As you guys know, I am working on a campaign to get my mother a new tombstone. I have opted for a black marble monument with a laser etched image. Now, I need the image.

Here's what I envision.

This will be a Christian image and it's got to be special. My longtime friends here can tell you how devastated I was by the death of my mother and the circumstances that caused it. I've dealt with an immense sense of guilt and have always thought that those responsible for the medical negligence that caused her death should at least pay for a beautiful headstone. Well, they aren't so I have to do this myself.

I envision an image where Christ is walking with his back to the viewer holding the hand of a little girl. The little girl represents my mother reborn when she was happier and as the child I could never know. Jesus is the standard bearded figure with the long flowing robe. The little girl I envision something like this
The little girl stands to Christs right (his right not ours) holding his hand with one hand and balloons in the other.

In front of them, we see the skies have opened up after rain has fallen shedding tears from Heaven. We see light which looks like stairways pouring through the openings in the clouds and one of them is forming before the two figures and taking the form of a staircase for them to walk on. Coming down with it are winged angels who I envision being a bit more exposed with a cloth wrapping around their bodies. The scene has to be somewhat complete with a ground plane and trees / mountains in the distance... maybe a few deer or other animals watching what's happening.

I was looking for a Jesus figure and found a few things

Don't want a cross though. They say it has a crown of thorns... may not want that but still, it's there.

Some items here

Found this for a possible angel dress??

If you guys can find more items like hair and beard, this could come out nice. The people who will make the stone might draw it out to be more realistic but they need a good image to work with.

Who knows, it might turn out to be someones best image since I can't recall anyone doing anything like this.

That's just a pose but it shows what can be done if the right items are located.

Thank you in advance to anyone taking this on. Several of you try if you will as this will be a very important image. If our campaign is successful, and if there is anything left over, I will gladly pay for the art used.