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    Gullveig was born among the Vanir and raised among them as a practitioner of seišr becoming a völva as she reached adulthood. She would be sent to dwell among the Ęsir as part of a peacekeeping process because their peoples began to live among one another. Arriving in the Hall of Hįrr, unknowing that she was a pawn in the mechanations of others, she unwittingly spread hate and violence among women towards their men. She resented the treatment of women among the Ęsir and taught the ways of the Vanir who valued ideals of equality among the sexes. Not understanding that the wheels of change moved slowly in such societies, she was wanton and willfull until standing accused of bewitching Óšinn himself.

    In Óšinn's absence, Freyja looked away when priests sought her permission to deal with the sorceress and they knew they had been granted leave to do as they desired. They had Gullveig impaled upon long spears and held aloft as a pyre was erected and then set ablaze beneath her. She would be thrice burned as first was the cleansing flame to burn her soul. Then came the raging inferno to devour her flesh as what remained fell into the ashes below. These remains were then gathered into a box where her bones would be crushed before again being consigned to the flame. Yet, such was her power that she had survived even this to be resurrected as her soul burned brightly as she killed her tormentors before fleeing into the night.

    Returning to the Vanir, she now called herself Heišr to reflect the changes which had befallen her and related what she was made to endure setting in motione events leading to the Ęsir–Vanir War. The dust and bone which survived within her was not enough to regenerate her body leading her to a pit wherein lay bodies of outcasts from which she took what was needed. Dissolving parts of many to form her new body, she then sought out a newborn cast aside by hateful parents to be absorbed and to instill life to what had been unliving flesh. She felt no remorse for her actions as she was beyond caring for any but herself and journeyed to Nornheimr where she felt she might meet her fate.

    Reclaiming her identity as Gullveig, she became an advisor to Queen Anann and a High Priestess in her court. Gullveig would even preserve the faintest of life energies of Anann's son Wōdanazwithin a living Ash tree so that he would grow powerful once more. When the goddess Brünnhilde began a series of wars with Įsgaršr, Gullveig made her way to join with her and to place her powers at Brünnhildes' disposal. But when Brünnhilde married Siguršr and made peace with Įsgaršr, Gullveig felt betrayed yet again. As her heart had darkened since the suffering inflicted upon her by the Ęsir, Gullveig had begun practicing black magick to inflict her pain on others. Adopting a tribe of Đwerȝaz called the Odak as her own, she began laying plans for a kingdom of her own.

    Disappearing for a time, Gullveigs presence would be felt when a new race emerged called the Svartmóšr (Black Wraiths). Ancestors of the Đwerȝaz, they had risen forth from ancient graves where they lay long dead and forgotten until Gullveigs summoning. She knew of their existence because of a similar awakening that created Svartįlfheimr and the Svartįlfar in the distant past. The Móšr were created by a member of the Ascended called Móš who lost sight of his role in the universe and became as a god ruling over what he had created. Their world would be destroyed during the first War of Angels and parts of it drawn into the Abode of Gods while Móš was cast down into the abyss of Hell as one of the Fallendestined to become Mōšaz.

    Those who were more evolved from the Svartmóšr became known as the Įlfmóšr while the Odak merged with them to become a much more powerful race called the Argamek. Gullveig had also gained possession of fourteen magic rings which combine to grant her tremendous power including the ability to become a grey-skinned dragon with a serpents head. In this form, Gullveig possesses the ability to breath a bright yellow flame that consumes anything that burns and melts base metals into gold. While she could not maintain this form indefinately, she can change forms explosively and depart as a bolt of spirit energy. While not the most powerful wielder of sorcery, Gullveig is particularly dangerous because of the pain and hatred she possesses towards Įsgaršr and its allies.
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