There once existed a dragon who found happiness by taking the form of a human female to live among them hidden and unseen. She was one of a clutch of ten dragons whose human father had enslaved their mother as his queen. He had hoped to pass her blood into his own children to ensure his successor would be a powerful monarch and mighty conqueror. But, there would be only one who could survive to succeed him as he intended that they fight and kill one another to prove their worth. This was not the desire of his wife and when she broke his spells upon her, she assumed her form as a dragon so that her offspring might be of her kind. She would lay her eggs and then abandon them as the dragons within held the blood of her husband who she wanted nothing more to do with.

The clutch would be found by an aged she-dragon who was well beyond her egglaying years. She would care for the eggs and then, the brood which hatched from them until they were old enough to fend for themselves. Growing to adulthood, they began fighting and killing one another until only one remained who knew something was amiss. With each death, the power of the slain passed to the survivors and he was still too weak to have inherited all the power that was his to claim. Having concealed herself too well among the humans, her brother could still sense the region where she lived. Rampaging across the lands seeking her out, her husband led a band of dragonslayers to confront him and then, to successfully kill him.


Inheriting his power, she found she could no longer conceal her true form and fled before any learned the secret she kept from them. When her husband followed after her, he already knew her secret but not that she was connected in any way to the dragon he had just slain. She had revealed herself to him when she realized he would not let her be and knew when she did, she knew one or the other might deliver a killing blow. Instead, he had accepted her and now she was pregnant with his children unable to become human ever again. Worse, pregnancy caused her hunger to become overwhelming so that she would raid the livestock of farmers leading them to hire a band of dragonslayers to stop her.

When these dragonslayers finally located her lair, her husband had prepared for them having set a series of traps that would successfully kill or incapacitate most of them. Y Ddraig Goch would know all of this because his mother had joined her husband and returned mortally wounded to her brood as they were hatching. Their first taste of flesh would be that of their mother and he was most affected by her death as he was the most intelligent. He would see beyond his own reflection in his mothers dying eyes and could see into her mind to possess the knowledge of her memories which she meant him to possess. Each of his siblings was born a different color and each would assume a human form to gain rule over lesser beings as they grew.

Y Ddraig Goch Red Dragon
Y Ddraig Aur Gold Dragon
Y Ddraig Ddu Black Dragon
Y Ddraig Gwyn White Dragon
Y Ddraig Melyn Yellow Dragon
Y Ddraig Glas Blue Dragon
Y Ddraig Gwyrdd Green Dragon
Y Ddraig Oren Orange Dragon
Y Ddraig Porffor Purple Dragon


Having inherited their grandfathers' lust to rule, the wars that followed would prove brutal as they had little care for their subjects other than they achieve victory. Becoming known as the Ddraig Rhiau (Dragon Kings), they would make war against one another. When one would fall, their power became divided among the survivors until Y Ddraig Goch emerged triumphant as the lone surviving sibling. Unlike his mother, he would embrace his legacy and felt himself becoming an almost god-like being. Yet, he was not evil even should he possess his grandfathers lust for battle and desire to conquer. He had inherited his mothers forgiving nature and sought to heal the lands which the Ddraig Rhiau had laid waste to.

While he was more forgiving and fond of the peoples his mother fell in love with, he remained harsh those who did not obey him. He was a stern ruler who approved laws that were strictly enforced and deemed fair by those he ruled. Y Ddraig Goch also held a sword, the very sword used to slay his parents which he had secured early in his life. He had transformed it to make a weapon of immeasurable power called Dinistriwr (Destroyer) by absorbing other supernatural objects. This sword became as much a part of him as any other part of his body and with it, he was becoming the most powerful of all beings in Wyvernia... if he didn't have the misfortune of existing at a time when the Black Dragon Emperor reincarnated!


His own kingdom stood in the way of the Black Dragon Emperor reclaiming his position as Lord Magistrate of Wyvernia and his ambitions to lay claim to the Imperial House. This brought the two powerful rulers into a war for Drakenoir and a powerful ally named Xīxuèguǐ Biānfú (吸血鬼蝙蝠) whose own kingdom had already been destroyed. Forced into retreat, Y Ddraig Goch thought he had escaped to a floating island only to discover the Black Dragon Emperor in pursuit and deciding to make a stand. Struck a devastating blow, Y Ddraig Goch saw Dinistriwr shattered in his hand and would then seemingly be destroyed along with the floating island he was standing upon.

But Y Ddraig Goch had not been destroyed. He had survived because Xīxuèguǐ Biānfú had successfully concealed their battered and broken bodies within the landmass itself. They would remain preserved and protected within it for an unknown period of time before being jolted from their slumber when their prison crashed into another landmass. Emerging from the devastation, they discovered themselves within an enormous crater. Using her powers over sorcery, Xīxuèguǐ Biānfú discovered this was the geographic center of the continental landmass. She also discovered that the Black Dragon Emperor had attempted to create a new Imperial House at this location because it was ideally placed.

Too weak to restore themselves, Y Ddraig Goch and Xīxuèguǐ Biānfú would devise a long-term strategy that would take thousands of years and countless lives to fulfill. Xīxuèguǐ would remove from Y Ddraig Goch a portent of power which she fashioned into nine sacred dragons eggs. Each of the eggs represented a major organ within his body and would be delivered by her to the nine emperors of Jiǔ Zhōu (九州, Nine Regions) where she gave one egg each to the emperor. When the dragon egg in their possession hatched, the emperor would become Lord Magistrate but they would first be required to provide the workers to complete the Imperial House begun by the Black Dragon Emperor.

Y Ddraig Goch, meanwhile, would rest within a secret chamber beneath the Imperial House where he would continue to heal and grow in power. When the Imperial House of Xuèlóng was completed, the Golden Egg of Jīn hatched momentarily releasing a golden dragon that became a golden sword. Jīnlóng then became the first Lord Magistrate by claiming the sword as proof he was Lord Magistrate. As he became more powerful, the power he commanded created healing energies that would fully regenerate Y Ddraig Goch's mind. When the White Egg of Bái hatched, Báilóng became the new Lord Magistrate and during the transition, the gold sword became merged with the white sword of his successor.


Nine dynasties would rule for a period lasting well over two-thousand years before revealing the secret Y Ddraig Goch and Xīxuèguǐ Biānfú which they had concealed from the peoples of An tSín. When the red Imperial Egg hatched, Y Ddraig Goch replaced Hónglóngdì of the Hóngtŭ to acquire the final sword and his claim to be Lord Magistrate. Within each of the swords was a piece of Dinistriwr and, over the millennia, each piece became reforged. The swords had bonded with each emperor and granted them their power so that they might grow and expand it before returning it to the sword. The final sword represented the heart of Y Ddraig Goch and with the sword returned to his possession, he would be made whole and more powerful than before.

Now assuming the identity of being the Red Dragon Emperor permanently, Y Ddraig Goch found himself beset with conflict. There had never been an immortal serving as Lord Magistrate and even the Hóngtŭ could not be fully trusted as he had replaced their rightful ruler. But he had prepared for this as well because he had been breeding a new race of peoples called the Mídhaonna (inhuman)from all the existing races and their loyalty was to the Lord Magistrate alone. He controlled the walls and fortifications separating the Jiǔ Zhōu, and he controlled the largest military force on An tSín. But where the Lord Magistrates of An tSín had focused inwards on their own continent, Y Ddraig Goch focused outward unto all of Wyvernia as was his right as Lord Magistrate.

For thousands of years, most of Wyvernia had been without a visible Imperial House. This had led to competing powers and some of these had created their own Imperial Houses. While some of these were built upon the ruins of former Imperial Houses, others were massive fortified cities who suddenly found the Red Dragon Emperor upon them. This would be a time of war and the Red Dragon Emperor became the symbol of that war and the violence that came with it. The Red Dragon Empress became an even greater symbol of that violence as she conducted massive levels of blood sacrifice to increase their power in a time of war. Centuries of war galvanized Wyvernia against him and an old enemy returned in the form of Jiǔ Nǚhuáng (玖女皇, Black Jade Empress).

She was a direct descendant of the true Black Dragon Emperor and where his body had been destroyed, his heart survived and was part of Jiǔ Nǚhuáng's legacy. From it, she gained great power and when she managed to get it into the Imperial House, it began absorbing power until bringing about the Black Dragon Emperors resurrection. Having stolen power from the Imperial House itself would allow him to steal away the internal world within it to a new Imperial House elsewhere in Wyvernia. The Red Dragon Emperor would find himself abandoned within his temple even as Jiǔ Nǚhuáng laid waste to the walls of the once proud Imperial House. He and his wife would escape to the capital of the Hóngtŭ and reclaim it.


The Mídhaonna would also fall soon after as it had been the power of the Imperial House which provided them the means to preserve their control. Without it, the Jiǔ Zhōu broke through the walls which divided them and fell against one another. But, the Mídhaonna successfully withdrew along the walls back to the ruins of the Imperial House where they would be joined by the Red Dragon Emperor and the Hóngtŭ. After retaking the ruins, Y Ddraig Goch ordered that the walls be repaired and that a series of fortifications be created to protect the lands he now held claim to. Allies and those subject to him in the past who accepted his rule would continue to find their way to him. These would form the new outer kingdoms who would continue their intermarriage with the Mídhaonna.

These Lóngwáng (龍王, Dragon Kings) would not claim the title of emperor as they accepted Y Ddraig Goch as the only emperor their peoples would be subject to. The Hóngtŭ Empire would continue to expand its territories until becoming the largest and most powerful on An tSín. Without the distractions of trying to rule all of Wyvernia, Y Ddraig Goch could find other ways to rule which won him support and the favor of those he ruled. He was also more able to focus on increasing his personal power, to become an actual god rather than merely being god-like. He would even submit to the authority of the Lord Magistrate and the Black Dragon Emperor in his future incarnations, so long as it did not create too much interference with his own goals and ambitions.