It might be said that the first cyborgs were people who replaced missing hands and arms with mechanical hooks. Nothing complicated but a sign of things to come. Further advancements came with the development of bionics, a lifelike rendering of bio-electronics fashioned to mimic the functions of organic processes. The word cyborg (cybernetic organism) became prefered as a reference meaning that this was, more or less, a permanent condition of such a person.

Advances in genetics and medical science began to rival cybernetics because the end goal was to replace flesh with flesh. Whether through advanced transplantation or cloning, these processes could only go so far and were just as vulnerable or weak as the original flesh they were replacing. To further develop cybernetics, a change was necessary and that change came with a focus on augmentation rather than replacement. Where various metals and metal alloys would be preferred by many, advances in synthetics would overtake many areas of cybernetics.

Then came advancements in exo-suit technologies where an artificial skin was created that could correct infirmities or better blend biomechanical processes. The word Cybrid (cybernetic-hybrid) came into use as a definition for all the various forms of cybernetic organisms. No longer for medical health and augmentation alone, humans were also using cybernetics for adornment. It was also becoming difficult to define "life" when some cybernetic entities were born human while others were manufactured as artificial intelligence. It is from the latter that a resistance movement began where purification of flesh and genetics established the identity of "Homo-Superior" over human.

From Cyber-soldiers to Cybraxians, Automatic-Men to Automatons, Cybersapiens, Gynoids, Androids, Synthoids, Biomechanicals and Exomorphs... Cybrids by definition but not necessarily human. As Homo-Superior split off from humanity, so too would Mekanoid races whose artificial intellects despised flesh because steel was so much stronger. Humanity itself might seem lost if it weren't for the fact that it encompassed the Cybrids and the many variations which had taken root from human bloodlines.