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    How Many Have Seen Infinity War?

    At over $1.2 billion dollars in worldwide profits, it's one of the biggest movies of all time in only around two weeks scoring big and breaking records during its first weekend. Anyone who knows me knows that I used to be one of the biggest comic book geeks around until comics got too pricey and repetitive. But, one of the biggest evens of all time in comic book history was the Infinity Gauntlet story followed by Infinity War.

    I saw the movie in 3d and it was a blast from start to finish. The cg in the movie was almost flawless and extremely realistic to a point it was almost impossible to see where reality and cg diverged.

    That's not to say the movie isn't flawless as they make Thanos a lot weaker in this movie to a point the weaker heroes almost beat him when, in the original, it took the most powerful players in the universe to bring about his defeat.

    As you may already know, he wins and half of all living things disappear with the snap of a finger including most of the heroes. Yet, since we know there will be a Black Panther sequel and he's one of the heroes who went poof, they kind of gave away that this won't be permanent even though Marvel started a rumor mill that these heroes won't be back so that they can focus on other Marvel heroes.

    Is it a good movie? It's one of the best I've ever seen.

    Unlike Justice League where everyone probably thought Born to be Wild was part of the soundtrack after seeing Steppenwolf listed and came away greatly disappointed because of the lame second-rate villain when they expected Darkseid, Infinity War delivered from the very first few minutes.

    So, if you've seen it, what were your thoughts of the movie?

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    Not my kind of movie but maybe I will give it a try.


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