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    Character Modeling

    I am not sure on how to ask this. I have talked to AB about this as I am trying to find someone to help me with this. As the wonderful lady who was going to help me with it has since passed. I work in many different genres of artwork and storytelling. I am looking for someone who can help me create two or more characters you can even sell them after if you want. I need a male and female. If you were around for the 70s you would know who i was talking about. I need a character that looks sort of like Andrew Gibb. The other character is supposed to be a younger sibling of his that is female so she needs to resemble him. Its for a storyline that I am working on Yes I know its odd but I really need the help .... if you are interested and think you can do this I really would be forever grateful. If you need source material let me know I have enough pics to LOL to help .... PLEASE help me lol

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    Good to know that. Thanks for your info
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