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    We Need Your Lists

    As members of DSA are aware, we do contests a bit differently in relation to prizes. Most contests you enter have set prizes for First, Second or Third and if you win, that's what you get. If you already have it or don't want the prizes you win... tough cookies. Then you have the winners trying to trade their prizes which leads them to doing that in ways that seem underhanded if its behind the scenes, or rude if it's open in the forums.

    For years, we at DSA allowed winners to trade their prizes but received negative feedback from sponsors including losing some of them. It was for this reason that we developed a new system where, instead of winning the actual prizes, you win a spot where you get first choice at the prizes you want.

    To do this requires a list of prizes in the order you want them. If you win First Place, then you obviously get the first item on your list and then we move to Second Place where they get the first remaining prize on their list and so on until we reach the final winner. Then, we start at the top with our First Place winner and go back down the list.

    However, when winners don't provide their list, this mucks the system up and causes huge delays while we wait for them to get their lists in. These delays are very irritating for our other members who provided their lists.

    We have said that you can provide your lists at any time during the month. Now, I realize members can't do this with our big contests where all the prizes may not be known to you, but the monthly contests are different as the prizes are posted in advance.

    Members who enter our competitions should consider making a list of items they would like when they post their prize entries. You can always change your mind during the course of the contest. Of course, entering doesn't mean winning and it's understandable that members want to wait and see if they win anything first.

    So, from here on out, we will have a new rule which we will be adding to our contests.

    You will have one week after contests end and are judged to get us your lists. If the list does not arrive within a week of the judging, you will receive whatever prizes we choose for you. With all the time you are given to provide a list, this seems fair. And since most contests don't give you an actual choice of what available prizes you win, you are not being made to endure anything unfair as you still win.

    But, let's face it, if you win First Place and receive the least prizes or things you already have, you're not going to be very happy. If our First Place winner does not provide a list, Second Place will get their first choice if they provided a list.

    To be fair, we will try to send notices to contest entrants reminding them to send a list. Problem there is members of staff doing this may not be aware you already sent your list for which some people get a little testy receiving such reminders.

    We want to make contests better here but there are many factors which cause delays such as our judges replying late (or not at all unfortunately) and participants not providing lists. Sponsors might be late in responding and everyone has issues like computers crashing which is why it's best if you provide your list when you enter your first entry. Logically, if you enter the contest you have access to the internet so that if your computer does crash, we'll already have your list if provided when you enter.

    We need to tighten things up a bit as the past few months have gotten out of hand and we've been exceedingly late with contests. This cannot be allowed to continue or else we lose sponsors and people following the rules will stop entering out of frustration.

    We hope you understand as we're trying to improve things where contests are concerned. But we need your cooperation on this.

    Thank You

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    Totally agree!


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