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    The Sybian Party

    The Sybian Party

    I was just a tad nervous as Beth and I strutted up the sidewalk to the front door of the ranch-style house. I was wearing red leather mini-skirt and knee high boots, with a black top. Beth had on her leather jeans, and a white t-shirt. Hand in hand, we approached the front porch, knocked on the door, and Angel greeted us with warm kisses on each of our cheeks. Blonde, long-legged, and beautiful, Angel invited us in, and we were warmly greeted by seven other women, who were all lounging in the living room. Since we were the last to arrive, the official party could now begin.

    Beth had met Angel through a posting on a message board on an e-groups site, and she had worked it out to where we were both invited to this “special” party. She had ridden a sybian before at an all-girl party, and was dying to experience it again. From what she had told me, it was quite the adventure, and I was eager to try it also. Beth had sent our initiation fees of $100.00 to Angel, and we were accepted into this club of sybian loving women.

    Beth and I introduced us to the group. Her and I had been lovers for six months, and although bi-sexual before, we were totally into only each other at this time. Then each of the other women, starting with Angel, did the same. Angel was an Internet porn amateur, a single lesbian, 31 years old, and she explained how she was entirely hooked on the sybian.

    Her friend and occasional lover, Amy, was a lesbian also, a lab research assistant, and 25 years old. She had short black hair and a great figure.

    Lela was 48 years old, married, bi-sexual, and ran an Internet health-food site. Her shoulder-length red hair was pulled into a ponytail, and her slim figure made her look years younger than her age.

    Brooke definitely caught my eye. Although not a beautiful woman, at 22 she sported the figure of a porn- queen. She was wearing jeans, heels, and a bright pink bra; her huge titties were nearly falling out of the bra, and I couldn’t help but think of kissing them. She told us how she loved the sybian, how she was hiding this from her boyfriend, but could do nothing about her addiction to the machine.

    Carla spoke next. She was 35, bi-sexual, single, a nurse, and she twirled her flowing brown hair around her fingers as she talked. She wore a pretty flowered dress, which seemed to show off a very round ass. I could feel Beth squeeze my hand tighter as Carla talked.

    Gabby was tall, Latino, and had jet-black hair which reached down to her healthy ass. She was married, a full-time housewife, and loved group fucking with her husband. She had a sybian of her own, which is how she spends nearly every day when her husband is at work.

    Finally, the two black women, who stood holding hands, were next. Katrina and Tasha were both tall, lovely lesbians, and Katrina’s short buzz-cut hair contrasted well with Tasha’s long dreadlocks. Both women were nude dancers at the local club, and had also done some “amateur-porn” movies.

    When the introductions were complete, Angel instructed everyone to strip totally naked. Everyone was to be nude, with nothing to get in the way.

    Beth and I shared a quick kiss, and began to strip in front of eight perfect strangers. Clothes, lingerie, and shoes flew everywhere, and soon everyone was nude, looking at each other, the anticipation growing.

    “Now follow me,” Angel instructed. She walked through a door, which led downstairs to a semi-lit room. The walls were mirrored, soft music was playing, and five sybians were arranged in a circle in the middle of the room. Pair of chains, with wrist-cuffs attached to the ends, was hanging from the ceiling above each machine. Each machine had its own box of attachments sitting next to it. Each “station” had it’s own small pail and washcloths. Angel addressed the group.

    “There are a couple of rules here. To begin with, Amy and I will be paired together to start. The rest is as follows: Beth and Leslie, Katrina and Tasha, Gabby and Lela, Carla and Brooke. Once we get rolling, anyone is free to switch to another partner and any girl may join in `assisting’ any other girls, as long as there are no problems. You know what I mean. The chest over in the corner contains numerous sex toys for your pleasure. When you are through with an attachment, make sure you clean it. This party goes until the last woman leaves. Any questions?”

    Everyone nodded their heads, and I couldn’t help but notice Carla rubbing her pussy already. My nipples ached, and I felt Beth move behind me, caressing my ass.

    “Good. Okay, lets have some fun!” Angel said.

    Everyone paired off, and Beth and I took the sybian furthest from where we were standing. Gabby and Lela were to our right, Katrina and Tasha to our left.

    Beth pulled me close to her, held me, our breasts coming together. She began to play with my clit, stroking it, getting me ready for the sybian. Moans were beginning to fill my ears, the other women starting the adventure. Beth kissed me deeply, and moved to the box of attachments, clipping a medium-sized dildo onto the sybian.

    “Go for it, baby,” Beth said.

    As I straddled it, I heard one of the other machines hum to life. Looking across the room, I saw Brooke, her arms held high in the cuffs, riding her sybian already, with Carla sitting right in front of her, working the controls of the machine. Brooke was grinding onto the dildo, purring softly, her lovely, huge breasts swinging to and fro. My heart jumped as Carla began to squeeze them firmly.

    I quickly placed my wrists into the cuffs; my hands above my head, arms stretched high, and Beth closed the clasps. I found the correct angle, and slid down onto the dildo. It didn’t seem too spectacular, but I could feel the nub of the dildo on my clit, which turned me on even further. Beth was rubbing her clit, and she began to kiss my titties, sending sparks through me.

    I looked over to see Amy in the same position, with Angel working the controls, and her machine came alive also. Next to me, Lela was hovering over her sybian, but she was bent at the waist, her legs spread wide. Gabby was behind her licking her pussy up and down like a cat, getting her ready. Gabby then placed Lela’s hands in the cuffs, and then Lela also lowered herself onto the dildo.

    Beth sat in front of me, controls in her hands, and she continued to rub her pussy.

    “I love how you look right now. So exposed, so ready to cum,” she voiced.

    Amy was settling in also, arms high, and Angel was kissing her deeply. To the left of us, Katrina mounted her’s also as Tasha cuffed her wrists.

    So, for the first round, Amy, Brooke, Lela, Tasha and myself were the riders. The room was filled with the sounds of aroused women, with Brooke leading the way. She had begun to orgasm, and she was thrashing about wildly on her sybian. I was transfixed by the sight of her bouncing titties, but suddenly a shock wave of pleasure coursed through me. I looked down at Beth, my eyes wide, and I knew she had turned on our machine. The dildo had begun to vibrate and pulse inside me, feeling so good in my pussy, and Beth had only just now turned it on.

    “Oh shit, baby.that feels so fucking good inside me,” I groaned.

    “It’s gonna get better too, Leslie,” she said.

    I got a pretty good rhythm going, moving forward and backward slightly on the dildo. Beth was clearly enjoying this, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy. I felt like I wanted to lick her right then, to bury my face between her legs.

    “Yes, look at my wet pussy, baby. You like how this slit looks, don’t you?” she teased.

    “Yes Beth, I do. I love it. Play with it again,” I pleaded.

    Beth leaned back on one arm, and pinched her clit, playing with it, teasing me. She looked so gorgeous. I stared at her pussy, looking no where else, but hearing the cries and moans of the other women around me. Minutes passed, but suddenly I felt a tremendous urge to orgasm.

    “Oh Beth, I am so close,” I wailed.

    Beth then turned the dial on the control, and the vibrating increased. Shock waves flowed through me, and I used the chains to pull myself up, and then down, onto the dildo. In this way, I began to fuck myself.

    “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck..meeeeeeeeee,” I screamed, and I orgasmed.

    “Yes baby, yes baby, cum for me, cum for me,” Beth encouraged. I was bobbing up and down, thrashing wildly on the sybian. The entire room seemed to spin as I climaxed. After a long, intense orgasm, Beth slowed the vibrating dildo to a stop. She then kissed me, uncuffed me, and I fell to the carpet.

    Beth cleaned, and then mounted, the same dildo. Weakly I stood, cuffed her wrists in place, and kissed her again.

    “Just put it on low baby, and then go have some fun. It might take me a little bit longer than you.”

    I did as she asked, and Beth closed her eyes and relaxed. I turned to look around the room. My pussy was still throbbing, my body still aroused. Next to us, Gabby was getting off on watching Lela cum, reciting some Spanish lingo I didn’t understand. Lela was cumming and cumming hard. Gabby began to suck on her tight nipples, driving Lela even wilder. On our left, Katrina had already cum, and Tasha was riding the sybian now. She was really groaning loudly, telling Katrina how good it felt in her ass. Then I saw it; Tasha was using the double-probe, her ass and pussy riding it together. Suddenly Katrina began to tickle Tasha’s armpits, sending her into fits of laughter. At that precise moment, she came, soaking the sybian in her wetness.

    I moved closer to Brooke and Carla, and could see that although still riding her sybian, Brooke was slowing down. Carla looked up at me.

    “Hey babe. She has already cum three times, and she says she needs more. Care to help?”

    “Of course,” I replied. I looked back over at Beth; Gabby was kissing her titties as Lela continued to climax. The scene was heating up quickly. Brooke was still riding the dildo, slowly now, and I moved in front of her, spreading my legs, offering her a perfect view of my hairless pussy.

    “ a pretty pussy,” she said aloud.

    Brooke’s tits were huge, circular globes of flesh. I couldn’t help but take each one in my hand, feeling them, squeezing them. I leaned over and began to lick each nipple.

    “Yes baby.suck them, get them wet, please, suck them nips,” Brooke begged. I could feel Carla’s hands on my ass, rubbing my cheeks. I ravished Brooke’s breasts, taking no precautions in the way I kissed and held them. In seconds she was cumming again, grinding and thrashing on the sybian.

    I moved on, now watching the expert, Angel, grinding and humping her machine, as Amy worked the controls, fingering herself as she watched.

    I had to get back to Beth, as she was beginning to grind violently onto the sybian. Gabby had moved back to Lela, standing in front of her, holding Lela’s head in her hands as Lela lapped at her furry pussy. I knelt down in front of Beth, looking her straight in the eyes.

    “Grab my titties, baby. Pinch my nips,” she asked.

    I began to pinch both of her nipples, pulling her tits up and down, moving them in circles. Beth was grinding firmly into the dildo; her eyes wide open, taking in the scenes of all the other nude women in the room. The gorgeous asses, titties, the groans of pleasure, the sounds of sex; it was much too much for her senses now.

    “ FASTER BABY!” she wailed.

    I released her titties, and turned up the speed on the sybian. Beth’s legs were spread wide, supporting her weight, and she began to use the wrist-chains to help her move up and down. She was riding the sybian with abandon now, slamming down onto it, reaching for her orgasm. Beth looked up at me, her eyes blazing, looking at something behind me. I turned to see that Carla had switched places with Brooke, and was riding her machine in the same way Beth was. Carla was staring directly back at Beth.

    Beth’s lips parted, her mouth opening wide, and she slid steadfastly back down onto the dildo; as she reached the bottom, her orgasm ripped through her like a crack of lightning. “OH.. MY.GAWD.AGAIN.” she screamed.

    I turned the dial up to full speed, and Beth went out of control. She thrashed and thrusted as she shook her head to and fro, her hair darting in every direction. For nearly a full minute she rode through her climax until she finally slumped, limp in her bonds, breathing heavily.

    I turned the sybian down, and lifted her head, kissing her softly on the lips.

    “You are sensational, Beth,” I cooed. I unlocked her wrist cuffs, and helped her off the sybian, the dildo escaping her pussy with a slurp. I held my lover in my arms, and gently eased her to the floor.

    Beth looked up at me, saying “Go, have some fun, let me rest.”

    “Okay baby,” I replied, kissing her again.

    After seeing Beth cum like that, I was fully aroused again; the sounds of sex filling my ears. I turned toward Angel and Amy. Amy was back on her machine, and Angel was kneeling in front of her, her mouth sucking Amy’s clit. Angel’s legs were spread, her ass rising and falling, and it seemed to be calling to me. I moved closer, letting my fingers touch her beautiful ass, and she looked into the mirror. Upon seeing me, she smiled broadly, and rotated her beautiful ass in circles, the silent tease. I began to run my fingers up and down her beautiful trimmed pussy, touching the slit, finding her clit, and I could hear her moan in delight. I could see in the mirror that Beth was watching now, her hands between her legs. I began to kiss Angel’s ass, rubbing my face all over it, letting her feel my close-cropped hair. But the sounds.I couldn’t help but hear them.Carla cumming now, Gabby groaning, Katrina sreaming in pleasure. Amy was watching me as Angel worked her clit. I began to run my tongue up and down the cleft between Angel’s cheeks as I played with her pussy, and upon reaching the small bud, Angel groaned. I began to slip my fingers into her pussy, one by one, until all four were inside her, my thumb working her hard clit. Amy began to let loose now, her voice a high-pitched sob, her body convulsing in her chains. She began to cum without control, thrashing about like Beth did. Angel paused, looking up at her, then dropped her head.

    “Fuck me Leslie.harder.harder.harder.kiss my it,” she told me.

    I needed little encouragement. I pushed my tongue into Angel’s ass, twirling it as best as I could. I was pushing my fingers hard into her pussy, and worked her clit perfectly. Angel began to scream for me to fuck her harder still, and at that point I felt Beth behind me, kissing my shoulders. I turned to see that she had donned a gorgeous life-like cock, which was held in place by a leather harness.

    Amy was going ballistic. Her orgasm continued, taking her to places she had never known. Angel hissed and swore with a fury, calling Amy a sexy slut, among other things.

    “Call me a whore, Leslie! Call me a slutty bitch!” she roared.

    Such language from a seemingly quiet woman drove me wild. I began to slap her ass, calling her the things she wanted to hear.

    “Let me fuck her, please baby,” Beth said.

    I wanted to see that too. I pulled my hands away, and Angel groaned loudly. Beth settled in behind her, taking that lovely ass in her hands. My lovely Beth then spun Angel around, facing the center of the circle.

    “I am gonna fuck you good, Angel,” Beth exclaimed. Angel’s pussy was dripping, her ass gyrating, her head heaving up and down.

    “Do it.I am your slut-bitch, and I deserve to be fucked. I deserve to be fucked by everyone here. I am such a dirty slut.FUCK ME BETH!”

    My eyes whirled around the room again. Brooke was playfully toying with Carla, working the controls to bring her up and down the peaks of pleasure. Tasha and Katrina were kneeling, facing each other, hugging, kissing, grinding, and moaning. Gabby was riding her sybian now, but facing the mirror, watching herself, the machine humming. Her hair hung down in her face, and she would swing her head to provide a view in the mirror. Lela was raking her fingernails down her back, teasing her. Amy sat momentarily still, sweat running down her cheeks. She was leaning back somewhat, exposing her engorged clit, and she was staring at Beth and Angel.

    Beth began to roughly massage Angel’s round ass, and she positioned herself behind her in the classic “doggy-style” position. Angel’s eyes were wide, the look of pure pleasure on her face. A quick glance around the room, and I could see Tasha and Katrina sitting, facing each other, rubbing their pussies together. Carla and Gabby were furiously riding their sybians as Lela and Carla quickly exchanged places, pleasuring the others partner. Amy was moving in a back and forth motion, shaking as another orgasm approached.

    Beth lined up Angel’s wet snatch on her dildo, and slowly pushed it in, eliciting screams of joy from Angel. It was so erotic to see my girlfriend fucking another woman! I grabbed Angel by her blonde hair, and raised her head.

    “Feels fucking good, doesn’t it slut?” I hissed.

    “Oh yes.god yes.I need it.I need to be fucked!”

    Beth was in her element. She had the perfect rhythm going, fucking Angel at the perfect speed. At that moment I heard Amy call my name, and she motioned me to her with a flick of her head.

    “Take the cuffs off me,” she asked. I quickly released her, and helped her off her machine. Her skin felt hot to the touch, and she slumped to the floor.

    I moved back behind Beth, and I reached around her to pinch her extended nipples as she was fucking Angel. It wasn’t long before Angel was cumming like crazy, and Beth didn’t slow down one bit, driving it home during Angel’s entire orgasm.

    Eventually, Beth eased out of her, and Angel collapsed, spent, breathing deeply. I knelt down before Beth, twirled, and got on all fours, ass high. In seconds she was behind me, fucking me as she fucked Angel. Her dildo felt so good inside me, and I closed my eyes to feel the impending orgasm. Suddenly I felt two globes of flesh in my face, and I looked up to see Carla’s huge titties staring me in the face. Instinctively I began to lick them, coating them in my saliva, sucking her nipples, begging her to mash her breasts into my face. When I came, I groaned into them, pleasing both Carla and Beth. I then eased to the floor, breathing, panting, and resting.

    The evening coursed on and on, ten women, with five sybians, experiencing intense pleasure. It was five in the morning, and Beth and I were the only ones left, along with Amy and Angel. We proceeded to go upstairs to Angel’s bedroom, all of us still totally nude, and totally wet.

    She invited Beth and I to lay back on her bed, and in seconds Amy was slithering between my legs, and Angel between Beth’s. Beth and I kissed deeply as the two lovely women began to make love to our pussies. For at least thirty minutes Beth and I rocked from orgasm to orgasm, kissing and fondling each other and Angel and Amy stayed locked between our thighs. Finally, I could take it no longer, and I rolled off the bed, watching as Angel and Amy layed between Beth’s spread legs, bringing her off over and over again.

    Finally, we left Angel’s house at dawn. We would clearly return soon enough.
    A picture is a poem without words. - Horace

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    She must be a doctor or something, those things are pricey!!

    do you like them... have you ever tried? sounds like fun and hands never get tired...

    I liked the tickling a lot but... forget to remember that... >.> mmm

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