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    PoserDirect is closing down

    After 10 years of running PoserDirect and running Sparkyworld since 2001, the hosting for PD won’t be renewed this year. So around the 19th of October 2018, Poserdirect will be closing down.

    Obviously, respecting the rules here, won’t be discussing anything commercial, there’s info on the site about that. But I can say it for a while it will affect the over 300 freebies that are stored there (it stores the ones on Sparkyworld and other 3d sites) . Over time I will be adding the freebies to other 3D/Poser sites, but that won't be a quick process

    Why ?

    We've recently had the bereavement of a close family member. Dealing with this, and increased hours as a carer, has meant I've not been able to give the site & content creation the time it (and the 3D community) deserve.

    On an artistic level, "Traditional" Poser imagery just isn't tickling my artistic funnybone anymore. Instead, when time permits, I'm getting greater pleasure when using 3D in convergence with other materials, such as 3D printing, card, clay or wood.

    Paypal and Googles (understandable) insistence on SSL is also an issue on technical and financial levels. Browsers and search engines are starting to flag websites without as insecure. Plus some hosts charge as much for the SSL certification as they do for the hosting! Many, like my current one, don’t allow the likes of services such as LetsEncrypt. Which after a funeral bill, doesn’t help.

    So grab some goodies while you can and finally thanks for using the sites over the last 17 years. Though it’s not a total goodbye, I will be still around the 3d community.

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    I am sorry to read this, because I know your site for many years. Hope you'll find the joy in artistic work and show us your work in 3 printed or what however here.
    I thank you for your nice poser items in al these years.

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    I understand all too well. But at least it's not good-bye, it's just that you're moving on to other things and moving your stuff to other sites.

    Stay well my friend

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    I grieve for your loss. As someone who is a caregiver myself at this time, I strongly empathize. If you need to talk, get in touch. I've a sympathetic ear.

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    Sorry to hear about Your Loss and i hope time helps make it easier to handle also very sorry to hear about the site closing i remember going there over 10 years ago when i first started doing 3D rendering and your stuff is super, I am however glad it isn't a total goodbye and will be looking out for appearances elsewhere, keep up the great work and be well


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