Skinwalkers are a type of werewolf created thousands of years ago among the peoples of ancient Siberia. These peoples hunted with wolves, wore their skins and some came to believe they were wolves themselves. Then came a sorcerer from the World of Shadows who had found his way to the World of Men and became ruler over a tribe of primitive humans. The sorcerer sought out witches and shamans to teach his secrets to in order to expand his influence and increase his following. He would also pass on his curse as he was a werewolf and those he trusted most were forced to become members of his pack. Teaching them how to shapeshift into wolves and other creatures, the first Skinwalkers were powerful entities and most became corrupted by their evil desires. Those desires ultimately led them to kill the sorcerer who had given them his knowledge because he used that knowledge to control them and they did not want to serve anyone but themselves.

These early Skinwalkers sought to free themselves from their curse as the particular breed of werewolf they had been made part of was an uncontrollable beast. They would commit horrific atrocities leading to human hunters pursuing and destroying them until they found a way to control their violent side. Skinwalkers would achieve this by altering their curse so that they became transformed into wolves rather than werewolves and they would live as wolves being only a threat to farm animals. They passed this unique variation of their curse on to their offspring teaching them how to transform into other creatures until the old ways became forgotten. Should they encounter a werewolf, they are capable of assuming a form similar to werewolves by biting and otherwise tasting the werewolves flesh or blood. While in this form, they tend to be a bit awkward until their rage increases enough that the beast takes control to unleash its fury upon an adversary.
Spirit of the Wolf


Like werewolves, Skinwalkers are affected by the Moon and lunar cycles. They are forced to transform during a full moon but have learned to prevent this by wearing enchanted silver objects. There are side effects to doing this as they are far more prone to violence and their sexual appetites become insatiable. They do not have to remove their clothes to bring about this change because the transition is one of flesh to energy and back to flesh again. However, they cannot transform their clothing so they will be nude when they restore themselves to their human form. They can control this ability to become wolves with effort and change at any time but can maintain this form only briefly. The exertion leaves them exhausted and even on the brink of death which often leads to autopsies or burials which they survive. Only if they are cremated will this breed of werewolf be slain if mistaken for dead but a silver bullet or object to the heart will kill them just the same.

When they found their way back into the Worlds of Shadow, they would spread across all the worlds but become most numerous on Vaalbara. Unlike others, Skinwalkers tend to live to themselves or in small groups choosing assimilation and concealment as a survival trait. Most intermarry with people who may never learn of their secret. Most seek out partners they learn they can trust to keep their curse silent and repay them with fidelity and always being receptive to their partners' needs. They are happiest to live in isolation in rural areas as Skinwalkers do not mix well with others and have difficulty living among great throngs of people. Skinwalkers might be said to have anxiety issues which is a result of the social structure they have in their lives from early childhood. Almost all Skinwalkers are born with their curse. The means to transform others into Skinwalkers still exist as Skinwalkers possess an inherited genetic memory if they can only unlock it with trigger mechanisms unknown to them.