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    We at Dreamslayerartworks will be making changes to the site hoping to make it easier to find your way about. I am making a few changes at the moment like moving our contest and sponsors forums to the second category. Here you will find our monthly competitions first followed by a forum for our merchant sponsors and then the other sites that sponsor with DSA.

    As with any changes to any site, there will be some confusion at first. But when we're done, we hope the site will look nicer and you'll be able to find your way more easily.

    First and foremost, DSA is a dark fantasy site. We will remain true to our founding concept and try to rebuild some of what we have lost over the years with the various changes trying to give members what they've asked for... and making things even more complicated and complex in the process lol.

    We understand that many members come for the contests which is why we are devoting the second category to our competitions and sponsors.

    We will use our first category for general chat, skills development, writers, freestuff and our own fledgling store operations.

    Then, there will be the Dungeon where things get a bit darker and my own pet project called The Expanse at the very bottom.

    The Expanse is a concept I actually began developing when I was a kid which explains why this 52 year old man has always had a desire to flesh it out and see if I can use my imagination to provide some fun and opportunities for others. It's been a bit disjointed to say the least and many (most) of you have had no idea what it's about. Basically, we have all had fantasy ideas that never see the light of day because we have nowhere to put them. The Expanse is a single multiverse where all the projects are connected by a theme that begins with the destruction of existence... and the beginning of a new existence. The death of a universe and birth of a new universe. It is steeped in science and fantasy so that you will find many concepts integrated into the stories that you have heard some of our greatest minds propose. But, you will also find ideas inspired by other creative minds such as H.P. Lovecraft and more.

    You are invited to participate in the projects and to see what we can develop from them. Artwork? Stories? Games? Let's see where this goes.

    If you don't understand The Expanse but want to share your own stories, we will always have a forum called The Poisoned Quill for those of you who want to share your own musings and it will appear at the top of our forums page. For those with darker passions, we will have writers forums in the Dungeon as our intent is not to have people upset because their children visit and find erotica, or erotic art, staring them in the face.

    The Dungeon is not a place to kick our creators to a hidden place as if we are ashamed of them. That has been a misunderstanding since we first created the Dungeon area. It's to acknowledge the fact that we can't stop children from visiting and, indeed, we don't want to. We want kids to be able to visit and share their art and imagination with us as well. I remember being a kid and loving horror stories and art which I tried to create and which inspired me. So, we want a site open to young people and we want there to be a place where our more mature contributors can be. Thus, you may find that the Dungeon is rather tame at times as it's a place where artists are more free to share but that doesn't necessarily mean it has to have an X rating.

    What we will try to do is make things easier for you so older members might renew their support and future efforts to promote DSA to new members might give you more people to play with

    If you have suggestions, please share them. But note, we're trying to be more careful this time and examine ideas that are meant to last rather than ideas that might be good for a few people... this includes myself.

    We will also be trying to recruit new team members and maybe bring a few older ones back.

    Remember, "From Darkness Comes The Light" which means we'll still need artists who do light fantasy. We just want you to remember that Orcs eat Fairies so watch where those wings are taking you

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    sounds promising.


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