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Thread: You and i

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    You and i


    You are the sunshine in my days,
    You are the sparkle in my night.
    You always set my heart ablaze,
    You know how to make it right.

    And when our eyes meet,
    And we both begin to gaze.
    And then we feel the heat,
    And set ourselves ablaze.

    I sit and bask in your light,
    I know we're stuck like glue.
    I can say with all my might,
    I know that I love you!
    A picture is a poem without words. - Horace

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    Your Need For My Attention

    Your Need For My Attention

    I know that I will take from you anything I desire.
    It is your fate to serve me and all that lights my fire.
    The passion that I bring you from a simple stare,
    Is more than you'd hope for or than you can bear.

    It really doesn't matter just how you think you feel,
    When I apply nipple clamps made of hardened steal.
    Listen as I tighten the chains hanging from above.
    You'll never hear the words you crave about my love.

    Then sound of my crop whooshing through the air.
    Seems to be giving you a twisted kind of scare.
    We both know you need the attention that I give.
    And that I am the only reason that you want to live.
    A picture is a poem without words. - Horace


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