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    Rendering 300 dpi in Daz Studio

    Can I do that and if where is the settings in DC 4.9

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    DPI in DAZ requires a bit of math because DAZ isn't geared toward print and DPI is print specific.

    If your goal is a 5 x 8 inch print at 300 DPI then you should set the pixel dimensions under render settings to 1500 x 2400. Basically, you multiply the size in inches by the desired DPI and render. Then you go into photoshop/gimp and create a blank canvas/image that meets your requirements. Open your render seperately, copy it and then paste it into the new image/canvas.

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    Thanks and I was affraid of that was the resolution. It requires really big renders to make a A2 print.

    But right now my problem is that I just cant render anything in DazStudio.
    It just crash my computer. Sometis in the start of a render and sometimes when nearly finish.
    Am I lucky i can do a single figure. Wonder how you all do make it work.

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    Take a look at your settings as there should be something there that shows the compatibility of your machine and the software. Also try rendering in 3Dlight instead of iRay, as this could be causing problems. If all else fails, list your specs of the computer with the version of the software you're using.

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    NViada GeForce GTX 750Ti, driver 358.91

    That should be okay. My Poser renders fine and Photoshop runs fine.
    The only thing is that DazStudio that not works fine (4.9)

    And I had tryed 3DLight and that is the same.

    Can't do a complex scene.

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    You should be able to. Have you changed any of the render settings? If so, the first thing I'd do is, in the Render Settings Tab, with it changed to 3Delight, hit the Default button. Try rendering something simple like, a basic genesis figure or an easy prop.

    After it crashes, if it crashes, open DAZ and go to Help > Troubleshooting > View Log File. Go to the bottom, there might be an error related to the crash. Copy and paste the last couple pages from the log.

    Have you checked to make sure your video drivers are current?

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    Yes I had updated my videodriver yesterday and I can render a basic figure but not a whole scene.

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    Okay I tryed to hit the default butten as you said and
    now I had done my first scene render in DazStudio.

    Just cross my fingers that it will work now.

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    Well mabey not to complex

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    I would save the crash report/log and send it to DAZ support with as much information as possible. It`s weird, because I have far lower specs than you and I don`t experience crashes. Probably not related since you say you experience the same with 3Delight, but have you tried disabling GPU in the Iray settings and using only CPU?


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