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    Lupa Accalia: Wolf Gods

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    Lupa Accalia was born Acca Larentia as one of a set of triplets. Their parents were the war god Vīspater (violent father) and the fertility goddess Lupa, from which she gains her name. Lupa had fled to give birth to her children as their father intended to devour them to renew his own strength and vitality. Her twin brothers Quirinus and Eretmon were identical where she was a fraternal triplet. The differences would not end there as she was a pale-skinned human while her brothers were dark-haired wolves. Lupa would be protective of her children which was a trait passed on to Eretmon as he became protective of his weak "lil sister' while their brother Quirinus had taken after their father and tried to devour her. The attack would leave Acca Larentia scarred forcing their mother to chase Quirinus away to prevent her sons from killing one another and then, she lovingly nursed her daughter back to health.

    Acca Larentia would suffer from personality disorders stemming from her brothers attack and where her brothers were opposites of one another, she would often just seem lost. It is for this reason that she adopted the pseudonym Necuno meaning nobody and proved open-minded to all things rather than bound by single-minded purposes like most gods. Her ever-protective brother Eretmon had become the God of Rivers and Waterways leading her to rename him Rīvōirpus (the "river wolf") and it was he who gave her the name Lupa Accalia as an expression of their mothers beauty. As they grew older, Lupa Accalia gained the ability to become a wolf and Rīvōirpus gained the ability to take on a human shape. They were, however, unable to transform at the same time and could only be the same when they assumed the form of a Lycan, something in-between rather than one or the other.


    Quirinus would completely abandon his wolf form choosing to live as the "wielder of the oaken spear", the God of Conquest and Destruction. Rīvōirpus would also become a god of war, but a God of Protection & Peace where his lil sister became a Goddess of Passion. As time progressed, the war between her brothers became more intensified until they killed one another and became resurrected by their loving mother as the god Portunus. The cost of this act would be tremendous as it cost both her and her then husband (not Vispater) their godhood even if they retained their immortality to live among mortals. To her daughter, Lupa bestowed the power to surround herself with a raging blizzard in the form of an enormous spirit-wolf to protect herself now that her brother Rīvōirpus was no longer present to protect her. The "seeds" of her brothers separate souls would later be planted within the demi-gods Romulus and Remus; and Portunus became better known as Janus.

    Lupa Accalia would now begin a life as a wanderer seemingly more lost than ever before and identifying even more as Necuno so as to deny her true identity even to herself. She became a seductress who became known as Goddess of the Dance who perfected various dancing styles to enthrall and seduce those who beheld her. Her audience would most often be mortals for which she held a strong affinity and to which she also became known as a Goddess of Lust & Revelry as well as Goddess of Vengeance & Retribution. These were traits inherited from her parents with the latter traits being more from her father. Accalia possessed the ability to make others open up and to reveal their innermost secrets while watching her dance. When they revealed their darkest secrets to her, she might feel pity of admiration for some but then devour the truly evil whose crimes were exceptionally cruel.


    Where she was seen as a goddess of lust, she would not be seen as a goddess of debauchery and she was a younger version of her own mother whose ways were more related to fertility than debasing herself. It was for this reason that Lupa Accalia would maintain a level of respect and dignity most often afforded to matrons and virgin goddesses. She was also known as a Goddess of Death because of her reputation as an avenger of the innocent and a Goddess of Spirits because she could see and communicate with the dead. Accalia thus became known as an oracle and spirit-talker even briefly being able to help meet spirits of the dead with their living survivors and loved ones. She could even communicate with demons and with gods from which to learn secrets or to gain powers as a sorceress beyond the powers she already possessed. As a Goddess of Fate, Accalia would marry a God of Luck named Faustus and aquired the "kiss of good fortune" for any she believed were due good things.

    Where her brothers had been black-haired wolves like their father, Accalia was a white-haired wolf like her mother. It was for this reason that she gained the additional name of Lupus Alba, a name she began using for herself among mortals rather than referring to herself as Necuno or Nemo when she did not wish them to know her true name. Accalia had become a goddess of many names and many attributes so that even those who knew her best could not possibly know everything there was to know about her. Her husband proved equally as enigmatic because luck was a fickle thing even if it might be more of a singleminded pursuit and addictive in nature. When the new pantheon began to take form with the arrival of the All-Father Vánagandr, the two would adopt the identities of Nemo and Necuno choosing to be identified as nobody and to be worshiped by others who feel the same to which they try to provide purpose.

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