Wyvernia is named for an ancient, semi-mythical race first to emerge during the Awakening. They were not unlike similar creatures that had once existed upon ancient N'vāṇa possessing the ability to bring their arms to their sides and create from them wings for flight. These wings were not made merely of flesh and bone as they could be used as shields to protect the Wyvern. Each wing also possessed a razor-sharp edge so that they might be used as weapons akin to swords or axes. Calling themselves the Wyvern, they saw in themselves a "brotherhood" with dragons denoting themselves as Fél Sárkányok (Half-dragons).

One among them rose above the rest after successfully seeking out the Wailing Stone of ʼAṯirat from which to gain secret knowledge. He would pass on what he had learned through the auspices of religion with only the wisest of their order capable of understanding the veiled truth hidden within it. They knew this world as D'gana and their faith was a religion based on the worship of the Great Beast Zomok whose priests were known as Sárkány from which the name Sárkányország (Dragonland) originates. But, it would be the Elder Wyvern who first came to rule the Imperial House of Dragons under the Fekete Sárkány Császár (Black Dragon Emperor).


From the earliest of times, they understood that their original world had been destroyed but they did not understand the meaning of death. It was a mystery to them where they understood only that they would stand before Zomok who would judge them as to if they returned to life as a dragon, a wyvern or something else. It is for this reason that they sought to prolong their lives and should they perish, to seek out their fellow Wyvern in their new bodies to raise them to learn their past even as they began a new life in the present. It is from the Wyvern that all Dragonspawn (dragon peoples) evolved and brought an end to the Age of Dragons.

Humans had grown in number during this age and during the Dragon Wars, began a war of conquest of their own. One race of Dragonspawn in particular, the Guyvers, became especially powerful and often allies of the humans. Also known as Vouivre-riders, they were especially well trained in the use of the lance and the javelin riding raptor-like creatures called vouivres. While the vouivres did not breath fire, they possessed a mouth full of deadly bacteria so that even if a victim survived an attack, they might die from the resulting infections.


Guyvers are sometimes called Fire-Riders because of the bacteria in their mounts bite which burns like fire. Even without their masters; vouivres are extremely deadly due to their leaping ability, speed and razor-sharp sickle claws on each foot making them far more lethal in battle. Over time, many humans became Guyvers and the Guyvers became more human by interbreeding with them. This was happening at a time when the Wyvern themselves were becoming fewer and fewer in number. The power they once possessed would now become lost to them and the Imperial House of Dragons fell into disarray.

Under the rule of the Elder Wyvern Storđar-gandr, a final battle would take place as he sought first to release Zomok from his long imprisonment, and then to steal that power for himself. The resulting conflict would imprison Storđar-gandr within the Whirlpool of Worlds that came to bear his name. The Imperial House of Dragons itself would seemingly be destroyed when their enemies summoned a nearby landmass crashing it down upon them. And yet, there had been enough surviving energy to protect its inhabitants just long enough to create a cavernous above called the Imperial City of Zin (aka Hidden City of Zin).


Preaching that the "power of Zomok" had preserved them, an Elder Wyvern named Zin stole whatever surviving energies that remained within the Imperial House into himself. He would use this power to create an enormous orb called the Eye of Zin into which he cast himself and created yet another hidden world. He had chosen his successor to be the second Emperor of Zin and created large stone dragons to guard the walkway leading up to his throne. The landmass upon which they existed eventually sank into the abyssal seas below called Cuainean-mňra which settled near where the Great Beast himself had been cast down and imprisoned.

Although it was now part of the "Deep", there remained a large stone hidden within one of the upper land masses that provided a doorway to the hidden city. This would be a land ruled by dragons even as they survived making their lairs in the nether regions of the landmasses floating above Cuainean-mňra. It would become a legendary location drawing its power from a torn limb of the Great Beast upon which their lands had come to rest. Emperor Zin would continue granting power to those ruling in his name while he endured within a pleasure palace created to fulfill his fondest desires within the Eye of Zin.