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    Quixel Suite

    Well, I downloaded the Suite package to see how this would work. After reading and watching a few tutorials and figuring out how to get my CS5 to connect with it I began playing with nDo, dDo, and 3Do.

    So far, I've had some decent results using dDo and 3Do in making a test metallic material. Though so far I've had little time to see how the maps made from the process would work in Poser. I am still playing and once I figure out a few more things I will be posting here the results.

    I really, really like this program so far- I can see so many uses for it in making textures. The normals are handy as well as the different options you are given in making different types of maps and they can be put into so many different programs such as 3ds Max, Maya, Modo, etc.

    Keep in tune, there will be more coming on this topic.
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    The main problem that I have found with this program is that you have to be rich enough to afford at least CS3, or it doesn't work. I have CS2. I can't afford Adobe's newer versions so I couldn't use Quixel even if I won it. The same goes for most of the top prizes. They look absolutely wonderful but I would have no way to use them.

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    Some explanation on using Quixel Suite.

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