The Ettin are a race of giants known for their voracious appetites. They began as a primitive race of men who mixed their blood with Half-Trölls whose own bloodline had crossed with the Etunaz at some point in their history. This volatile mix gave rise to a peoples who continue to grow as they age until reaching heights of up to twenty-four feet. Living for up to four-hundred years, they can only procreate during their first century of life when they are still of normal human proportions at around six-feet. Part of this is due to the fact that during their second century of life, females begin transforming into males.

By their third century, those born male begin showing signs of mutation while those born female become fully male but otherwise look somewhat normal. Those who survived into their fourth century of life would be at their most powerful. But, there was a price for this power as now they began to age and to suffer greater infirmities brought about by the aging process. Ettin tend to split into smaller and smaller groups over the centuries as their numbers begin to dwindle. This does not stop them from working together regardless of their age and stature because they recognize their own kind through their sense of smell.


Interestingly enough, Ettin choose to call themselves men or human during their first century of life. As they undergo changes entering their second century of life, they generically refer to themselves as giants but begin to call themselves Ettin more and more as they age. Their reputation as maneaters emerges at this time because they stop seeing themselves as human and develop a taste for human flesh. At this stage, they also become more an enemy of men and typically ally themselves with others who are also enemies of humans.

Aging also has an impact on their minds as most become less intelligent while retaining memories from their past. It is during their fourth century that even their memories tend to fail them and they become more bestial relying on those they befriended earlier to guide them. They differ from other giant races in only a few important ways. One is that they are mortal and possess mortal weaknesses even if weapons like arrows become largely ineffective when they grow too large. While they become stronger and more durable, it's more like comparing a horse to an elephant where even the largest, most powerful horse is no match for the weakest adult elephant.