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    No, I understand! Thank you for the clarification, I am compiling THE LIST of ALL LISTS! I would not have thought that the number of entrants was small but I guess I have no basis of comparison. It is kind of people who would usually enter tocontact you to apologize! Makes me wonder what it would have been like if there were more entrants because I thought it was a pretty great collection of art as is. The list system is good too, for the sake of some of the big prizes being given out- really want to make sure those end up in the hands of those who will use them best. There is one program-shooter I think it is-that looks awesome, but unfortunately I would never use it as I don't have a way to shoot movies. I think it is an awesome way to do things and I thank the folks who take the extra time to be so considerate.

    So far I am up to prize 51. Anyone else struggling to put their preferences in order?!?

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    my arm's not working... this is going to take me some time

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    I'm working Palladium Books Booth at GenCon in Indianapolis (I live in Missouri). I do have the day off my day job on Monday, so I'll try to have my list in by mid-afternoon then.

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    I`m finishing it and sending it in a moment! Thanks!

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    Thank you - My hubby (renecyberdoc) made also a list for me - Smile & have a nice Sunday!

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    It IS really hard to make a list when prizegivers are SO generous. I got the top few done OK, but then panicked a bit and just sent it in although I eliminated things Ive got already or folks I've already won things from recently. Basically I feel privileged to win anything at all - and would also like to say thanks to Lady Littlefox for the entrants prize too :-)

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    I also got a bit lazy, and sorted 20 top priority ones, the rest only so-so sorted Posted just now.


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