight when in her normal human form, there are limits to this as her skin will burn but more like a human with little protection in her skin against direct sunlight. Thus, her second skin protects her when using her abilities as her flesh will erupt with fire even as it heals just as quickly because she is Unholy.

As a Bloodhunter, Nightfall was trained in various forms of fighting techniques and use of weapons largely unknown to the modern world making her one of the deadliest trained killers in the world. For those she chooses not to kill, Nightfall will still drain blood from them which allows her to track them anywhere on the planet if they betray her trust. She is also fluent in numerous languages both living and extinct with an understanding of most cultures because she understands the past from which they spring.

Her ability as a changeling has it's limitations as her primary form appears almost human (except for her teeth) and her vampire form is akin to a humanoid bat. In her bat form, Nightfalls skin becomes like steel and she develops retractable dagger like claws more similar to an extinct raptor than any living creature with the most dangerous being the oversized sickle-like claw on each foot. In this form, she is also capable of creating wings from blood and dark matter providing both flight and sword-like weapons used to slash through three inches of solid steel if need be. Her werewolf form isn't that powerful but it's the form which provides her supernatural tracking abilities and and it heals almost instantly from any injury. This ability to heal itself does leave scars for a time, but they eventually fade away and any part of her body that is severed will regenerate given time. Although her "normal" form might seem her weakest, it is the form which allows her the greatest control over her dark energy and second skin. Should she be severely injured, such as the loss of a limb, this power allows her to replace the limb until it fully regenerates. As a member of the Unholy, Nightfall cannot truly die because she possesses a soul shard from the Eye of God permanently bound to her life force. This shard made her reincarnate being reborn over and over until her true nature became known to her so that she is now truly immortal because she has immunity from death.

Spirit Animals ~

All members of the Unholy have markings on their bodies which represent animals or creatures from mythology. These are called spirit beasts and Nightfall has two of them with the first being a large rat and the second being a chimera unique to her. This particular chimera appears to be a mix of bat, pterosaur, dragon and stingray. The creature can assume different sizes and it's form can slightly change each time it emerges from her. It can even emerge as a large bat which returns to her in dramatic fashion to bring about an immediate transformation into her full vampire form. The rat may not seem like much of a spirit beast until you realize it can go into places no other creature can. This particular creature can drool glowing green slime which allows it to reanimate the dead placing them under Nightfalls control for up to an hour before the creature dissipates having expended all of the dark energy within it.