I am hearing from one of our members that they haven't received their prizes from January. We have addressed this before as we need to hear from you if your prizes haven't arrived so we can go after them.

Once we choose our winners, we send notifications to our sponsors. They normally don't reply to us and deliver to the winners which is why we need your usernames and emails at the sponsors' sites.

Waiting three weeks, a month or even beyond two months to contact us about missing prizes is a bit too long a period of time. If for some reason we have not contacted the sponsors, that's on us. Life happens and we can overlook even important things. If you don't tell us what you want, then we have to wait on you to provide that information and again, life happens. The sponsors may not get the information as perhaps our emails got blocked because Spamcop nailed the server our internet is serviced from or some other thing like that... again, life happens.

The way this ideally works is you enter the contest. You win. You provide us a list of what you want. We contact the sponsors. They contact you.

In some cases, the sponsors operate as merchants on another site and tell the site management to put your prizes in your account but no one tells you. It's there but you weren't told so didn't check your accounts. Sometimes you get a gift certificate and by the time we learn you didn't get it, it's been in your account all that time and has now expired.

Thus, we will implement a new policy where I will begin contacting the winners each week to see what you have and haven't gotten.

On another note. Everyone is different. Some people are talkers. I don't mind talking but Impmon is more the silent type. As some of you have noticed, while she's active posting images and such, she rarely makes forum posts. Ahem... on that she's not alone (points finger at you). She rarely does a followup with the winners because she's just uncomfortable doing that. We work in tandem as a team so I will have her make me a list of sponsors, winners and the prizes you asked for. Each week, I will contact you and then contact her with your responses. If she gets no response, I will followup with the sponsors sometime during the month to see if maybe she's not getting through.

We will be installing new forum software soon and implementing new policies. This apparently is one we need to implement now.

Remember, you won these prizes. They are yours. You're not begging or being a pest following up with me to ask about something you haven't received. In fact, how can I follow up if you're not communicating that something didn't arrive? Because communication sometimes fails, we need to do a better job where we contact you and you contact us.

Don't go directly to the sponsors even if you know them. Let us do it. Some sponsors worry about someone claiming a prize they didn't win or a mistake being made so that they like dealing with us. It keeps it simpler if you contact us and we contact them.

We will also have to implement a policy where after we announce all sponsors have been contacted, you will have three weeks to contact us. Many businesses have a similar policy which you may be familiar with where they say it's to "Keep the account active" or something along those lines.

We genuinely want you to receive your prizes as do the sponsors or else they would not be sponsoring. We had an issue with Xurge a few years back where they implemented a new outside service to manage their store. They thought prizes were being delivered when they weren't. That created a lot of hurt feelings as they kept assuring us they would deliver and the people they employed didn't. That made them and us look bad through no fault of DSA or Xurge itself.

So, let's adopt this new policy starting this month.

We will also start contacting you to let you know the sponsors have been contacted or make an announcement in the forums.

We also hope that the new software makes it easier to send out notifications to members via email. Not exactly a newsletter but something similar you should be able to opt out of or redirect to a DSA folder in your email or even a spam filter (hey, we don't mind as we don't like spammers either).

So hopefully we'll get things working better in the upcoming weeks and we'll get communication working a better so we don't have these issues in the future. We know you may not like writing to let us know you didn't get your prizes but there really are reasons why things go wrong and we need to get those communication issues improved.

Bare with us as we try to improve things and if there have been issues you didn't report, please forgive as that is no ones intention.

Thank You