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    Goddess... Fire Blackens The Purest Heart

    Art: Shibashake
    Song: Pure Hatred ~ Chimaira

    Long ago, in a distant land, it is said that a dark-skinned people wandered from lands where the Sun kissed the earth to lands where mountains of ice dominated the skies. Among them were golden-haired children whose skin was lighter than the rest who adapted and evolved until only they remained. From among them came a child whose hair was like the Sun but was as white as driven snow and flowed like the wind. It was said she was favored by the gods and dwelled among the spirits until it was time to be reborn. This "Golden One", as she was also known, also brought fire for protection and warm rains for fertility in lands both cold and dark.

    Walking between two worlds allowed her to commune with the spirits that surrounded her but she was otherwise mute like the swans associated with her. Her voice would be the whistling winds or warming fire with animals hearing her voice in their heads. As her peoples wandered across the ice hunting seals, some would become lost and found themselves in a new land across the waters where she was soon to follow. These mysterious peoples lived on lands that were slowly being reclaimed by the seas and, after a time of fruitfulness, were forced to migrate due to the disastrous consequences of climate change.


    To the west, they encountered a different peoples whose ancestors came from the west. Becoming one peoples, they would eventually migrate back to the east in pursuit of wild game as their numbers increased. A constant threat to our world were the Manitous, beings who ruled within the Spirit World seeking escape to reclaim the world their own evil had taken them from. The Golden One would be reborn to make war with them and to fulfill her promise to always protect the People from them. Her existence, however, was finite in the world of men as her flesh was mortal even if her soul was not.

    Such is the way of memory that the Golden One became forgotten in the Old World even as she would be remembered by different names in the New. On occasion, other light-skinned peoples would arrive from across the waters reminding them of their past and that there were others beyond their reach. The saga of Agnarr Ofvægr (the Invincible) is one such case of a 9th century Viking warrior who murdered innocents in a battle he was destined to lose. Banished with his family, he was a man who survived many personal misfortunes only to overcome them all... and now he would seek to overcome an ocean.


    It was said of Agnarr that he was half a man because so many parts had been hacked from him over the years that he was now more wood and metal than flesh and blood. Agnarr was hellbent on discovering lands seafarers had spoken of in legends and pulled together six ships manned by outcasts and adventurers. Their journey would be long and difficult but most would survive to reach what would one day be known as Delaware Bay. Relations with the native skræling populations were initially good allowing Agnarr to explore while leaving his family behind strong fortified walls.

    His daughter Thyrvi (named after the thunder god Thor) had already revealed abilities to calm wind and sea on their journey across the waters. Now, an elderly Lenape spirit-talker learned that this child was the latest reincarnation of the Golden One. Reaching adulthood, Thyrvi would battle a demon called Mahtan'tu who would eventually possess her father. While she would defeat Mahtan'tu and free her father from his power, Agnarr had committed atrocities for which there was no longer a place in these lands for his people. Returning to their homeland, they settled in Kvenland (Queenland) among the Wæl.


    Taking the name Thyrvi Wælreow (meaning thunder fighter, fierce in slaughter), she married a [i]Prince of the Svea and became a Queen whose story would become lost like that of her father. However, her legend would survive among a select few as the Dróttningvǫlur of Kvenland (Witch Queen of Kvenland) with members of her bloodline arriving in France during the Norman Conquests of the 10th century. There, they intermarried into the native Gent (high or well-born) and foreign born Frisian (later Holland) Alkema families combining French Gentry with Frisian Ghent.

    This allowed them to absorb more family members from those they intermarried into and blended various cultures into a new bloodline. Known for alchemy, warfare, intrigue and witchcraft making them feared more than respected. Strangely enough, their rise to prominence would be brought down in the 15th century by a pair of notorious serial killers named Gaudin de Sainte-Croix and Marie-Madeleine Anne Dreux d'Aubray, Marquise de Brinvilliers. The two killed dozens, if not hundreds (including nobility), through poisoning and exposed a satanic cult of murderous witches known as le Cercle de la Flamme d'Argent (the Circle of the Silver Flame).


    The Valais Witch Trials in Lower Valais, Savoy (now part of France) began a purge in the 15th century that eventually led to one of the biggest witch hunts in 17th century Paris, France (Île-de-France to be precise). Merci d'Aubray had married into the Ghentry family and was a cousin to Brinvilliers who traced her own lineage back to the Dáirine (founded by the ancestor god Dáire Doimthech) who were known for excessive cruelty as she herself would be known. Merci had become High Mistress of le Cercle de la Flamme overseeing its conversion to worshiping the demon Baphomet.

    Merci took no issue with the dark rites of the satanic cult including the sacrifice of her own children. Only a son, named Aodhàn (Jonathan), and a daughter named Adaig (night, aka Aine) survived because they were unblemished at birth. The arrest of Brinvilliers exposed le Cercle de la Flamme leading to the arrest of Merci d'Aubray Ghentry. She would be tortured and burned at the stake screaming curses at her executioners with her children made to watch as they were to be next. Their aunt Elizabeth Aine d'Aubray (born Ealasaid) would use her influence to help the children escape and fled to America aboard a frigate called the Aventurier.


    Settling among the Moswetuset peoples (from which the Massachusetts colony derived its name) in a community called Widows Township, Jonathan would become the family's patriarch protecting and providing for his family. His first job was as a logger but it was his skills as a carpenter that made him a man of means selling his crafts in neighboring communities like Salem Town and Ipswich. It cost so much to import Old World furnishings that his skills were in high demand at a time when Massachusettes and Connecticut were also known for the witch hunts they had fled from in Europe.

    Widows Township gained its name from the number of widows living there and the hard life that had already led some into witchcraft. Aine refounded le Cercle de la Flamme d'Argent because of this and the lack of religious piety in this frontier community. These were still the Burning Times and with Widows Township bewitched, Jonathan created his own estate further away wanting nothing to do with it. Aine had been raised to become a necromancer, a Keeper of the Dead and a witch in her own right who believed she could not escape her fate and, if she were to be slain, let it be for something she was actually guilty of.


    Jonathan had purchased a number of indentures taking one of them as his wife. Lucy Killsin Barbon was a childless widow eager for a large family and grateful to be free of her Puritan upbringing. Their firstborn was a daughter named Mélissane and she would be followed by seven siblings of which only one was a boy. When word of the witch hunts in Salem reached him, Jonathan developed closer relations with the Nipamaug tribe than with "civilized people". He felt safer among the natives because most slain as witches were innocents knowing nothing of the ways of witchcraft and the natives offered added protection for his family.

    When Lucy became pregnant with their eighth child, Aine foretold that it would be a special child. Having communicated with the spirits, she knew this would be a Seventh Daughter requiring protections from the demons who would seek to claim her. To achieve this, Aine placed a series of markings on Lucy's body to protect her while she carried the baby. When she gave birth, these markings disappeared from her body and appeared upon the child before quickly fading away completely. Their Nipamaug midwife gave the child a name calling her Koon'kookookhau (Snow Owl) in reference to her white hair.


    Jonathan gave the child a Christian name calling her Abigaïl (My fathers' joy) describing his feelings at her birth. Abigaïl would grow into a free-spirited child from the moment she could walk and, as she grew, it was not uncommon for her to run about naked or leap into a nearby creek. But it was the rain she loved most, to feel cool showers upon her on a hot Summers day and dancing about as if the very winds lifted her from the ground beneath her feet. She communed with nature and the spirits she saw around her although she herself never spoke a word.

    Some would see her abilities as a blessing, but Jonathan understood this to be a curse as others might think her a witch. Abigaïl was gifted in other ways such as the ability to speak with her mind to those she touched. When her father needed rain for their crops, it came. When devastating storms threatened or howling winds frightened anyone, they were made still as if responding to Abigaïls wishes. It was in Abigaïls fourth year of life that a man named William Dusk came to Widows Township. He had become wealthy by trapping, logging, mining, agriculture and slavery which gave him power over life and death.


    Dusk was also a tradesman who made another fortune trading with natives while claiming also to be a man of religious faith. The truth there was that Dusk understood how religion could grant him power over people money couldn't buy as well as making him an even wealthier man. Establishing the High Church of the United Anglican Supremacy with himself as High Churchman, Dusk chose Aine as his wife knowing what she was. To Dusk, witchcraft was just another religion and mixing faiths was something he had already done with the natives. He was also trading whiskey to natives in order to stir up conflicts with settlers.

    One of these was a warrior who became known as Shkakwkiwsuwakàn (drunken skunk) because he disgraced himself trading his own mother for a few bottles of cheap whiskey. On a day when Jonathan was away, he returned to find his manservant dead by the door having put up a valiant fight and Lucy lay within scalped and violated. Calling out for his children, Jonathan was relieved when they rushed to him from the woods where the remaining female indentures had taken them. Lucy had remained to help the manservant and they reported that the Indian who did this had apparently been shot by her.


    Leaving them with Aine, he gave pursuit of his wife's killer and was taken captive when he attacked a hunting party thinking the murderer among them. Taken to the tribal village, the murderers' wife came to Jonathan's aid tossing his wife's scalp at the chief's feet. Her husband had come for her because he was shot and she had refused him all that he demanded. Ordering warriors to seek out Shkakwkiwsuwakàn, they returned with him to face punishment for his wrongs and staked him out over a roaring fire into which he was lowered. He was then gutted and forced to smell his insides cooking in the flames as he burned to death.

    Jonathan was not yet free as the men who had been with him injured members of the hunting party and he still had to atone for this. The wife of Drunken Skunk reminded them that Jonathan had always done right by them and of their customs that a widow be given a new husband to provide for her. Her name was Weetanusk, a name meaning "fortitude and strength of character in the face of adversity". Jonathan was the one she wanted as a husband and when he returned home with a new wife in tow, it would be Abigaïl who first embraced Weetanusk.


    Jonathan now knew that it was William Dusk providing whiskey to the natives and creating conflict with settlers in the area. Dusk wanted Jonathans land and seeking to charm him, ordered a magnificent table along with promises to change his ways for Aine's sake. Coming to inspect the progress on this, Dusk came across Abigaïl at her favorite swimming spot. This was a place where she found peace because there were no human spirits here. Although a bit uneasy, Abigaïl emerged from the water allowing William to provide his cloak to cover her body and to dry herself.

    She was yet an innocent and unaware of Dusks lustful desires as she saw him as a man of religious faith... as someone she could trust. Aware of Abigaïls special powers, Jonathan ordered Weetanusk to round up the other children when he saw storm clouds appearing out of nowhere. He feared the unnatural way this storm had arisen and was off to find Abigaïl after everyone was safe. As he neared the epicenter of the tempest, he witnessed several bolts of lightning striking repeatedly and an ungodly scream pierced his ears. Finding Abigaïl, Jonathan gripped his daughter even as he noticed William Dusks carriage nearby.


    Jonathan followed where Abigaïls eyes stared blindly into a nearby fire where he found the charred body of the coach driver. Nearby lay what remained of William Dusk still clinging to life. Arriving at Widows Township with Abigaïl in tow, Jonathan handed her off to Aine and then carried her husband for medical aid. Aine knew what her husband had done when she saw a trickle of blood flow down the girls leg and sensed that the spirits surrounding Abigaïl were angry. Days would pass before Dusk regained consciousness to find himself a cripple and unable to move from the neck down.

    Enraged by this, he ordered that a man named Jebadiah Cross be brought to him and revealed to this man what had happened. Jebadiah Cross was a witch hunter traveling with his own militia and priests bringing "Gods Holy Wrath" down upon the unclean. Calling himself the Grand Inquisitor, Cross seemed to possess a sixth sense for the supernatural but Aine had already led most of her coven away before his arrival. This was not what Dusk had summoned him for and when his hunt finally led Cross to the estate of Jonathan Ghentry, many innocents had suffered his wrath.


    When his hunt led Cross to the estate of Jonathan Ghentry, a battle erupted as they would not hand Abigaïl over to him. With members of her family taken captive, Abigaïl revealed herself hoping they would be set free only to find herself bound by dark magicks. Unable to use her powers, Cross then teased that it was a shame she did not remember him and he was aware her greater powers came when she was in pain or filled with rage so he incited neither. Held in stables, Cross made Abigaïl an offer to set her family free... in exchange for her immortal soul.

    Abigaïl was too young and confused to understand what was happening buther family in the stables nearby yelled to her not to accept the offer. Cross only smiled at the girl and ran his hand through her hair, "So be it" he exclaimed before leaving her presence. Over the coming days, Abigaïl heard the cries of her family and then their voices grew fainter until they could no longer be heard. Cross re-entered the stable where she was held from time to time and made promises that her family was ok but stubborn like she herself. Now, it was her turn and she would give him her soul before he was done with her.


    Unaware that Abigaïls powers were returning to her and that the voices of spirits were telling her all his promises were lies... and that those family members with her were dead. She would also learn that Jebadiah Cross was no man of God, he was the demon Mahtan'tu reborn in human flesh and serving a new master he called the Collector of Lost Souls. Determined to hear her voice, his tortures increased until he called for a device known as a tongue tearer giving her one final command to talk. When she refused, he broke her teeth to force the device into her mouth where it clasped to her tongue... which he then ripped from her mouth.

    Although tears flowed with the pain, Abigaïl would not cry out and spit blood in Cross's face to defy him. Grabbing her by the hair, he would drag her outside to a pyre from which emanated a horrid stench. Within the timber were the mangled bodies of her family along with other victims of his terror whose dead eyes stared out at her as he dragged her up the pile of wood. Abigaïl could feel the rage building inside of her as storm clouds began to form in the skies above. As she was lashed to the whipping post, Abigaïl felt the lash of a whip while Cross sermonized to the gathered crowd.


    Glaring out at these people, pure hatred filled her heart as they were like dogs gathered to feast upon a fallen doe. As Cross mounted his horse, he tossed a lit torch into the pyre setting it alight as he departed possibly knowing what was about to happen. The smell of burning flesh beneath her assaulted her senses and as the flames began to blister her skin, storm clouds began to erupt in the heavens above her. Lightning came crashing down upon Abigaïl causing the pyre beneath her to explode as she rose into the darkened skies.

    Now it was the townspeople's turn to know fear and to scatter seeking sanctuary as Abigaïl now rained hell down upon them from the heavens. Begging God for forgiveness, the people of Widows Township would find no response save for the hurricane force winds and torrential rains falling down upon them. They would drown in the cellars beneath their homes, be burned by lightning strikes and it was as if the winds became filled with the wailing of souls taken from the Earth on this night. When the storm finally subsided by the following morn, not a soul remained living within Widows Township which itself would be no more.


    With the town obliterated around her, Abigaïl found a child's toy belonging to one of the children killed by her rage. She herself had been a child when this all began but Abigaïl was a child no longer. The spirit of the Golden One had merged with her and transformed her body into that of a woman possessing the knowledge the spirit had to offer to her. As hatred now consumed her, she was off to find the home of William Dusk where he had been abandoned in his bed as his servants fled the coming storm. Dusk had survived within the ruins of his home where Abigaïl summoned winds to clear away the debris.

    Not recognizing her and envisioning her as an angel, Dusk thanked her for saving his life and pleaded with her to heal his broken body. When he realized she had brought him above a cesspool of dead pigs, he could suddenly hear her voice in his head and knew her intent and began begging for his life. The final thought running through his head as she released him was the girls' name and that it was he who had caused all of this. As she watched his body sink into the muck still pleading for salvation, she watched as his soul was stripped from him by souls of the damned knowing he was to join them.


    Abigaïl now understood what she was because the Golden One was only a layered shell born from her previous lives. She had been created by escaping into the Spirit World upon the death of her physical body while her true soul became reincarnated within the flesh. She understood what the Unholy were and that she was one of them, an immortal because Mistress Death cannot claim her. There was no place in this world for her and it was the Spirit World where Abigaïl sensed she was needed more. It would be there that Abigaïl matured into a true sorceress capable of walking between the two worlds.

    She would return only once during a battle between a group of Unholy fighting against the Collector of Lost Souls. Unleashing the full fury of the heavens upon him would allow this group to defeat the Collector but she was soon away when seeing she was no longer needed. Having had a taste of the mortal realm once more, Abigaïl returned and created an unexpected spectacle of herself emerging in the skies above Seattle, Washington during a storm. When she set her feet upon the ground, media sources that had been broadcasting her arrival rushed to her and a gentleman gave her his jacket as she was naked as the day she was born.


    While seeming oblivious to those around her, she would answer the voice of a child asking her who she was by grasping another woman's shoulder. Telling the child she was the Goddess of the Storms, through the woman's voice, Abigaïl soon realized the scene she was creating and walked into a clothing store taking what she wanted. Departing into the heavens once more, Abigaïl sought out those Unholy she had allied with knowing only that they were called the Unforgiven. Finding them in battle against other Unholy, Abigail introduced herself by placing a finger to her lips letting them know she does not speak.

    Instead, she spoke through a woman named Annette Bennings who was standing nearby and who would take Abigaïl under her wings. Bennings was a lawyer by trade and realized that Abigaïls abilities to see and speak with spirits could prove invaluable as a paranormal psychologist career choice. Another of the Unforgiven would put her on that path as he had encountered a descendant of her bloodline, a young woman named Linnette Hawkings, whose family abandoned her when she fell into a life of drugs and prostitution. She had escaped the streets to become a professional psychiatrist only to have her life was cut short by a serial killer.


    Deathwish had assumed Linnette's identity to avenge her death leaving her actual remains still lay in a morgue unidentified and unclaimed. This would allow Abigaïl to assume the girls' identity as an alter ego because they bore an uncanny resemblance to one another except for their hair color. Linnette's spirit would aid her in assuming her identity in return that Abigaïl become her guide to places in the Spirit World where her talents might help those who suffered traumatic deaths. Abigaïl would bury Linnette's remains with a stone marker made to look centuries old but with her accurate information upon it.

    Becoming a superhero who used several identities before settling on a variation of the name she first introduced herself to the world as being. Her first outing was against villains known as the Controller and Chainmaster who had no chance against her. More would follow even as she became one of the thirteen members of the Unforgiven and did work in Linnette's name in the private practice she was striving to create. When family members confronted her that she was not Linnette, they could not know that Abigaïl had used her powers to duplicate Linnette's DNA and outer layer of flesh down to her fingerprints.

    Powers & Abilities ~

    Abigaïl possesses the ability to see the Spirit World which layers itself around our world. She can communicate with spirits who hear her but, for anyone living to hear her, she must physically touch them to communicate telepathically. Hearing the thoughts of others the same way, she knows many languages (including lip reading and sign language) learned in the Spirit World and can communicate with animals along more empathic lines. Goddess is a form of wraith better known as a revenant or Bean-sidhe (or banshee), spectral forms that allow her to "whisper" in an ear causing temporary deafness and bleeding from the ear.

    It might be more correct to call her a Wind Witch because of how she allows her hair to extend or flow much further than it's actual length as it merges with the wind. As such, she can take physical form as flesh or a noncorporeal form like a ghost often preferring something more in-between. Goddess can pass through anything that wind can pass through without causing harm just as easily as her gale force winds can tear a house or wooded area to pieces. Goddess can grasp or even harm noncorporeal entities much like Deathwish with whom she has an on again/off again relationship.

    Her powers over elemental forces is limited to controlling the wind and channeling lightning from energy or electricity that surrounds her. Goddess cannot actually create storms as her elemental powers only allow her to manipulate weather either magnifying or nullifying its effects. Rage or pain grows, her ability to control environmental conditions increases that much more. Her powers of sorcery are more a form of spirit magick far greater in power within the Spirit World and dealing with supernatural threats from it. While not a superpower, Goddess likes to jam heavy metal music from guitars whose amps she powers with her control over electricity.

    Spirit Beasts ~

    Like all the Unholy, Goddess possesses spirit beasts. The first of these is a white fox that can change its color and transform further into a ferret. Ironically, this ferret also forms her glasses (in her mortal guise) because she thinks they define her personality and she feels more attractive or domineering wearing them. The second is a white owl with razored talons that grants her brilliant night vision and can transform into a heavy metal guitar combining elements of a Superstrat, a Jackson King V and a PRS Dragon. The third spirit beast is a manifestation of a beast from the Spirit World. It is a tentacled monstrosity fit more for the oceans and which takes the form of the doll that survived the destruction of Widows Township.

    • Real Name ~ Linnette Hawkings (Abigail Ghentry)
    • Marital Status ~ Single // Children ~ None
    • Date of Birth ~ May 3rd 1692 // Place of Birth ~ Widows Township, Massachusetts
    • Race / Ethnicity ~ Caucasian // Gender ~ Female // Occupation ~ Paranormal Pyschologist, Psychiatrist
    • Hair ~ white // Eyes ~ blue // Height ~ 6ft 1in // Body Type ~ Slim / Muscular
    • Group Affiliation ~ The Unforgiven // Legal Status ~ Fugitive
    • Classification ~ Antihero // Supernatural Classification ~ Banshee, Wraith, Elemental, Sorceress
    • Relatives ~ Jonathan Ghentry (father), Lucy Killsin Barbon Ghentry (mother), Weetanusk Ghentry (adopted mother)
    • Strength Level ~ Average // Endurance ~ Class 7
    • Known Aliases ~ Thyrvi Wælreow, Storm Goddess, Wind Witch
    • Citizenship ~ United States

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