Within the World of Elderon, there exists a land ruled over by monstrous creatures known as Beastmen. Their origin lay in ancient times with a war between two Elder Gods in which one ripped the other into pieces. Animals and insects would be drawn to the remains seeking an easy meal or which lay beneath where soils became saturated with its blood. When the first rain fell upon the remains and the things which were attracted to consume them, they began to quiver and to shake until their flesh began to rupture. Insects which had lain their eggs upon the Elder Gods flesh had seeded it setting in motion a process by which new life would be created and mutated as it pulled itself free. These were the first of the Beastmen... creatures formed from the Elder Gods flesh and blood with bones formed from its bones. Others would emerge from the creatures which had consumed its flesh and become transformed from the inside out as the rains fell upon their flesh.

Descended from an Elder God, most of these Beastmen would possess its overall humanoid shape but twisted in form and cursed by raging violence they cannot control. Others would look more like animals or insects but still be known as Beastmen because there was always something humanoid about them. They would be a race of giants varying in size and power with no two among them being the same or caring for any other. They are essentially immortal until slain and from their deaths, new Beastmen will be formed unless destroyed by fire or corrosive materials such as acid. Another way to prevent new Beastmen from being formed is to keep their remains from getting wet as it is the element of water which causes this rebirth. Dehydration is one way to weaken them as they draw their strength from water and removing it from their body takes that strength away. Placing any remains in dry places thus prevents rebirth until water is introduced to their dead flesh causing the process to begin.