A construction crew set in motion events that would result in 437 murders including those of several Dark Op's agents. Digging near an ancient peat bog, the body of a bog man was revealed after being cut in half by a backhoe. Authorities were called and the remains treated like those at a crime scene until an anthropological biologist arrived to do forensic research on the remains. It was noted that the body had been cut in half and that there was still a very prominent blue snake tattoo on his chest. Arriving late, the remains were covered until further work could be done the following morning... an action that would prove to be a mistake.

When they arrived the next morning, they discovered the remains missing and everyone left at the scene overnight had been brutally murdered. During the cleanup and removal of the bodies, a mysterious belt was found that came from the same time period as the bog body and which contained objects that would have been considered precious in his time. While not seeming important at the time, the story of the bog body and the murders drew the attention of Dark Op's agent Sandra Ross who arrived to begin an investigation of her own. Upon handling the object, she learned that the bog man was a bewitched warrior who could not be slain.

He was a murderer from a royal bloodline turned against his family by powerful magic summoned by a rival tribes shaman. Having been transformed into a wraith, he set out to kill everyone in his family bloodline as it was from their sound leadership and guidance that his tribe had grown so successful. Nothing could be done to stop him as everything the tribe tried only seemed to slow him down. They even burned him into ash only to find his spirit returned as a blue snake and recreated him in a new host who absorbed that ash into himself. He was finally stopped by the creation of a magical belt imprisoning his angry spirit within his body which they then buried in the local bog.

The construction crew had freed the cursed spirit by severing his upper body above the beltline allowing him to revive under the full moons glow. Being a seer allowed Sandra Ross to gleam all of this and more as she saw him form a new lower body from plant materials. She then bore witness to every death that night until he found his lower body and tossed aside the belt as he made himself whole once more. Ross then began a manhunt as she immediately understood that the wraith would seek to fulfill its purpose to kill his bloodline of which there could now be countless thousands descended from his surviving family.

Tracking him around the world, Ross would often arrive too late to do anything more than take an accounting of those he killed for the official record. She would, however, have several encounters with him resulting in saved lives but little more. Calling him Áedán to personalize her hunt, the media called him the Blue Snake Man because of the almost glowing tattoo on his chest when surviving victims revealed details about their attacker. Only Ross had a real idea about the actual body count as she could almost see through his eyes to know who he killed.

A strange thing about this wraith was how he seemed to blend in and learn about modern peoples. While still bound by his curse, he was clearly able to think more freely than other wraiths she had encountered. He dressed in his victims clothes, used modern weapons and even tried to drive modern vehicles... rarely with much success, however, as he was a terrible driver which often gave her a sly smile because he seemed almost enthralled by automobiles.

Ross almost had him on several occasions only to lose him. Sometimes it was due to the involvement of local authorities she was not authorized to engage. In others, his would be victims successfully destroyed his physical remains before she got to them. The fact he was a supernatural creature allowed him to move in unnatural ways especially in the form of a spirit snake taking possession of new bodies he eventually transformed into his own. Sandra Ross would eventually capture him by placing the belt around his waist and securing his body by helicopter before local authorities could arrive.

His body remains held in stasis at a secret Dark Op's holding facility in Ireland.