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    What about a gallery for our winning images, AND a gallery to show images made with our prizes? Seems to me if you want to show your appreciation to the sponsors, we should be posting images made with our prizes. But that's just my thoughts on it.

    Yeah, that's me, the smooth talker

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    Quote Originally Posted by sidherose View Post
    Isn't this gallery for images using the products we got from the sponsors for winning, and not our winning images?
    That is my understanding too, well at least what I thought it was for.

    The winning images stay in the gallery where they were originally posted and won.

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    Okay. My mistake. Should I take them down then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotsprincess View Post
    I don't know why Tindomerel posted a link to one of mine. .

    witch one does you mean? I´ve postet the links to my Facenbook-Gallery, my Renderosity-Gallerie and my Devi-Gallery...

    [quote=And someone get Tindomerel posting their own artwork in the galleries[/Quote]

    I´ve only my own Pics in my Gallery... I´m irretatet

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    me smoothhead too lol.yeah a special gallery to show what we made with the prizes would be fun

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    Link shows white page.


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