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    Vlad Dracul ~ Lord Magistrate

    Shades of Crimson Night

    “How blessed are some people, whose lives have no fears, no dreads; to whom sleep is a blessing that comes nightly, and brings nothing but sweet dreams. Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!”

    Vlad Dracula, a man born into a world tearing itself apart from within even as he might be said to have torn himself from his mothers womb. His father was Prince Vladislaus Basarab II Voivode of Wallachia and his mother, Princess Vasilisa Cneajna Maria Muşat of Moldavia (aka Mavrovlachia or Black Wallachia). His father had been born into the House of Basarab as the illegitimate son of Mircea I and Musatei cel Rău (Margareta the Evil, Mother Darque). Musatei would assume the form of Cneajna to lay with her son and then, somehow, placed the child they had conceived within Cneajna's body. Why she had done this thing would not at first be clear as she was an enigma, a goddess living among men and who was mysterious in all things which she had done.

    His eldest legitimate son Mircea II was born in 1428 and the first to bear the sobriquet of Dracula in 1431 when he and his father became initiated into the Order of the Dragon. It was during the ritual that she gave birth to Vlad III and baptized by his mother while still connected to her by his birth cord. Only then would the younger Dracula be cut from his mother and given to Mother Darque to serve as his wet nurse as she had done for generations of his family. While both of his sons were called Dracula meaning "son of the dragon", it could also mean "little dragon" and was applied moreso to the younger Vlad. Training with his older brother from an early age in the arts of combat, Dracula would injure his opponents and kill his first man at the age of six. When nothing was done to punish him and he was told it was only a peasant that he had slain, it would have an impact upon him that would last for the rest of his life.


    Even his family was not immune to the boy's cruelty and violent tendencies as his father and brother had various scars from sparring against him. His father was more worried about Dracula's habits of torturing animals knowing that soon, animals would not be enough to satisfy his lusts to inflict suffering. He would not emerge unscathed for these transgressions as his handlers treated him severely often leaving his back torn and bleeding with by his fathers orders. Mother Darque would always be there to comfort and nurse him from her bosom even as she licked the blood from the wounds upon his back. While Mircea II was his fathers chosen successor, she could sense the essence of a god within Dracula and the souls of demons encircling him waiting to do his bidding. There was also a more ancient soul within Dracula and he would speak of past lives which Mother Darque knew to be true as he could never lie to her without her knowing.

    During the chaos of the times, his father changed allegiances playing the Ottomans against the Hungarians based on whichever side was the greater threat. His divided loyalties would often have disastrous consequences including his capture by the Ottomans in 1442 forcing him to leave his youngest sons Vlad III and Radu III the Fair as hostages to win his release. Sultan Murad II would favor the young Dracula as Vlad excelled in all things set before him. Murads own son, Mehmed II, was a homosexual who raped Radu and made of him a male concubine which met with his fathers disapproval so that Dracula became a surrogate son in many ways. It would be arranged that the two young men would be returned to their family and their second cousin Vladislav II was entrusted to oversee Dracula's rise to power replacing his father.


    Vladislav II betrayed Murad II and formed an alliance with John Hunyadi to kill the entire family of Vlad II Dracul. The House of Dănești was a rival family to the House of Drăculești and Vladislav II sought to regain rule on their behalf. Mother Darque would help Dracula and Radu III to escape and flee back to the Ottomans where they would learn their families fate. Their older brother Mircea II had been buried alive with his eyes burned out with red hot pokers. His father had been torn apart and devoured by dogs. Not even his mother would be spared as Cneajna was thrown to the Hungarian troops where she was ravaged to death. Dracula would return to Wallachia at the head of an Ottoman army bent on revenge and while his first rule would last only a few months, thousands would die as he exterminated anyone he found had betrayed his family.

    Forced into flight, Dracula sold his services as a mercenary in Moldavia and Hungary where his hatred for the new Sultan Mehmed II led to new alliances and even reconciliation with John Hunyadi. Constantinople had fallen to the Turks and Hunyadi needed people who understood how these Ottomans thought which elevated Dracula as leader of a Hungarian army that invaded Wallachia. Dracula defeated Vladislav II in battle and had him impaled with those who were closest to him as he began his second rule of Wallachia and his longest. His mother Cneajna had been resurrected from death as Nesuferitu because she had been Reverend Mother of the Brotherhood of Blood and a member of the Dipsioi (the thirsty dead).


    Dracula began a purge which included burning peasants and the disabled alive who desired for him to "take away their problems" before having over 600 of boyars impaled along with their families for betraying his family. He then focused on the wealthy who objected by literally working them to death wearing through their clothes bleeding to death and eating the flesh of those who died before them. It was said that during his rule, there was no crime as all criminals knew what fate awaited them and there was no poverty as all worked to provide for themselves or they were eliminated. In many ways, his reign was constructive as it unified the many peoples and cultures into one. Through his cruelty, anyone who chose a different path than the one he set before them would be dealt with most harshly. For the poor and disabled, there was no expectation of any aid nor could they beg so that when work was put before them... they did it or they died!

    Dracula now worshiped the ancient God of Blood Dumnezeu de Sânge to which his mother served as Reverend Mother having newly risen from the grave as a Thrāike. Dracula would also take his place as leader within the Order of the Dragon by day and assumed the title "Lord of Vampires" by night commanding an army of the living dead as if Hell itself were on his side. To others, he was the Black Prince and rightful heir to the legendary founder of Wallachia Radu Negru. As long as he concealed his worship of Dumnezeu de Sânge from the greater powers within the Christian and Islamic worlds, he was safe to rule over his kingdom as he saw fit. But word was spreading about him and his devotion to the dark ways of the ancients even as his cruelty made enemies seeking allies from foreign lands. Yet, his people felt safer under his rule and a sense of ethnic unity and being one peoples which would lead them to favor him.


    Dracula had also begun to envision himself as the rightful heir of the God of Blood under his guise as the war god Thrâx making him also heir to Sabazios a god of slaughter and Karabazmos god of death. Musatei had even gifted to him a manica allowing him to summon a spear of power while mounted on horseback. Dracula might have seemed invincible had not he still retained the capacity of all mortals to know love. He would find this in the form of a beautiful woman named Alina whom he would take as his wife and begin to settle down as a ruler rather than as the conqueror he was meant to be. Alina was an illegitimate daughter of John Hunyadi making the pairing fortuitous in some ways as it gave Dracula an indirect claim to the Hungarian throne. But she seemed to weaken Dracula and Musatei dared not to defy Dracula as to what he desired even should it prove his undoing!

    His hunger for this woman was somehow connected to the ancient soul she had sensed within him at the moment of his birth and now, his enemies would capitalize upon his growing weakness. Mehmet II now chose to personally lead the war against Dracula and without him to lead them, Dracula's forces began to fall back on all fronts. When Dracula did venture forth to lead his armies, they would win and inflict devastation upon the Turks only to somehow seem more diminished with each passing day. His troops followed his orders to leave a scorched earth wherever they fell back so as to leave the Ottoman armies nothing from which to resupply themselves. Dracula released murderers and the diseased to infiltrate the Ottoman troops to kill as many of them as possible while impaling all Ottomans he encountered along the way to create even greater fear among his enemy.


    On June 17, 1462., Dracula's troops attacked at night pushing within inches of the Sultans tent before being forced into retreat. Prisoners taken by Mehmed refused to speak even as they were tortured and even cut in half filling Mehmed with fear as he knew these men feared Dracula more than they feared anything the Ottomans might do to them. As the Ottoman armies finally made their way to Dracula's fortifications at Târgoviște, Alina gave him her blessings to wage all out war against them and to summon the power of whatever gods he deemed worthy to aid him. But, this would prove yet another deception by Mucatei as Dracula was now weakened enough for her to mask herself in his presence and when he departed for battle, she would hurl Alina from the top of the castle into the Ialomița River.

    Dracula would be told that a Turkish archer had fired an arrow into a window which contained a message that he had been slain in battle. Upon hearing of this, Alina had thrown herself to her death and Dracula was driven to madness from his grief. He would have over twenty thousand prisoners impaled to great Mehmet II when his forces finally penetrated Draculas defenses to find only ruin and devastation. Seeing the horror which lay before him, Mehmet II retreated leaving Draculas brother Radu and his army to complete the task before them to place Radu II upon the throne of Wallachia. Now embracing the name given to him by his enemies, Vlad the Impaler was everything that had been promised to his people in a messiah... he had become the living embodiment of the God of Slaughter!


    Dracula would win battle after battle against his brother only to have his own scorched earth policies deprive his armies of the supplies they needed and gradually lost the war of attrition as Radu simply overwhelmed him. He would be forced to seek aid in the Hungarian court of Matthias Corvinus where he would be arrested and imprisoned instead. Because Dracula was viewed as a hero and destroyer of the Ottomans, Corvinus could not kill him without turning all of Christian Europe against him. Gaining certain liberties, Vlad proved he could also be a charmer as he won the heart of the kings cousin Jusztina Szilágyi de Horogszeg and would eventually win release to serve as a mercenary in 1475 until retaking Wallachia the following year. Dracula would rule for less than a year as his Hungarian allies were called away and a vast Ottoman army came against him.

    With fewer than 4,000 men, Vlad summoned all the powers at his disposal. He would undergo the final transition into vampirism and summon the undead to again serve him even as their own numbers had been depleted by an army of vampire hunters. While greatly outnumbered, his army killed several Turks for each of them who had fallen. Fearing Vlad might once more find a way to defeat his enemies, he would be betrayed by a group of boyars willing to risk their own souls to dabble in the occult to stop him. Before his loyal Moldavian bodyguard could rally around him to protect him against the Turks now massing around him, the boyars struck causing Draculas senses to betray him.


    To cause his apparent death, they would attack him directly with silver blades and impale him with a wooden stake formed from hawthorn which was merged with parasitic mistletoe. It would penetrate his heart causing paralysis leaving him appearing dead when his bodyguard finally found him and killed the boyars who had betrayed him. Without Dracula to lead them, his troops scattered into the surrounding countryside leaving behind Draculas body to the victorious Turks who cut it into pieces. They would behead him and sent the head back to Mehmet II not understanding that the story of Dracula was not ending... it was only beginning! When the head of Vlad Țepeș arrived in the Sultans court, it would be as if a shadow of evil had descended upon the royal court.

    Dracula had also been a member of the Societatea Rose Negru (Black Rose Society) serving also as a member of the Black Zodiac as the Red Dragon. Musatei had also held this position and had arranged for him to take her place to learn the secrets she had learned and which he could only teach himself within their number. It was while as a member of the Black Rose Society that he had learned to separate certain aspects of his soul based upon ancient Egyptian concepts. This process was why his Ib (Heart) had become vulnerable to Alina's love that part of his soul would be removed to be separate and apart. This Unholy element was the ancient part of his soul that Musatei had sensed but never understood, a mystery the goddess of mysteries could never unravel. It survived within Dracula's head and would become a blight upon the Sultans court until it was returned to be buried with the rest of his body.

    Lord of Vampires

    As a member of the Unholy, this incarnation of Dracula cannot be truly slain as he belongs to a supernatural order of reincarnates who can never truly die. Before learning this about themselves, such souls can perish as any other living being might. The difference is that these beings reincarnate in an endless cycle until learning the truth about themselves. In this case, Dracula was drawn to Alina because she too was a member of the Unholy who had not learned what she was. She had been deeply in love with Dracula during a past existence and he with her. Thus, a driving force in Dracula's life is to find his eternal love in whatever form she might now possess. A dominant trait of this version of Dracula is that he is a creature of lust driven by violence and to rule the world as it is rather than to revive a past that is little more than the dust of ages best forgotten.

    Vlad Dracul was aware of his doppelgängers continued existence within the World of Man as word came to him from others who arrived within his lands after he had arrived in Sakkara. He would consider this creature as a son using the name Dracula to describe him as he was even becoming a legend within Sakkara itself. This aspect of Dracula's soul would survive and re-emerge from time to time through the bloodline of the House of Drăculești and those related to it. As the Lord of Vampires, Dracula would survive as an immortal having taken the form of a doppelgänger who brings misfortune and death to the living person he duplicates in order to take possession of their body and make it his own. The curse of vampirism passes with him as do vampiric vulnerabilities although not to the same degree as others. Unlike the Thraikes from which he descends, the Lord of Vampires has drawn into himself the curse of different breeds of vampire by preying upon them as well.

    Vlad Dracul

    Separated from the more ancient part of his soul, the second incarnation of Dracula would find himself alone standing above what remained of his body after his head had been removed from it. He now felt different, he somehow felt like an ancient burden had been removed from him that had lain dormant within him. Dracula would not even feel the rain that poured from the heavens nor could he feel the flesh of his mortal remains... but the blood, this he could feel and drew into himself becoming reborn as a wraith. He remembered how Christians had betrayed him and how Turks had finished what they had begun... and a familiar hatred would again make itself known within him. Leaving his body to rot in the swamp where it had fallen, Dracula would begin to wander until again being drawn to the woman who had given him birth.

    Mucatei knew he was there, she had sensed him before he had even found his way back into her presence. Speaking to Dracula and forcing him to manifest before her, she would explain to him how she had been wrong about him. His fate was never to be ruler on this world as that fate was to belong to another yet to be revealed. It was then that she silently moved her arm from behind her to reveal a bleeding rose and to smell its fragrant aroma as she teased him still loving him as her son. The fate of Dracula was not to be present upon this world as he was meant for far grander things in a world she once had visited and to which he was now to rule! She would also introduce him to a young maiden whom Musatei named as Margareta Alexandra Drăculești, her heir and the one who was to make this journey with him as his wife.


    Neither would he be known as Dracula as he was no longer the "Son of the Dragon", he was now the dragon himself... and the devil as well should any wish to interpret it as such. When they arrived within the Worlds of Shadow, Vlad found himself almost immediately thrust back into the field of battle. This was not the World of Man upon which he was born. This was a world unknown to him where the supernatural prevailed upon the natural and where creatures known to him from myth and legend were everyday reality. This was Sakkara, the World of Vampires and he could now sense his destiny far more clearly than on the world where creatures such as himself hid by day and fed by night. Others became drawn to Dracula almost immediately and should they make the mistake of seeing him as prey rather than predator, he was eager to help them learn the error of their ways.

    In the wars he now found himself caught up within, Dracula was quick to learn his surroundings and where his doppelgänger in the World of Man cared little for the lessons of history, Vlad Dracul wished to learn everything about it that he could! He was not a bloodthirsty conqueror as Vlad Dracul was a thinking man, a man who came to rule using his mind as much as using the powers at his disposal. Somehow, his doppelgänger being removed from him also removed his impulsiveness and impetuous behavior where his cunning and calculating mind never reached its potential. On this world, he would cut a bloody swath defeating army after army that came against him and then, picking up the pieces to make his own armies all the more powerful.


    When he finally made his way to the Queen of Blood herself who ruled over the land into which he had flung himself, he found that she too was aware he was a man of destiny... and that destiny was to rule over this world as its Lord Magistrate! She would step aside in his favor so that he would now lead her armies as his own. He now focused his efforts northward into the lands of the Midnight Suns where vampires feared to tread. There, among its peoples, existed a being calling himself Lord Magistrate over an Imperial House which Dracul saw as inferior to his own. The ruler over these lands was a god-like creature called Kurse and where Dracul sought to become ruler over the entire world of Sakkara, Kurse had once held that position for thousands of years before his own lust for power proved his undoing.

    Dracul understood that the only way to succeed would be to form alliances with mortals within the lands of Ancient Sakkara and to break the allegiance of those who accepted Kurse's rule above them. Finding inventive ways to establish an elite order of vampires capable of surviving the three suns of the north would also prove necessary as their strength would be needed against the power of his adversary. When he finally fought his way into the Imperial House of Kurse, Dracul would break the behemoth and bow him down before draining him dry! By defeating Kurse and casting his soul into death, his Imperial House became broken as well and would fully restore the Imperial House of Eternity which would be renamed as the Imperial House of Reigning Blood.


    Vlad would immediately begin a campaign to convert all who dwelled in his personal dominion to the culture and language of his own native peoples. He would seek out peoples of Thracian and Romanian blood who might already possess traces of these traits giving them preference should they relearn their past ways to become teachers and educators. Whether they were human or something else mattered not to Vlad Dracul as all he cared about was that they worked and cared for their own needs so as to not be a burden as even a man with no legs still possessed two hands. Those who opposed him would find that Vlad the Impaler was not a name meant to create fear and demand obedience as it was a name well earned and passed down through the House of Drăculești to the inferior House of Țepeș whose members often served as executioners and assassins.

    Within the fully restored Imperial House of Reigning Blood, there exists another world whose lands Vlad would call Mavrovlachia (Black Wallachia) to honor his forbearers. He would choose a separate land beyond its walls to bear the name Wallachia to honor the memory of his people and to preserve its name should his Imperial House ever be destroyed. He would also name his new castle fortifications Țara Românească to further such honors to respect his peoples while naming its central building Castle Dracula possibly because he was aware of his name passing into legend on the World of Men. Vlad would even prove himself a worthy husband as Margareta Alexandra Drăculești was well chosen as she was as depraved as he himself could be. Calling herself the Black Princess, Margareta cared little for his eccentricities as she more often participated in them and teased him with how they were related beyond marriage although neither of them would speak it aloud.

    The Impaled God

    Upon entering this world, Vlad Dracul would hear rumors of a Great Beast who was bound and impaled upon a golden stalagmite. He was intrigued by the stories as Mucatei had mentioned such a creature from the time she had existed upon this world and the Grimoire Dragonului Roșu he had once possessed within the Black Rose Society mentioned him as well. What intrigued him most was that this creature was described as the wellspring from which the blood of all true vampires sprang. It was the first of its kind and had existed even before the universe itself was born. If such a creature as this existed, Vlad Dracul would find him and this is what led him to seek conflict with the Queen of Blood as she held the knowledge he needed to possess.

    First, he would engage the avatar of the Great Beast as if he was to have his way with the greater of two evils... he would first have to deal with the lesser. The creature was called Apep and it would take all the power at his disposal to defeat the enormous golden serpent. As Lord Magistrate, his powers had grown exponentially and he had discovered powers he had never known within the World of Man because they had remained hidden within him. His rebirth within this world had awakened the power of gods and demons within him so that he now realized that he was the reincarnation of Thrâx.. After defeating Apep, Vlad now found his way deep within this world's darkest recesses and it was here that he discovered the wellspring of all vampiric bloodlines... and then drank his fill until he could drink no more from the veins of the Great Beast.

    Personal Datastream

    Real Name ~ Vladislaus Basarab III
    Race / Ethnicity ~ Vlach; Caucasian ~ Gender Male
    Date of Birth ~ November 1rst 1431
    Place of Birth ~ Sighişoara, Transylvania
    Hair ~ black - Eyes ~ Dark Greenish / Hazel
    Height ~ 6ft 1in / Body Type ~ Muscular
    Classification ~ Vampire
    Legal Status ~ Ruler of Țara Românească, Mass Murderer
    Occupation ~ Ruler of the Imperial House of Reigning Blood
    Group Affiliation ~ Order of the Dragon, the Unholy
    Marital Status ~ Married / Polygamist
    Citizenship ~ Romania
    Relatives ~ Vladislav Basarab II (Father), Princess Cneajna of Moldavia (Mother), Mihnea cel Rău (Son)

    Known Aliases ~ Vlad Dracul, Vlad Țepeș, Vlad the Impaler, Kazikli Bey, Vladislav cel Rau, Dracula, the Black Prince, Lord of Vampires

    Titles ~ Prince and Voivode of Mavrovlachia; Lord Magistrate of Sakkara

    Powers & Weaknesses

    Strength Level ~ Class 6 Superhuman
    Sunlight / Fire ~ Burns but does not destroy
    Endurance ~ Class 10 Superhuman
    Acid ~ Sometimes called "Holy Water"
    Healing ~ Class 8 Superhuman
    Healing Power ~ Weakens him until completed
    Enhanced senses ~ Class 9 Superhuman
    Garlic ~ Creates conflict with healing powers
    Speed ~ Class 4 Superhuman

    Elemental Powers ~ Class 3 Superhuman ability to alter weather patterns, minor storms; ability to manipulate fire

    Zoomorphic Attributes

    Ability to fly by shapeshifting into bats

    Has a bats ability to use echo location to see what his eyes cannot see

    Dominion over all the creatures of the night and the ability not only to command, but to see and act through them.

    His senses of smell, hearing and sight are like those of a wolf

    Teleportation by changing places with other creatures he controls

    Weapons & Objects

    The Golden Shield of Thrace, an indestructible half moon shaped shield once held by the God of War; Thrax.

    The Sword of Bistonia, a powerful sica-like sword once possessed by Biston, a son of Thrax.

    Crimson Claws; gauntlets worn by Dracula made from bloodstone with the right one extending up the arm as a full manica

    Spear of Destiny, the spear wielded by Thrax while on horseback. Used for impaling victims and can generate powerful shockwaves when it strikes a solid object. Within it exists the Staff of Zibelthiurdos used to control storms and create lightning which is red in color.

    Eater of Souls, a medallion from which a small skull transitions forth to absorbe the souls of those Dracula wishes to either preserve or whose life energies he wishes to steal.

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