Rage... one if not the most powerful emotion known to the human animal. Some would say red is the color of rage. We say red is simply the consequence of rage. This months challenge is for you to create art where rage is black... a color we associate with tragedy, hate, and vengeance. How you choose to do this is up to you.

In the simplest form, maybe it's just a tombstone with words, words conveying rage in the darkest way from beyond the grave. Maybe you're a vigilante or you're bound by a vendetta. Possibly it could even be an animal as rage is not known only to humans. A hunter kills a lioness and her male companion unleashes his fury until he has the hunters head firmly within his jaws.

What to you conveys rage... but not rage in a normal sense of just being angry, you are being challenged to show us something dark buried within the rage.

Basically put, someone pissed in your cornflakes... and paybacks gonna be a bitch!


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