Supernatural Worlds


The natural order of existence is often taken for granted and there is no such thing as the supernatural we are led to believe. And yet, we are taught to believe in religions which abound with claims of the supernatural. When the universe was yet unformed, all which existed would be called sorcery. The first life emerged from within the creative energies of this Q-Universe, beings of pure energy who would survive even as their metaphysical universe became transformed into a physical one. Yet, the early physical universe would remain dominated by the supernatural and any living thing which understood this could command its power. With time, it became increasingly difficult to achieve this and to master the supernatural would require even greater understanding.

While it would continue to exist in the universe, a natural order would replace the supernatural one. Those who sought to command the supernatural would need another way to summon it and use it's power to manipulate sorcery. There were other realities within existence where the supernatural yet prevailed and tapping into these realities to summon those powers were needed. Sorcery became the mechanism for doing this and required effort to summon powers from other realities which they then summoned through various means. Knowledge of the supernatural would be written down or harnessed into objects making it easier to command such powers and making them far more dangerous leading to a need to eliminate or to conceal them.

The Living Word


Mastering sorcery was easier in the early universe but, even then, it required most to speak words to control the magick. The hands and lips are key instruments for this reason because there doesn't need to be vocalization to make sorcery work. Called "The Living Word" as a byname, any form of language could be used to manifest its power whether vocal, sign or written. Other parts of the body could also be trained to master sorcery such as the eyes to mesmerize or entrance, the feet and even hair. Any part of the body might be enchanted because sorcery is intricately linked with the lifeforce of the practitioner. These body parts may be infused with supernatural energies marked by scarring or a configuration of blood vessels as a process of sorcery rather than sorcery itself.

A true master of sorcery does not have to be the most powerful and even the weakest forms of sorcery can use it to master more powerful forms. Knowledge and learning were at the core of this as those who trained their minds could control even greater supernatural power. Witchcraft is considered a weaker form of sorcery because it is more a mixing of the natural order with the supernatural. This does not mean that practitioners of witchcraft are guilty of sorcery as is often feared as most are guilty of little more than mysticism, spiritualism, herbalism, alchemy or basic exploration of scientific processes. There were, however, witches who learned sorcery or who became involved with demonology leading most to associate witchcraft as a form of sorcery.

Chaos Magick


The wielding of sorcery can come easily or with difficulty. Where it comes easily, it usually involves some form of Chaos Magick which is dangerous and rarely includes understanding the forces being summoned. Witchcraft is often associated with this because practitioners understand just enough about sorcery to use it in summoning demons which they then make deals with or seek to command. Such witches rarely command true sorcery as they use empowered objects and invocations from demons or spirits. Chaos Magick itself is difficult to understand and would best be compared to a raging storm within which nothing can be predicted. Chaos is thus considered a destructive force where reality can be unraveled and return to nothingness or be transformed.

The Lords of Chaos (or the celestial entity called Lord Chaos) are manifestations of Chaos given form and substance because of its unpredictability. In fact, it is from Chaos that existence itself would come into being giving rise to the early universe wherein all things were of a supernatural order. Those wielding Chaos Magick rarely understand it, they only understand it exists and can be manipulated like a tool. Yet, if one possesses a hammer which is given to them and they break the hammer, they would not know how to fix it or to make a new one. Such beings can understand true sorcery just as wielders of sorcery can embrace the destructive forces of Chaos Magick although most refuse to do so.

Spirit Energies


The word "spirit" describes an energy, a lifeforce or soul, within most living things. It is a surviving remnant from the Q-Universe where life first emerged and possesses the ability to multiply itself through procreation. Not everything that lives possesses a spirit but it is extremely rare for it not to exist. Where most living beings devour flesh for the energy stored within the meat, those lacking a soul may parasitically feed on life energies caring nothing for the flesh containing it. Vampires are such creatures whose true souls have departed only to be replaced by a form of darkblood, a parasitic virus, that feeds on stolen life energies. But there is also a darkness within sorcery where those yet possessing souls steal the life energies of others to magnify their own.

Demons and witches are known to murder and control others for the purpose of gaining stolen life energies. Human sacrifice is an example because the higher the sapience the greater the power that can be gained through ritualized murder. Virgins are prized because something about spirit energy is diminished by procreation and the most prized of all are those who have not yet reached sexual maturity. Sexual hunger seems to replenish some of these energies so that those who feed on the lifeforce of others tend to be driven by voracious sexual appetites. Creatures like the Incubus would even master ways to steal life energies through sexual activity while others attained it through torment and suffering.

The Rules of Sorcery


Even the most malevolent of those who wield sorcery must obey certain rules to avoid being destroyed by the very powers they seek to control. Training and understanding are important for preparing themselves to risk controlling greater powers which could consume them. Those who are malevolent would seem more likely to fall prey to this fact because Chaos is a far more destructive force to deal with. But, those who pursue the cause of Order must be just as cautious because being too benevolent might be foolhardy while being overly zealous can consume them with the fires of their own self-righteousness. Rules are made to be broken and often enough, they can be even if they should not be.

Various groups would come together unifying their powers and to impose rules which they would then enforce. Some would develop their own hierarchies similar to secular norms with monarchs, empires, and theocracies. The Gods themselves are often the greatest practitioners of sorcery and some would not be considered Gods at all if they did not. Various guilds and orders also exist into which one is born. These have a much stronger hold over their adherents because breaking rules might result in them losing their powers with no external forces involved. Likewise, supernatural powers can act to bring transgressors of these rules back as pawns to use and serve their cause as there are sometimes greater forces at play with their own rules.



Just as there may be rules, there are also different methods and types of sorcery. For some, a focusing device is needed as they possess greater power than they have yet learned to summon from within. A standard tool for doing this is a staff or a wand made from certain types of trees and foliage. The reason for this is that such lifeforms also retain spirit energies which may be stronger within some than others. The rarer the source, the more powerful the focusing device is a standard rule. Crystals are another great source to use as a focusing device and should that crystal come from something that was once living, such as a petrified tree, it is even stronger as a focusing object.

There are many types of sorcery which generally fall into certain categories. Most sorcery is listed as White Magick and Black Magick to simplify it. While there are many who claim to be masters of sorcery, there are few who can be called "Sorceror Supreme" denoting they have mastered all categories of sorcery. A true master of any form of sorcery is devoted to training their minds, to understanding that which they hope to learn and to practice. None can ever know everything there is to know so that they must forever devote themselves to learning more as there is much that is secret or hidden. There are also distant worlds, dimensions and realities where more is to be learned if their place in existence is learned and one could visit there.

Types of Sorcery


Divination is a mild form of sorcery where efforts to gain knowledge or power from the spirit world take place. While it's focus is on the occult as a means to foretell the future, none can truly know what Fate holds in store for them. Necromancy, a form of divination where spirits may be summoned (or their physical forms) to gain knowledge. However, Necromancy is also a form of dark magick where the dead are made to serve or powers from the Realms of Death are conjured to serve the living. Evocation / Conjuring / Summoning is the practice of summoning spirits, demons or otherworldly beings (such as gods) to make deals or to bind them to the conjurers will to command their powers.

Enchantment is a form of incantation or spell casting by speaking, singing and chanting to bewtich or to create charms for the purpose of sorcery. It is linked to mantras and tantric powers creating an alterred state of consciousness. Illusion is a form of sorcery where the senses of those witnessing the effect have been manipulated. This effect can be augmented by hallucinogenic or psychotropic drugs and if the belief of those affected is great enough, it can twist the illusion into reality. Transmutation is the transformation of one substance or being into another. Alchemy is a form of transmutation which isn't sorcery but can mimic the effect while werewolves are a form of transmutation that can be created by sorcery or other means.

Elemental Magick


The most common form of sorcery throughout existence are the Elemental Magicks. The universe itself yet contains supernatural energies and all forms of energy are affected by it. Shamanism is a basic form of Elemental Magick where practitioners use forms like Animism, Nature Magick and Ceremonial Magick all to various extent. Elemental Magick is often considered more a form of White Magick because of how it is used. However, it can just as easily be used as Black Magick when used to summon a destructive storm, to induce a volcanic eruption or to create things like imps to serve whatever malevolence they might be commanded to make. Commanding each of the four elements requires a portent of the fifth explaining why flora and fauna are so much a part of it.

The elements are also influential on what forms of magick one might wield. Elementals are beings who either wield elemental powers, become transformed into the element which they command and that are created or born from the element. Elemental Magick can also be used to create Familiars, animals who are actually supernatural entities summoned and bound to the practitioner or parts of their own soul. They assume animal form so that they can exist unnoticed to wield their powers on behalf of those who conjured them or to which their energies belong. Elemental Magick is both sorcery and supernatural power that is so common that most may never know they possess it much as they may be unaware they possess an affinity for other forms of sorcery.

Prime Elements


There are actually Four Prime Elements which are earth, wind, water and fire. However, they are depicted as existing apart from one another in the four cardinal directions. Laying at the center between them if the Fifth Element, the element of life (Aether) which connects to the very lifeforce of existence itself within Aion (the manifestation of this life often more simply known as God). This Fifth Element is the most powerful of them all and is most often associated with the emotion of love explaining why the Primordial God Eros is so powerful when he seems to possess so little power. Eros is a manifestation of the procreative processes that amplify and multiply the lifeforce of creation so that while he is somewhat benign, others act on his behalf with the power he has to give.



Fire is associated with energy, strength, power, activity, blood, assertiveness, passion (joy, anger), courage, aggression, initiation, enthusiasm, drive, compulsion, motivation and life-force... thus, the soul. It is a purifying force that consumes impurities and a protective force driving away darkness. Fire lacks physical existence but its affects on physical existence is transformative being both a creative force when harnessed and a destructive force when unleashed. In nature, it is considered more a destructive force except where the Sun is concerned as it is the source of life-giving energies.

Qualities: Warm, Dry
Gender: Masculine
Elements: Fire, Lightning and the Sun
Elemental: Salamander (The mythological creature that erupts in fire)
Animal: Tiger, Lion, Lizard, Bee, Dragon, Phoenix, Ladybug, Scorpion
Plant: Thorn, Holly, Basil, Garlic, Sunflower, Juniper, Ash, Cacti, Cinnamon, Ginger, Nettle, Thistle
Deities: Agni, Astarte, Bast, Bel, Chango, Hephaestus (Vulcan), Hestia, Kali, Pele, Di Penates, Weland, Surt
Direction: South
Color: Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Blue
Magical Tool: Sword, dagger, wands
Planets: Sol (Sun), Mars
Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Symbol: Tetrahedron
Season: Summer
Time of Day: Noon



Air is associated with mind, wisdom, creativity, spirits, happiness, clarity, perception, truth, movement, new beginnings, spiritual faith, intuition, communion and vitality. Intangible and lacking form, it is considered superior to material elements.

Qualities: Warm, Moist
Gender: Masculine
Elements: Wind
Elemental: Sylphs (Invisible beings), Faeries
Animal: Bat, Butterfly, Bee, Eagle, Hawk, Hummingbird, Owl
Plant: Anise, Birch, Cedar, Lemongrass, Pansy, Primrose, Violet
Deities: Aether, Anemi, Araidia, Arianhod, Boreas, Cardia, Enlil, Mercury, Steribog, Tane-rore, Thoth, Urania
Direction: East
Color: Yellow, White
Magical Tool: Wand, sword or dagger
Planets: Jupiter
Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Symbol: Octahedron
Season: Autumn/Fall
Time of Day: Morning, Sunrise



Water is the element of intention, devotion, happiness, thankfulness, mutability, regeneration, invigoration, insight, compassion, divination, imagination, invention, self-expression, emotion and the unconscious, as opposed to the conscious intellectualism of air. Where fire is associated with blood and therefore life, water is associated with healing and the creation of life. It has physical substance and can interact with all the physical senses.

Qualities: Cold, Moist
Gender: Feminine
Elements: Water, Mercury
Elemental: Undines (water-based nymphs)
Animal: Dolphins, Whales, Seals, Water Snakes, Seabirds,
Plant: Willow, Aloe, Lemon, Violet, Iris, Lotus, Pitcher Plant, Sweet Flag, Water Hyacinth, Lettuce, Floating Hearts, Water Clover, Hornwort, Zebra, Horsetails, Cattails
Deities: Alphrodite, Ea, Isis, Mariamni, Tiamat, Yemaya, Neptune (Poseidon), Lir, Oceanus, Kanaloa, Sedna, Apsu, Njord
Direction: West
Color: Blue
Magical Tool: Cup
Planets: Moon, Venus
Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Symbol: Icosahedron
Season: Winter
Time of Day: Sunset



Earth represents stability, fertility, growth, protection, abundance, materiality, stillness, death, rebirth and potential. It is an element representing beginnings and endings.

Qualities: Cold, Dry
Gender: Feminine
Elements: Soil, Stone, Salt, Crystals
Elemental: Gnomes
Animal: Wolf, Bear, Gopher, Worm, Stag, Bison, Ant
Plant: Wheat, Barley, Sage, Corn, Ivy, Mugwart, Oak, Potatoes, Moss
Deities: Adonis, Bona Dea, Cerunnos, Demeter, Gaea, Pan, Yaruba, Faunus, Artemis, Pachamama, Ops, Ch'thon
Direction: North
Color: Green, Brown, Black
Magical Tool: Pentacle
Planets: Saturn
Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Symbol: Hexahedron (Cube)
Season: Late Summer
Time of Day: Midnight



Aether represents transmutation, alchemy, divine intervention, eternal nature, energy in motion, subtler than light, penetrative, non-material, pure and heavenly. Aether naturally moved in circles of local motion but had no contrary, or unnatural, motion and not motion of quality or motion of quantity. Each of the Four Prime Elements is associated with life and the soul in one way or another. Together, they combine to create the Fifth Element of Aether (Spirit) acting as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual, between body and soul; a transitory material between the physical and celestial worlds.

Qualities: Neither Hot nor Cold, Neither Wet nor Dry
Gender: Androgynous
Elements: Sulfur, Mercury, Dark Energy/Celestial Energy, Gravity
Elemental: Cosmic Egg, Serpent
Animal: Spider, Chameleon
Plant: Celtic Tree, Apple
Deities: Ahura Mazda, Amaterasu, Anat, Apollo, Baal, Brahama, Ceridwen, Dagon, Diana, Ea, Fortuna, Freyr, Gaia, Hathor, Hestia, Inanna, Isis, Lugh, Maia, Nanna, Njord, Nut, Odin, Rama, Shiva, Sol, Tiamat, Vesta, Vushnu
Direction: Above, Below, Within
Color: Violet, Orange, White, Black
Magical Tool: Crystalline Sphere, Philosophers Stone
Zodiac Signs:
Symbol: Dodecahedron, Spiral, Circle, Eight-Spoked Wheels
Season: Air/Metal
Time of Day: Twilight, Daybreak